Cherish This Experience; You Only Get This Once


By Megan Costanzo

I’m a Junior and third year journalism student at Morro Bay High School. As I look back at my school years, I have gained new interests, and I have really enjoyed my time at school. When I started high school, my brother was a Junior and I asked him about his experience in school and about some of the different teachers.

Through my observations of students, I watched how the students interact with the teachers and how the students interact with each other. I’ve learned a lot from watching people. I noticed that they are in a hurry to be older, and I think instead of being in a hurry, they should enjoy every school year. As for myself, I have an adventurous spirit and don’t want to miss anything.

Cherish The Experience, You only Get This Once. This is my quote. I like to experience things myself for the first time. For example, I had a friend that saw a movie I wanted to see. He started to tell me about it and I told him, “I get to see a movie once, for the first time and I want to cherish this experience.” You can’t jump to the end, if you haven’t experienced the middle parts.

When I was a freshman, some of my friends wanted to be seniors, they felt seniors were so cool and popular. Now, my classmates and I are almost Seniors. That will mean freedom to see friends at any time, getting jobs, driving cars, prepping for college, all very important things to think about. 

But for now we are Juniors, and  now we need to enjoy this year. If you don’t cherish each moment now, it will be difficult later because you won’t have any memories. You’ll be sad, and wishing to be back in high school, but you can’t because it is too late. Instead of just waiting to graduate, appreciate what you have now. Enjoy the moment, and find joy in every day!

It is up to you now: decide if this is what you want to do. Focus on what is around you. Cherish your friendships and make new memories everyday. Whether it is writing in a journal, or taking photographs, you’ll remember more of your experience and you’ll be a lot happier. You don’t have to do anything to earn this, you’re just enjoying it!

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