Anarchy Comes to MBHS


The students of Morro Bay High School have a variety of interests that come out in the many clubs that are offered at MBHS. While COVID-19 continues to provide new challenges for many students, clubs have gotten creative in order to provide for our students. These new and interesting clubs include Sage Clokey’s new Anarchy Club, which meets Tuesdays at 12:30. Clokey defines anarchy as having “no rulers” and plans to use the club to “talk about the philosophy of anarchy.” 

Although this club may include controversial content, Clokey “welcome[s] anyone to have a conversation about it whether or not if you agree.” This club is for students who enjoy political philosophy and debate, but would prefer a less serious club than mock trial.

Some activities that students who are interested in the Anarchy club can expect are debates, conversations about philosophers like Lysander Spooner, and discuss modern political ideas. Clokey became interested in creating this club because “I don’t want to be ruled.” If you are interested in the anarchy club, make sure to check it out at club rush.

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