Spice Up Your Home Workspace with These Ideas


As COVID-19 has brought school to our homes, many people have begun working at home for the first time because COVID-19, especially students and teachers. We have all been forced to become creative and make our own little work offices that will fulfill our needs. Take a look through these students’ creative workspaces…you might even get some inspiration to spruce up your own!

The Comfort Zone:

If you want to work on a comfortable space, then this kind of workspace could work. Senior Kelby Plotkin shows how this type of seat could help you work in a comfortable way, without having to worry about how your back or sitting in an uncomfortable position since you’re seated on a soft couch. Bonus: Great Natural light!

Team Spirit:

Rae Ruane shows how safely working in groups, especially with your friends, could help you figure things out you aren’t sure about in your online classes. Since you’re all together, you can work things out which could help be more successful even in the middle of this pandemic.

In the Spotlight:     

The standout feature of Annabelle Wieck’s workspace is the ring light which can give her good professional lighting for Zoom calls. Her hammock is a unique, comfortable seat and will be easy to move around in and not end up getting sore from sitting all day and she has plenty of space to do all her work!

Accessible Workspace:

This workspace, submitted by Hannah Colletti, seems like it has plenty of room, and lots of access to necessities for work. There is a cute window space that will give good lighting and nice views while in zoom calls. It will be easy to work comfortably and not have to get up and search for something you need. This work space seems like it will be very comfortable and perfect for working.


This wide and light-surrounded workspace (especially if the curtains are opened) belongs to Sydney Laughlin. Having this type of workspace could help you do your task without worrying about your light source, and you can open the window to let fresh air come on to feel the relaxation and reduce stress. At break times, you can just go out of that door and relax. With a music stand on hand, it’s perfect for band or choir classes, or just playing for fun!

Cushion Galore:

Riley Grey’s workspace, full of pillowy objects, is the definition of comfort. This could help you focus more on your task since your body is relaxed and seated comfortably on the bed, but we don’t recommend taking advantage of it such as lying down while classes are ongoing.

Super Storage

Adam Rainbolt’s workspace features many drawers, and that is great furniture to use for storage of your school supplies and more so that you know where to find those easily. The workspace also has access to sunlight because of the window facing it, and that could help with the lighting.

Wide-Open Space

There is a lot of space to use here in Ryan Amesse’s setup. This is also an example of a clean workspace since the books and papers are organized, and stuff that isn’t needed is not there, which makes the workspace appear well-managed.

Minimalistic Aesthetic

In Jordyn Schwenoa’s submission, we see an example of a simple and clean type of workspace. The table is wide enough for you to place your books, notes, and your device. There is also an outlet near the workspace and that could really help in case your battery is getting low in the middle of the class meeting. Overall, a well-optimized workspace!

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