Fall Sports Making a Return to MBHS


Although there were many roadblocks along the way, Morro Bay High School sports are back. Some MBHS fall, winter, and spring sports practices have started back at campus again. Although they are not back absolutely, plenty of protocols and regulations are in place to make sure everyone stays COVID free and safe. How are athletes and coaches coping with the new changes? 

Senior captain of girls varsity basketball Kaylee Garcia said that “The new protocols at practice are definitely a little challenging, but the team knows that they are in place to keep us safe.” She also mentioned that having to remember to take masks off and put them on disrupts “the flow of practice,” but understands how important it is for students to follow the rules for things to get back to normal. “As these practices continue I am sure my team will get back into the routine of practicing with these new rules.” 

But Garcia noted that they’re still very different from past practices. “Practices last season were high energy and fast paced. Now that we are getting back into it with these circumstances, we are starting out slower than usual, and the energy is a little lower because we can’t do some of the drills based on protocol.” Noleena Fahy seemed to have the same opinion as Kaylee Garcia, saying, “The protocols can be a little distracting since we aren’t able to practice like usual, but it’s still great to be able to practice again.” Some sports are affected by the mandates more than others. Cheer Captain Mariah Todd explained “having us all stay 6 feet apart from each other is a challenge because we cannot stunt,” Stunting is where a group of cheerleaders get close together to build a pyramid or lift another team member.

To conclude, barring any setbacks, MBHS sports like football, baseball, girls basketball, cheer, soccer, tennis, and Waterpolo, are back to practicing again.

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