Local Teachers Organize Driving Parade for Students


Los Osos residents may have been surprised to hear honking and cheering coming from outside their house late Thursday morning on April 2nd. Organized by Lara Storm, Principal of Monarch Grove Elementary School, 31 teachers and their families drove through Los Osos neighborhoods to celebrate and encourage local families and students. 

Morro Bay High School Junior Katherine Konjoyan, whose mother teaches at Monarch Grove, participated in the parade. Recalling the experience, she said that it sought to “tell the kids how much they mean to the teachers, how much they miss them, [and] to give them a sense of normalcy and bring the community together.”

Konjoyan continued, saying that she was “so touched just getting to see all the kids excited to see the teachers they love so much and [having] a fun and exciting activity that reminds them of when life was normal.” She added that she hopes “our community does more stuff like this” and that “there is a way for everyone to keep a safe distance and still feel near to one another.”

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