Rosalie and Jacob for ASB President and Vice President


    ASB officer elections are scheduled for Friday, April 3rd. Juniors Rosalie Rauenzahn and Jacob Rocha are running for ASB President and Vice President. 

    Rauenzahn and Rocha have been working together to plan ahead for next year with such goals as to “make sure students know that their voices aren’t only being heard, but making sure their voices lead to change on our campus.” When making plans for ASB events they want to bring in student participation by “gathering as many opinions as possible,” so that they can fit the needs for students. They would also like to implement  “monthly student feedback reports,” so that they can solve their needs as well as having a plan to improve the student parking.

    For vice president, Rocha has been working right alongside Rauenzahn to best plan for next year. If elected, Jacob will be “overseeing lunchtime tournaments and activities,” by making “sure details of things are correct.” As the election is coming up, Jacob believes that students of Morro Bay should vote for them as they have had ASB experience before with Rocha being in ASB since “sophomore year” and “Rosalie has been in ASB for all of high school.”

    Rauenzahn believes that students should vote for her because she is “good at seeing things through and putting the right people on the right tasks to get stuff done.” She explained that her experience working “closely with members of the District Board and Administration through the Superintendent’s Senate” may make her an ideal candidate for this leadership role.

     Ballots will be sent out to student emails at 9 am on Friday April 3rd.

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