Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Review


WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Coming this October 30th, Disney Plus has announced the second season of The Mandalorian with its new teaser trailer.

As a reminder, the final episode of season 1 left Mando and Baby Yoda held in a stalemate between them and the Empire, who had been hunting them. They escaped, but only through the sacrifice of IG-11 who fended off the last remaining troopers. Mando left off the season with the motive to return Baby Yoda to its own kind. It was also hinted in the last episode that his kind were the Jedi’s. It was said that the Jedi had been in a battle with the Mandalorians in the far past and that they were enemies. However for the sake of the child, Mando agreed to search for them.

With this new goal, season two should start right off from the end of season one as Mando begins the search for Baby Yoda’s people.

Mando’s Ship

At the beginning we’re shown Mando’s ship, but it seems to be battered and damaged assuming that the empire must be still chasing him.

Jedi Whispers

Then a voice line references Mando’s mission to escort the Child to the Jedi or so called “enemy sorcerers’ ‘ and as this dialogue goes over we’re shown a character that disappears. In context this must be a Jedi.

High Stakes and New Locations

Over the rest of the trailer, it is shown that Mando and Baby Yoda traveling between different environments as well as chase scenes with stormtroopers. 

With being under two minutes, this is simply a teaser and rightfully so as not much is shown besides chase and action scenes. The direction of this trailer seems to be answers to predictions people had after the end of season one as Mando searches for the Jedi to return Baby Yoda and the empire still chasing them. Later down the line, more of the plot will likely be released to interest fans to return to the show, which is returning in about two weeks.

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