Mr. Alstott Takes Over as Interim Vice Principal


Former P.E. Coach Mr. Alstott is filling in for Dr. Pruitt as Interim Vice-Principal for the semester. This is not the first time Mr. Alstott was Vice-Principal. The current boys’ golf coach was vice-principal three years ago but stepped down to be a P.E teacher. 

The position this year looks a lot different than it would normally. Alstott noted the differences in the job because of the distance learning. “One of my main responsibilities as Assistant Principal previously was to ensure a safe campus and oversee facilities and events. We don’t have many students on campus and there aren’t any events, so that part of the job is way less involved.” Which isn’t to say that there’s less to do. Alstott is dealing with the new online situation and the obstacles it creates. “There are lots of new challenges and responsibilities in planning and preparing for a potential return to campus. Much of my time is spent working with our custodial crew, admin team, and district leadership to try and think through all the details on how to bring back students and staff to campus safely while still supporting students who will continue learning from home.”  

Mr. Alstott emphasized that he is most excited to go back to working with the staff in the office, but misses teaching classes and the interaction with the students. “Like most teachers, my favorite part of teaching is working with students and sharing my passion (for physical education and health in my case) with them. COVID has definitely put a damper on the ability to fully experience PE, so I’m hopeful that we will get to a place where we can safely get back to in-person learning.” Fortunately, Coach Alstott will get to go back to his regular teaching position as soon as Dr. Pruitt comes back.

Alstott stated that Dr. Pruitt will be back in mid-January, but Mr. Alstott will be the MBHS interim vice-principal for the time being. 

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