WandaVision: What’s Next for Marvel?


Warning: Spoilers ahead

On March 5th, WandaVison concluded their series in the most Marvel way possible, anticipation, wonder, and satisfaction. The pilot episode for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier also came out on Disney + on the 19th of this month. Following that there is a trailer for an individual Loki trailer coming out June 11th, right after school gets out. Over the course of the next few years Marvel plans to release over 10 shows to cover the different pathways characters went down after the events of Avengers Endgame. 

At the end of each and every Marvel movie an end credit scene is given to tease future movies. Even though it was a show, WandaVision still included multiple end credit scenes and obviously teased future marvel films such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which comes out in 2022. From this we can expect the other Marvel shows to lead into other movies in a way to set up phase 4 for the movies. So far there haven’t been too many movie titles announced to come out next year to fit with each show, but we can therorize that these shows could lead to another Avengers movie bringing all of the heroes together to fight a greater evil once again. 

So, what’s the point for all of these shows? The point of these Marvel shows is to shed more light on side characters as well as explain their future direction for the franchise. Eventually some of these shows will lead to movies or have an important impact later down the line. 

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