How to Drive In Movie Theater


The basics

Movies are fun to watch, but there are other ways of enjoying the movies such as the Drive in Theater in San Luis Obispo. The basics of this theater consists of owning a vehicle of course and having a working radio as that is where the movie’s sound will be connected. The drive in takes place Mondays through Sundays starting at 7 pm and ending at 12 am.  The types of movies that play are usually range from multiple genres from the past couple years


Of course every movie theatre has its food stand with the main stereotypical dish being popcorn and the Drive In doesn’t lack on its assortment of available food. At the back of the theater behind the parking spot you’ll find the snack bar with food such as hot dogs, cheeseburgers, corn dogs, french fries, nachos, candy, ice cream, and even pickles. However, at the Drive In you are able to bring your own food! Because of this, make sure to bring shareable snacks that last or you can even bring food of your own creation. It’s your choice. 


With the movies being at night it can get quite cold so some source of warmth is needed! Make sure to bring jackets, sweaters, blankets and whatever works for you. Seating at the theatre can also be up to your own choice, you can sit in the back of your trunk, set out beach seats and so on. If you want to go all the way then you can bring a mattress and set it in the back of your trunk for a cozy viewing. When going to the theaters make sure to stay COVID safe and a reasonable distance from others at the parking lot. 


At the end of the second movie the credits will begin to roll and that is your que to leave. If not, then the traffic will be backed up immensely so get going! It’s always a race to get out first so hop on it so that issue can be avoided!


Besides the movies, there is the experience of watching cinema in the brisk cold night. It feels adventurous to watch a movie with the feeling of nature around. What’s interesting and memorable is the old cartoons they play before the movie notioning you to check out the snack bar. It’s very nostalgic and gives a sense of raw appreciation for the people running the place. 

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