Club Rush Turns Virtual


One of the most exciting and well known events in every high school, Club Rush, is right around the corner. Both new clubs and returning clubs hope to get people to join on September 25, through Zoom. Some of the major returning clubs include FCA, SAGA, and FNL. One new club that has gained popularity is the MB PP Playaz. They focus on the sport of ping pong, and they look to have many new members join on the 25th. 

Mr. Kelly is a teacher at MBHS and the president of the Fellowships of Christian Athletes club, best known as FCA. FCA is a club that learns about Christianity and the Bible, or as Mr. Kelley explains it, “FCA equals food, friendship, and fun.” He gave an estimate, saying that 20-30 people will join the well known club. Mr. Kelley explained that he is very excited to learn more about Club Rush this year and that, “he hasn’t kept up to floats with what’s going on.”

Club Rush will be held on Zoom this year, which has become a new normal for a variety of things. A Zoom link will be posted to the All School Google Classroom, and there will be a screen share of a website that was created by Ms. Weitzen herself. The website will have objectives like all of the clubs, presidents, pictures, times, and descriptions. People who pop into Club Rush will be able to use the website and talk to any club of their choosing. 

All in all, Club Rush is going to be very different than in years past. Club Rush starts this Friday during Lunch, or at around 12:30.  Although there may be technical difficulties, this year’s Club Rush will go down in MBHS history.    

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