Preparing For WandaVision: What to Expect


After the events of Marvel’s Endgame, there were a multitude of loose ends of what the old characters might do next so with the help of Disney plus those stories have been put into shows. The most recently teased show was WandaVision. Major Spoilers ahead for Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame, be warned! With this new trailer comes the confusion that Vision had already died in Infinity War, although it was uncertain if they were able to save his memory file or not. Wanda on the other hand had grown a relationship with Vision before his death. Even though Vision had died, Marvel decided to create something we didn’t expect.

At the beginning Wanda and Vision are presented in a 1950’s family show where they both live as a newly married couple. All things seem fine, until they are asked where they moved from and when they married. This causes events to change and their lives are turned from black and white to full color. What’s weird is that the scenes begin to change from different decade to decade assuming that overtime they might reach back to present day. As this occurs, Vision seems to  question himself whether he’s dead or not as others around him begin to ask the same thing. Things are not what they seem in this show and scary truths about character’s might be revealed.

I believe that this show is meant to be a fan service to people to see more of Wanda’s and Vision’s relationship as it was short lived on the big screen. The concept of this show in comparison to the events of the Marvel movies completely goes against how this would even happen. With that being said the show should be quite intriguing to find out how it’s even happening.

WandaVision premieres on January 15th.

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