Amanda Cameli and Nolan Ashworth for ASB President


    This Friday, ASB will hold elections, allowing students to vote for a variety of candidates. For the position of ASB president, Amanda Cameli is looking to take on these responsibilities, along with her Vice President Nolan Ashworth. 

    We reached out to Ashworth and Cameli to see what differences they were looking to make at our school. Ashworth said, “I will constantly be present on campus and will try to be involved in all school-related activities. Ashworth describes himself as a “great listener, committed to everything I do, and motivated to make every activity this year amazing!”

    Next year Cameli and Ashworth would like to solve the parking problem. “It seems to bother everyone at the school, myself included”, says Ashworth. “I think that another one of the main issues our school has is that we need to get every student involved in some sort of schoolwide extra-curricular project.” 

    Ashworth also shared that he hopes students see him and Cameli as “organized, responsible, [and] respectful” He added, “we really want your feedback.

    A full list of candidates can be found on the ASB Instagram and through ParentSquare. Ballots will be sent out to student emails at 9am on Friday April 3rd.

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