Mysterious Monolith Makes Appearance in Morro Bay Before Quickly Disappearing


A mysterious Monolith was found on top of Pine Mountain near Highway 41 on the way toward Atascadero in the early hours of Thursday morning December 3rd. The Monolith was identical to ones found in Utah and Romania over the past week. However, almost as quickly as the Monolith was found, it was removed.

Spyglass Editor Brayden Appell hiked out early to see the Monolith only to find it had been taken down. A handful of other curious hikers were also present, including MBHS choir teacher Ms. Bravante.

“Everyone was really disappointed it was gone”, stated Appell, “and news that it had already been removed passed quickly down the trail which already had over 50 hikers on it.” Appell noted that the rebar and basic structure still remained, so most present speculated that local authorities probably didn’t take it down. Some hikers who had been there the day before reported that around nightfall there were some “tipsy college students” who might have had something to do with the disappearance.

The Monoliths in Utah and Romania have also been removed just as mysteriously as they arrived. Nobody knows where the Monoliths in Utah, Romania, and now Atascadero came from. Many have speculated that they could be the work of a performance artist, though some believe it could be related to an extraterrestrial or supernatural presence.

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