The Effects of the Coronavirus on MBHS Sports


The Coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic, bringing an end to many things that people adore, including school. As the virus spreads globally, it has caused a major impact on the sports world as well. The NBA and MLB seasons were postponed, marathons around the world were canceled, March Madness has ended before it could even start, and the Olympics in Japan have been postponed.

On top of all that, MBHS sports have been stopped or postponed as well. These sports include boys golf, track and field, boys tennis, stunt cheer, swimming and diving, softball, boys volleyball, and baseball. 

The season for these sports had already started as well. Stunt had already had competitions. Golf, Swim, Baseball, Volleyball, and Tennis had multiple matches before the school shut-down. Many seniors will not be able to finish their respective sport in their final year of high school, and many freshmen will have minimal high school experience with their sport as well.

Senior Kyle Burton is number one on the Varsity Boys Tennis team, but due to the season being postponed, he may not be able to play out the last of his high school games. Kyle had to say, “It’s quite the bummer because my senior year should be my best year, and I was improving further, and now it appears I won’t get to see what comes of that.” The tennis team was about halfway through their season of fourteen games, and Kyle does not believe that the season will start once more. “I think it was the correct decision (for the season to be postponed), but it’s certainly not something anyone wanted to do. I hear people say it doesn’t matter if young people get infected, but that’s just selfish and ignorant because it’s equally important for us young people to keep our social distance to protect our older family members.”

Coach Allstot coaches the boys golf team. The golf team has had a successful season with multiple victories. With the spread of the virus, the squad can’t practice as a team or compete until at least April 15th. With this being said, Allstot had to say, “While the hiatus has been challenging and disappointing for everyone, our athletes have responded well and are able to keep the perspective of the “greater good” in these circumstances. We will keep doing our part to be responsible and watch fun golf videos on Instagram or practice some trick shots in our living rooms.” Although the team can’t practice, it looks like they will be doing their due diligence to keep their swing right.

With COVID-19 continuing to spread worldwide, it is unknown if sports will be making a return this year. Even if MBHS sports will not be making a return, you can always practice outside or inside…just make sure to wash your hands afterward.

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