After School Activities Returning to MBHS


Some students will be allowed back on campus in small, non-changeable groups beginning in early October for sports or activities such as Band. However, lots of rules and regulations will be in place to keep everyone safe. Before a student begins, a waiver has to be signed and a recent physical form must be completed.

Although some of the details are still shaky, the idea is that there will be pods of up to 14 students per group. “Once you have stated that you would like to participate in an activity, you will be placed in a group that cannot change and there will be a maximum of 16 people in any one group, including coaches.” explained tennis coach Kathy Dannecker in an email sent to the JV and Varsity tennis girls. 

The most important rule for every group is no contact, which means maintaining social distance during these school activities. Groups who are able to meet are not allowed to use any equipment, such as sports balls, or pom poms. The new cheerleading coach, Tamara Baston, said, “Our team practices will be following the guidelines provided by our Athletic Director and mandated by the County Health Department. They will assist in preventing the spread of the virus while we meet in person. Some of those guidelines will be no contact, the wearing of masks and taking temperatures upon arrival.” These rules are provided so that nobody gets COVID while at school. 

People are wondering what a socially distant sports season will look like. Soon we will have athletes playing their sports back on campus but there will be no parents or fans watching. “The “Fall” sports begin official practices on December 9th and we will start contests in January.  The “Winter and Spring Sports” will start official practices in February and start contests in March.  We have recently been approved to start small group activities on campus and they will begin on October 1, 2020.” said Athletic Director Mr. Andree when asked about how this sports season will work. “Right now we will have 15 sports, Cheer, Dance, Ag and possibly ASB on Campus October 1.” He added that the rest of the sports will begin later during the month on October 12th.

The plan to return to on campus activity mentions that “the start of activity does not guarantee the future of performances, games, competitions, etc.” and that these in person after school activities are completely voluntary.  If this all works out, even more Morro Bay High School students might be able to return for the second semester. The general consensus among the district is that they definitely want the kids to be participating again as long as everyone is complying with state and county regulations.

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