Spotlight: Peyton Schemmer Triumphs Through the Pandemic


Peyton Schemmer, a prominent softball player at Morro Bay High School, has been working towards a scholarship since her freshman year. For students like her, the athletics program is an integral part of the high school experience. However, since quarantine began, many sports teams have not been able to meet or practice together. Many students have resorted to working out on their own, and for Schemmer, this has drastically changed her plans for college.

Sports scholarships can be a helpful way for students to be able to pay for college.  For Schemmer, quarantine has brought up new concerns about whether these scholarships will be available “because there are no in-person visits to the college and money is tight because of COVID.” In-person visits are vital to securing a spot and showing off your skills to potential colleges. Without these visits, student’s abilities to be considered for a scholarship might be in jeopardy, and there is not currently a clear solution to this issue.

Despite the setbacks with quarantine, Schemmer is determined to continue training. While “some of our facilities and places we practice have been shut down,” Schemmer has prioritized her home workout time.  For her, running and practicing solo drills provide exercise to keep her on top of her game. She also still trains with her team, even during the many hurdles COVID has provided. Her team practices in  Gilroy, and they “have been playing tournaments out of state” for the time being.

In order for the team to be able to continue playing, some safety precautions have been put in place. Schemmer explains  “We all wear masks and are spread out while we are not playing. Our coach also sanitizes the softballs and equipment after practice.”

Despite the hurdles put in place by COVID-19, many of which do not have a clear resolution in sight, student athletes like Schemmer continue to work towards their goals and put in the effort they need to succeed. For Schemmer, this hard work paid off, as despite the challenges of the year she has been able to commit to continuing her athletic journey at Syracuse University.

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