Campus Reopening Update: Small Groups on Campus and Graduation Requirements


In a recent meeting with Mr. Cadwallader regarding the Morro Bay High School campus reopening plan, he discussed the fact that a small group of about fifteen students who are considered to have trouble with grades, attendance, or internet issues is currently completing distance learning on-campus. Cadwallader also mentioned that the MBHS administration is working to expand this program in the future. Expansion could include non-academic activities, with Cadwallader highlighting the possibility of some on-campus senior activities, saying “It’s November 2nd, and the senior class has not had a senior year yet.” 

Cadwallader also shared that the administration is aware that some seniors have concerns that, should they be unable to participate in school sports this year, they may not be able to meet their Physical Education graduation requirements. In response to this, the administration is working with the school district to understand the new California graduate requirements and make adjustments. “We want to make sure that seniors know that you will still be able to graduate,” Cadwallader said on the topic. 

This follows the news that the school district is in the process of determining if Morro Bay High Schools and other schools in the San Luis Obispo Unified School district will be able to return to campuses next semester. Currently, the school board will continue discussing the issue in two upcoming school board meetings on November 3rd and November 17th, taking into account feedback from students, parents, and teachers through public comment and survey results. As of yet, it is not known how these groups have responded to the issue, as survey results have not been released.

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