What MBHS Wants from its ASB Canidates


    Voting for ASB positions has always been an interesting thing amongst MBHS students, even if we do it a bit differently than most places. In the classic high school scenario, it’s always the preppy upbeat kids that lead ASB, who are often completely out of touch with the popular student body. But this couldn’t be farther from the case at our school.

    MBHS is a very inclusive school, and students are all friendly and respectful towards each other. For the most part, it also seems that most students don’t sluff off the positions in ASB as something unimportant to them. They take a lot of pride in their ASB officers, and consider the task of electing them to be a serious one.

    On my Instagram story I posted a question asking what students looked for in a candidate. I did not specifically reach out to people and expect a response, these were solely people who felt strongly enough about what a candidate should be that they decided to answer my question. 

    Some people like Junior Adrienne Frere thought the requirements for a good candidate were as simple as “if they’re a good person.” While it looks like all agreed with this, some people had a few more specifications in mind.

    Senior Nel Aldea responded, “someone who could create events that improve the school and give everyone a fun experience while interacting with the student body.”

    Sophomore Kali Gammie thinks that we need “someone who cares about all students and not just a select group of people”. Caring about the entire school and understanding it seemed to be a common theme among answers.

    Senior Kirra McGregor felt that there should be, “at least some sort of responsibility, and vibe with the Morro Bay culture.” This answer is a great example of what sets Morro Bay apart from just any other school. Students are very self-aware, and recognize that there is a specific culture we want to be represented by those who make decisions on our behalf.

    One of the most common answers was, “actually trying to improve the school,” just as Junior Maggie Muff said. Students agree that there’s a lot that changes that could be made for the better when it comes to our school, and they want to support candidates who will actually go out and make those changes.

    All in all, students are looking for a candidate who will represent them and their community, making MBHS a better place and a more fun one. We certainly have a roster of candidates this year that strive to meet that goal.

    Ballots will be sent out tomorrow (Friday, April 2nd) at 9 am. Be sure to get your vote in!

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