Cooper Irving Brings Music Outside of the Classroom


As a writer, producer, and performer, junior Cooper Irving is a prominent member of the music scene at Morro Bay High School. Senior Brayden Appell says “Cooper is great at what he does. He fundamentally understands music in a very interesting way, allowing him to create some really cool stuff. I have worked a lot with Cooper, and he always impresses me with his speed, talent, and ingenuity.” The MBHS art program has experienced serious growth in the last year with the completion of the J-Wing, and with quarantine allowing students to branch out in artistic talents. With online school, many band students are trying new things in order to stimulate their creativity. For Irving, this creative outlet comes from learning new instruments, having socially distanced jam sessions with his friends, and writing his own album. 

When it comes to writing music, Irving does “ a bunch of random stuff but the genres I most like to make are jazz fusion and hip hop. Something about the sound of those just makes ‘em so fun to make, plus there’s tons of room for experimentation and stuff like that”.  His album will feature “[music you can] jam to but also [music you can] fall asleep to.”  Irving mainly plays the keyboard, tenor and alto sax, and drums, however he is continually branching out and learning new instruments.

 Irvings music is influenced by artists like Knxwledge, explaining that “his sound is super dope and you can tell he’s perfected his sound and his music just like flows so well and is super laidback which is hard to do effectively. His music has kinda shaped not only my music taste but also the way I look at the production of music, trying to think more outside of the box with stuff”

Irving has been very passionate about music his whole life, “I think music’s something that almost every person can enjoy or relate to, and it can bring people together, even people who normally would never agree on something which I think is really cool. I think bottom line it’s just somethin that just makes people happy one way or another, it’s something that’s kinda just been a pretty big part of my life forever.”

For some of Irvings older music, visit his youtube channel here.

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