Campus Reopening Update: Student Schedules and Construction Update to be Released


According to a recent meeting with Interim Principal Cadwallader, Morro Bay High School students are expected to receive their 2nd semester schedules on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. 

Further, Cadwallader reaffirmed that next semester’s master schedule features “no significant changes,” confirming that most students should be able to keep their current teachers. However, students who preferred to enter In-Person school once San Luis Obispo county meets the requirements will have classes in the morning while students who chose to maintain a Distance schedule will begin their classes in the afternoon. 

Cadwallader added that Morro Bay High School had “one of the highest” percentages of students choosing to return to In-Person learning when possible among secondary schools in the district, with 65% preferring this option. Because of this, all students who are currently set to remain in Distance or Virtual learning who want to switch to an In-Person Hybrid schedule will be put on a waitlist.

The exact state that on-campus sports and clubs will be in next semester is not currently known. The school is working to ensure that they meet state guidelines on these activities. Cadwallader clarified that Mr. Andree, MBHS’s athletic head, is working with coaches to draft and release an update soon, as the state of California has approved certain sports for practice. Similarly, in-person clubs are still being debated, but Cadwallader confirmed that they are “still working…to get some on campus” in a safe way. 

In the near future, students can expect to receive an update about the state of school construction. With changes occurring while students have been learning at home, Cadwallader claimed that we are “not going to recognize the campus.”

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