Claw Forest by Robert Bishop IV



By Robert Bishop IV

CONTENT WARNING : Science Fiction horror, Drama, Action, Animal Fights and Profanity(Not Suitable for Younger Readers)

This Story is a work of science fiction and adventure, not meant to be taken realistically

“Our great grandfather used to talk about an old traveler’s myth, a secret land tucked away in the remote wilderness of Canada. A Land where actall living Dinosaurs roam in a perfectly natural order, they called this place : Claw Forest, of course it was just a silly legend back in the day. But this land was mentioned by Greek, Romans and countless other religious cultures that always said, this is the land where God hid his beasts. Scientists have tried finding this land, but they never found it… but Canada is huge and 80% of it is uninhabited by humans. My great grandfather always believed it existed and we would find it soon.” – Daniel J. Robinson

On July 1st, 2019, 14 year old Daniel was waiting for the bus with his friend Sam Johnson, they both lived in one of the Suburbs of San Diego called “Mira Mesa”. Daniel’s dad (Cobey A. Robinson) worked for the US Government and he was one of the Commanders of the US Army.

Once they were on the bus, they talked about the Claw Forest Legend. Sam just thought it was a silly urban legend like most others, “Evolution has proven Dinosaurs do not exist and probably won’t ever exist again” said Sam.

After a good 10 minute drive, Daniel finally got home and played some Call of Duty on his Xbox. Then, His mom Came in his room and held him to go do some yard work, like pull the weeds.

Daniel reluctantly agreed, so he went outside, put on some gloves and started pulling weeds, somewhere easy, somewhere hard.

Daniel tugged on one of the weeds and he felt something move slightly, he pulled the weed out and to his surprise, there was a chain that came out, it was caught by one of the roots! Daniel was confused and ran to the shed to grab a shovel and began digging.

He soon finished digging out the object and it turned out to be a chest that looked like it was from the early 1930’s. He tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge! He looked at the chest and it was locked by a padlock that itself looked like it was from the 30’s.

Daniel tried to pick it up, he then admired the oldness of it. It looked something like this :

He walked over to the shed and placed it on a table, the padlock looked like it was very dirty and heavily corroded. He looked around and found a crowbar, and he used the bottom of it to break off the lock, and it broke apart.

He opened the chest and the smell of trapped space from the 30’s hit him like a shot, making him cough. Soon, the smell faded. He looked inside and there were books, papers and pictures. As far as Daniel was aware, “The Great Depression” was in the 30’s witch looks like these books, papers and photos were made. He grabbed one of the papers and looked at it, it had writing on it that looked like it was from a typewriter.

“September 28th, 1931. Our searches grew low, as we plundered through woodland, meadow after meadow. Not close to the Claw Forest, the land where nature tested her creations. Most of our team was giving up hope we’d ever find the Claw Woods.” it said, and it was signed by Alan .B Robinson, Daniel’s Great Grandfather.

Now, Daniel was hooked on reading more of these notes. He pulled out another one, talking about walking through the forest, still failing to find it. He picked up another, he still failed, he looked again, he still failed.

Daniel Went through several notes before stumbling across 1 that caught his interest. He read the note and it said this :
“November 6th, 1931. We have done it, after decades of countless searching through the great Canada, we have found the land of the past, the sanctuary of the primal, the pre-land, the Claw Woods!

It was everything the legends said, Living Dinosaurs roaming in glorious harmony, prehistoric plant life and gorgeous mountains. All our cameras broke so we were unable to snap any photos or video feed, but based on my map calculations, it is located in here, 

It took us my entire life (33) years to find this first, and finally, we found it! We’ll settle in and continue our writing when we regain our strength” the note said.

Daniel was ecstatic, “Why didn’t he send these coordinates to a scientist?!” he said.

He Grabbed the paper, and ran in the house. He grabbed his phone and called his dad. It’s a good thing he was on his way home, he answered the phone.

Daniel told his dad about the papers he read, at first his dad didn’t believe him but he was interested in the thing he found buried in his yard. Daniel then ran into the house and told his Mom to see what he found, she looked at the papers and it was convincing for her enough to believe it’s real. He buried deeper into the chest and some of the books were documentations of the fauna and flora or Claw Forest.

Soon, Cobey (Daniels Dad) arrived at the house and everyone welcomed him, Daniel showed him the chest and they both brought it into Cobey’s room. They went through the chest,

“So, what do he have here,d bud?” said Cobey
“Well, this chest seem to of been from your Grandfather or my Great Grandfather, it talks about Claw Forest” said Daniel
“Claw Forest? Now that you mention it, I heard him talk about it before” said Cobey
“I thought he was trying to impress us by telling me he found it, I thought he was a total dingus but if he wrote all THIS about it… maybe he found something out there”
“What did you know about him?” said Daniel
“Well, he was a very notorious traveler. He made it his life’s goal to find “Claw Forest”, some folktale about a land where primal life exists. The Greek’s called it “The Land of the Dragons”” said Cobey
“So… he was obsessed with Claw Forest?” said Daniel
“Basically, he would always tell us stories about that place,” said Cobey.
“And… there were indiginous tribes who lived in Claw Forest… and they were friendly for the most part”
“There are people in those woods?!” said Daniel
“Or at least what he said,” said Cobey.
Cobey began to look through the chest and he found the paper that showed the Location of Claw Forest…
“We should head there!” said Daniel
“You wanna take a vacation to one of the remote Countries in the world?! In what seems to be the middle of nowhere?!” said Cobey
“Come on! What if there is something out there?! We may make the greatest discovery in the history of Humanity!” said Daniel
“Son… I know you’re excited but, that’s a very remote part of Canada. Besides, I’m not sure we can even get into Canada!” said Cobey
Daniel put the chest in front of Cobey, “Read those books! There are dates, calculations, fears, theories EVEN experiences! All buried in the 1930’s!” said Daniel.
Cobey got up and hugged Daniel gently, “Listen Buddy, there’s always an answer to something, sometimes it’s not the answer we expect. But thanks for finding papa’s memories” said Cobey
Sign fine dad…” said Daniel before leaving his room.
Cobey looked at the note, and read through some of the books.

Later that night, Cobey was still reading the books. He was reading one about the geography of Claw Woods, it’s around 3,600 square miles or 3x larger than the state of Rhode Island and has beautiful mountains, tall trees and pristine rivers and lakes.

Cobey started to believe these documentaries were real and he actually did find something out in Canada, and what drives him in is a letter he finds for his children.

“Dear Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren.
I am writing this letter to let you know that I am unable to continue my research on Claw Forest due to my increasing age. So if you find this chest, please do your best to continue my research on this incredible land. A Land that needs to be discovered…

-With Sincere love, Alan Brodreck Robinson” said the Letter

This now made Cobey wanna find this forest, to continue his research. He picked up his phone and called the US. Army.
“Hey, it's me Cobey Anndrew Robinson. I made a discovery and I want a vacation to Canada with some scientists” said Cobey.

The Next Morning…

Cobey went into Daniel’s room and woke up Daniel with an Air Horn. Daniel jolted awake and rose up lightning Fast!
“What the hell did you do that for?!” yelled Daniel
“We gotta go!” said Cobey
“What do you mean!? It’s 6 in the morning, school does not start at Nine!” said Daniel
“You’re not going to school today, I actually signed you off from Summer School” said Cobey
“W-Wait… what? Why?” said Daniel
“We’re going on vacation!” said Cobey
“Vacation? Oh… to where?” said Daniel
“Take a guess!” said Cobey
“Uhh… Claw Forest?” said Daniel
“Ding-Ding-Ding!” said Cobey
“Wait..!” said Daniel with a surprised look
“I know what you’re gonna say, and let me explain. I looked over granddad’s notes last night and I called the army and told them about it, I showed them the notes this morning and they agreed to give us a ride there!” said Cobey
“Plus, we’re going with some scientists and some backup men!” said Cobey

Daniel looked ecstatic! He, his father and his friends will be one of the first modern men to EVER set foot on Ancient Land.

He got up and hugged his Dad, “Thank you, Dad! You’re the best!” said Daniel
“Hehehe… well let’s not keep those fossils waiting! Let’s get dressed and go!” said Cobey

After a few minutes, Daniel got dressed and packed up.
“Oh, and you might wanna bring something, it’s gonna be a 20 hour flight”
“20 hours!? Ugh… we better find something there” said Daniel.
“I’ll make sure our chopper has internet so you can play something” said Cobey
They finished packing up and they left for the nearest Amy Department. They soon arrived and were brought to the osprey.

They had 2 ospreys, both carried 5 men, some were scientists/paleontologists and some were military personnel. They were ready to find an uncharted place of the Animal Kingdom.

After an exhausting 20 hour flight, they get within the supposed boundaries of Claw Forest, meaning they basically arrived.

Daniel was asleep, his dad woke him up
“Where here, buddy” said Cobey
Daniel got up and looked out the window, he was surprised to see it was indeed a jungle, he couldn’t see any dinosaurs though.
“Think we should land?” said one of the pilots.
“I think so, did you guys bring any other vehicles besides Helicopters?” said Daniel
“We brought a whole squad of helicopters with us and some carrying vehicles,” said Cobey.
Daniel looked behind the chopper and saw the squad following them, “When did they..?” said Daniel
“The Canadian Military heard about our mission and wanted to help out, showing how nice the Canadians are,” said Cobey.

“We should land here, if there are any dinos here, there probably in the trees,” said Daniel.

Cobey then gave the order to land in agreement with Daniel.

They soon landed the helicopters and the vehicle transporters dropped some of the vehicles, they ranged from jeeps, humvees and tanks.
“Why did you guys bring tanks?” said Daniel
“If there are Dinosaurs here, we need to set up some defenses in case they attack,” said one of the Canadian soldiers.

After around 20 minutes of preparation, they take off into Claw Forest.
It was around 2PM (From Where they are, Claw Forest is in an uncharted part of Canada). Meaning it was close to sunset and the forest around them felt like a pacific rainforest.

Daniel checked the weather with his phone, it read 72 degrees fahrenheit outside which is unusually warm for Canada. Where they were was near the Arctic (as far as Daniel was aware).

3 minutes later, they came into a meadow and they saw something they couldn’t believe. Daniel looked at the thing and he opened the door and stood up at the doorstep,
“D-Dad?” said Daniel
“Yeah bud-” said Cobey, Cobey saw the thing too he did the same thing.

They were looking at a herd of Stegosaurus! Daniel grabbed his camera and hopped out of the vehicle, not being able to take his eyes off the majestic reptiles. They were featherless, but their scales were a whitish green and there dorsal plates had a blue tint to them.

Daniel took non-flash images of the bus sized lizards, “T-T-T-There… D-D-Dinosaurs!” said Daniel. They moved slowly, no slower than a person walking. “Look at them, they look exactly like how scientists predicted they looked!” said Cobey.

Some scientists came out of their vehicles too, “The Legends… the stories… there true!” said one of the scientists named “John”. Everyone stared at the actual living dinosaurs in disbelief, seeing a actually wild living dinosaur in real life.

“Look at it, 30ft long and being 10 ft tall at its tallest dorial plate” said one on the Scientists named “Zach”.
“We… Were actually seeing this, right? We’re actually seeing real living dinosaurs and where not dreaming, right?” said Canadian Sergeant Michell.
“Last time i checked, Dreams do not look this real” said Daniel
“I never expected… there would be anything here… let alone fricken dinosaurs!” said Cobey.

Then, a carnotaurus walked out of the dense forest! Everyone backed away, but it seemed to be running at the Stegos! Soon, it reached one and the Stego hit it with its tail spikes! The Carno staggered, then got back on its feet! It bit the Stego on the tail and tugged it down!

The Carno then chomped into the Stego’s neck and broke it! The other stegos were making their slow retreat.
“Looks like the Carno isn’t bothering to go after them now, since it already has possibly a million callories in that stego!” said Daniel.

They soon all went into the cars, and drove through again to see if there were any more dinosaurs, after less then a minute later they found a herd of ankylosaurs! There where about 4 of them and they wandered through the forest gracefully,
“I feel like i'm in Jurassic Park right now!” said Cobey
“Damn Right” said Daniel

They all observed the Ankylosaurus’s grazing, they all took pictures too. They dove again and they kept seeing more and more different species of Dinosaurs, they soon reached a river and saw a Spinosaurus!

“Woah! Look a Spinosaurus!” said Cobey
Daniel was very excited to see a Spinosaurus, it was his favorite dinosaur of all time.
“Look! It's not like the Spinosaur in Jurassic Park! It's bipedal but it occasionally uses its front arms to support its weight, and look at its spine! It's not the saw-like spine we saw in the movie, but kinda shaped like a really badly drawn m!” said Daniel
“What are the colors? Why does it look like a penguin? Are those feathers?” said Mitchell
“Those are indeed feathers, but not like normal feathers. More like the feathers you’d see on penguins, and the color is probably to help it blend in within the water” said Cobey.
“It’s neck is like a peloquin! Hunchback to help it swallow food easier, and to help it keep its head unsubmerged” said Daniel.

Daniel was fanboying over the Spinosaur, to see it in the flesh! Alive and breather and hunting for fish. He wanted to go out there and see it, but he was afraid what the Spino would do to him.
“Man, I wanna go out there and see him! But i'm afraid if I do i’ll be dino food” said Daniel.
Soon, the Spinosaur noticed the cars and walked towards them! Everyone was now on edge, but they didn’t need to be afraid. Since it seemed more interested in the vehicles than what's inside, it sniffed one of them and gave some nudges to the car.
“What’s it doing?” said Soldier #6
“Why is he sniffing us?” said Soldier #4
“I think he’s wondering what the hell we are,” said Cobey.
Daniel had an Idea to open the window, “Can I open the window?” said Daniel
Everyone looked at him as if he was crazy “Oh, yeah sure, let's bring him in for a beer- are you out of your mind?!” said Soldier #6.
“He most likely knows where he is, we should let him know we come in peace” said Daniel.
Cobey then pulled out his gun, “Do it,” said Cobey.
“Okay dad, if he makes a move, you know what to do,” said Daniel, Cobey nodded. And Daniel slowly rolled down the window, the Spinosaur noticed the window moving and looked inside to see Daniel and Cobey.

In curiosity, it put its nostrils next to the opened window and sniffed, it then drew its attention away from the car and back to the river like it noticed prey was drawing near.

Daniel closed the window and watched the Spinosaur catch a big fish! “Woah! Big guy just destroyed that fish!” said Daniel, the spinosaur dropped the fish and began biting chunks out of it.

Daniel took another photograph of the Spinosaur eating, and the crew began driving off yet again.

They drove for a period of 14 minutes and in that time span, they encountered several different types of dinosaurs,
A pack of velociraptors
Dilophosaurus (No there not the little guys seen in jurassic park but more like there realistic counterpart, being 20 feet long and 8 ft tall)
And they even encountered a T-rex

A few hours pass and Both US and Canada Army have scoured the entire forest and it contains a lot of Dinosaurs, some carnivorous, some herbivorous and some omnivorous (meaning they eat both meat and plants). This landmark baffled scientists, it's a natural stronghold. It's unknown how this place ensured the survival of Dinosaurs for 65 million years, but it does.

After they get a complete map of the place, the center point of this landmark is an Active Stratovolcano named Skull Mountain (no, not the ride), it stands about 3,400 ft tall making it one of the shortest Volcanoes in Canada but due to geological investigation. It's the most active, erupting 2 or 3 times every year or so.

The place isn’t really 3x the size of Rhode Island, more o’so half the size (606mi²). “Isn’t this place supposed to be bigger than Rhode Island?” said Soldier #8, “I'm pretty sure mapping back in the ancient era (930-1150 B.C) wasn’t as good as it is now” said Daniel.

When sundown approached, they decided to get Aerial shots of the Dinosaurs via helicopters, it was around 7:34PM and they soon found out Skull Mountain wasn’t the only volcano in Claw Forest, there are around 4 others including a lake volcano called “Bone Lake” and it was getting activity. From geological evidence, it will be a VEI 3 eruption meaning it will send out 0.01 cubic kilometers of tethra. It's possibly not going to erupt for another 3 months.

They managed to set up a base 800 meters from Skull Mountain’s N.west flank, the base consisted of 6 tents (3 with beds and 3 with supplies). They were gonna stay for a total of 3 days to study Claw Forest until an actual science team came to the site. Around 8 helicopters were scouring around the Volcano since it's the biggest one in Claw Forest.

They searched for about 10 minutes before one of the scientists got a reading on the richter scale. The reading seemed to be an underground tremor and it read a 5.2, coming from Skull Mountain. She called to the Helicopters “Hey guys, somethings going on in Skull Mountain” she said, “Well what is it?” said Colonel Mitchell. Before she could explain, they heard a low rumble coming from not the Top of the Volcano but from what sounded like the other side of the Volcano. The team went over and it turned out it was some soldiers testing out dynomite which scared off some of the dinosaurs.

They soon ignited 400 pounds worth of TNT which rattled the Helicopters wind shields. They told the scientists that it was just some of the crew messing with TNT, but she interrupted them saying “No, the scale is being consistent! It's growing to a 8.1!” she said. The helicopters turned and headed towards the base which was on the other side of the Volcano.

The people with TNT were getting ready to blast another one. “These things really know how to go “BOOM” huh?” said one of the Bombers, “Yeah!” said another one. They soon piled up 800 pounds of TNT, and detonated them! After the sound of the explosion faded, they heard a loud bellowing roar coming from the top of the volcano!
Everyone looked at the top of the Volcano and was beginning to spew out smoke. The Helicopters circled around the volcano, staying at least a kilometer away from the volcano. The men firing the TNT looked at the top and back away… and the ground underneath them began to quake and they could hear a growl-like rumble. “Uhhh… what is that?” said one of the bombers, “Whatever it is, it's giving me the willies!” said one of the other bombers.

Suddenly, and without any warning, a side of the volcano facing the men bursted open, spewing out some lava and smoke and they could hear a earthquaking growl. A few seconds later, right around 75 yards away… a massive black feathery tail emerged out of the ground, and then it came out of the new volcanic crater that opened in front of them. It was massive, far larger than a blue whale and it was silhouetted in the smoke from the sun.

It looked down at the 2 men, who were frozen in astonishment and fear. The helicopters approached the behemoth dinosaur, Everyone in the helicopters were in astonishment at the sight, some of the people in the choppers including Daniel peeked out the doors and looked at the silhouette of whatever this titan of a Dinosaur was! It turned its attention to the Helicopters and slowly walked towards them, it appeared to be some form of dromaeosaurid theropod with black feathers covering its body with fiery red and orange color pattern on it's’ torso, neck, head and some parts of its tail, it's arms were very long, longer then what a normal dromaeosaurid theropod would have and it's hands had 4 fingers including a thumb!

Its skull was akin to that of a velociraptor, only taller. It looked at the helicopters as it began to stand upright, “What the hell is that?!” said one of the people on the radio, several different voices were screaming about the monster standing in front of them.

“It's huge!”
“Oh my God!”
“Can anybody tell me what the hell that is?!”
“I don't know but it's fucking huge!”
“Looks like a giant Raptor!”
“I don’t know what it is but I don’t wanna know!”

Sargent Mitchell then peeked out of the helicopter and looked at it, he took off his sun-glasses and unknowingly dropped them off the helicopter. One of the pilots of the helicopter looked at the thing, “Is that Godzilla?” he said.

The helicopters circled the gigantic feathery beast and it closed it's right hand into a fist. It cocked it's head to the side and looked at one of the helicopters, “Uhh… Michael? Wanna tell me what the hell THIS thing is?” said Cobey. Michael was a paleontologist and a professional one, he shuddered in fear “Michael! Do you know what that thing is?!” shouted Cobey, “Uhh… that thing is not in the fossil record!” said Michael, “Are you sure?” said Cobey. “I'm pretty sure I would have remembered something of THIS size!” said Michael

“Team Raptor, train your weapons on the chicken! Were gonna waste him!” said Michael, “Copy that” said someone on the radio. They all trained their weapons on the thing with some people training bazookas on it, “Hold your fire! We don’t know if he’ll attack!” said Cobey, “He will if we keep circling him!” said Daniel.

Soon, the monster roared at one of the Choppers, out of panic they began firing at the monster. The monster looked around at the Choppers annoyed, the bullets weren’t hurting him, it seemed they were annoying him. Then, one soldier shoots their rocket launcher at it! It hit the creature in the side of the head, it grunted and looked at the Chopper who shot it and roared.

Several choppers were firing rockets at the monster, the rockets weren’t doing a lot on the thing. “Stop! Those rockets are just pissing him off!” said Cobey. “We don't take orders from you!” said one of the Canadian Soldiers. 

The creature looked at one of the choppers that shot another rocket into it, it roared and noticed one was approaching it! It lunged at the chopper and bit into the chopper’s midsection, it's jaws were so powerful it crushed the chopper like aluminum-can in an instant! It then dropped it in it's hand and it tossed the crushed helicopter into another one causing the other one to crash!

The monster then clapped it's hands and roared, Cobey grabbed the pilot's radio “US Squadron, Stand down! I repeat--” said Cobey. The monster Grabbed the Helicopter by its tail and held it up to eye level, Cobey held onto one of the seat bars and looked at the gigantic monster's red eyes and black slit pupils.

Soon, the helicopter's blades pierced into the thing's nose and it dropped the helicopter with the top blade having turbine broke and it was in its nostrils! With the helicopter falling, it pulled the blade out of its nose and saw blood on it's hand, it then looked back at the helicopter and growled.

“US Squadron Cobra Leader is falling!” said Mitchell. Before the helicopter crashed, Cobey dove out and fell face first. He looked up and saw the towering monster ready to attack another helicopter! Cobey backed away, and watched in horror as the Monster swang it's claws at the helicopter which sliced it clean in half!

Soon, a helicopter was coming to grab Cobey. “We got to the site of the Crashed Cobra Leader! We got men going out the door” said the pilots. Soon, the dinosaur grabbed Cobey’s crashed helicopter and tossed it into Daniels' helicopter! “DANIEL!!” yelled Cobey, he then ran towards Daniel’s spinning out of control helicopter.

Daniel screamed as the helicopter was falling! “Kid, I want you to tell me something!” said a Soldier, “Do you love your daddy?” “I Love him!” said Daniel. “How much do you love him!?” said the soldier “I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!” screamed Daniel as the helicopter was ready to crash. “KID JUMP!” screamed a soldier who shoved Daniel out the chopper and 3 other men jumped out before the thing blew up!

The Giant Raptor saw the Helicopter crashed, he clapped and roared! Cobey stopped running when he saw the fire from the explosion, he slowly looked behind him and saw another helicopter being destroyed by the Dinosaur.

The Dinosaur then began to run while it grunted and roared. Mitchell’s helicopter followed the charging behemoth, “Kill this turkey!” said Mitchell as they were firing at the monster! The thing then looked behind itself and saw Mitchell’s helicopter chasing it, so it stopped and swung its tail at the helicopter! Cobey continued to watch the majestic yet terrifying beast tearing apart the squadron.

Soon, something behind him fired a missile at the monster! He looked behind him and saw an Abrams Tank firing at the dinosaur, Cobey ran in front of it and waved his arms while screaming “STAND DOWN!”. The tank was from the Canadian Government so they didn’t care, Cobey looked at the monster who looked back at the tanks coming out of the trees. The creature then did 2 claps and then 5 quick claps and roared at the Tanks! Cobey then found out why it made those claps, there was a intimidation display or warning… like a gorilla pounding its chest.

The beast then charged at the Tanks, Cobey then ran to the side and into the forest. He didn’t stop to look back since all those men were gonna die, soon it stopped charging as it noticed there were lots of tanks ganging up on it.

The creature then snorted and puffed out smoke from it's nostrils, the back of it's tail glowed the same color as it's pattern (a fiery red and orange), the glow came from the feathers that were colored the same as the glow, and the glow slowly traveled up the creature and it curled back/up. Cobey got into a clearing and saw the glow and a distinct whistling sound was heard like a tea kettle.

One of the soldiers with the tanks saw the glow travel up it's head, “Uhh… what's it doing?!” said the soldier. Suddenly, the creature lunged forward and shot some sort of Thermal Beam at all the tanks! The tanks were incinerated in seconds and same with the soilders! The Creature then stopped firing at the tanks when all of them got turned to melted steel.

The creature then looked around and saw all the tanks and helicopters were destroyed, it then roared up into the sky for several seconds before walking off. 

The soldiers were separated, stranded and exposed. Cobey was separated from his son and had no Idea if he was alive or dead, Michell woke up with some of his men and some other soldiers crawled out of the wreckage and began looking for each other.

“Daniel… Daniel… Daniel!” shouted a soldier! Danield jolted awake and looked up at the sky, it was sundown making the sky a dark rusty orange and revealing some stars. “Wake up man, come on!” said the soldier waking up Daniel. Daniel slowly got up and looked at the erupting Volcano Skull Mountain, he then got up. “What time is it?” said Daniel, “7:58, you’ve been out for 20 minutes” said the soldier. “Where are we?” said Daniel, “Hell if I know” said the soldier.

Soon, a soldier grabbed Daniel, “Hey!” yelled both Daniel and the soldier who woke up Daniel, “Okay kid, Tell us! What the hell that? Why didn’t you tell us about that thing!?” said the Soldier holding Daniel buy the collar, “I Don’t know!” yelled Daniel. “Oh, Don’t play coy, you know everything! You have your grandpa’s notes!” said the Soldier holding Daniel, “That thing wasn’t in Granddad’s notes!” said Daniel.

The soldier didn’t believe him, he drew his fist back “Hey man, let him go!” said the Soldier who woke up Daniel. After a few seconds, he let Daniel go. “Go through your grandad’s notes, see if you can find anything about that thing, kid” said the Soldier. “Fine, name Daniel by the way” said Daniel. “Richerds” said the Soldier that grabbed Daniel, “Jimmy” said the other Soldier.

About 40 minutes passed, Jimmy and Richerds were waiting for Daniel to finish up his notes. He soon came to them, “Anything?” said Richerds. “Nothing, I turned these books inside, read every square centimeter of these notes. But… it’s almost as if papa was scared to even write about that thing” said Daniel. “As if he knew how dangerous it was if modern humanity ever got wind of this place. They’d be at war over this place” said Jimmy.

“I’ve got worse news” said the 3rd Soilder named Sam. “What news?” said Richerds, “All our radios are busted. We have no way to contact anyone and we don’t know where we are” said Sam. “And it’s getting dark and we’re in an ancient land where Dinosaurs still exist and probably are hunting us right now…” said Jimmy. “Dude, this shit is something out of a freakin movie” said Daniel

“What Movie? Jurassic Park?” said Richards, “Basically, except these are not DNA mutations. These are the real thing” said Daniel.

“We should probably get moving,” said Sam, they soon heard the titan dinosaur in the distance roaring, then explosions, gunshots and more roaring can be heard. “I’m pretty sure that way is our base,” said Richards, “Now all our supplies and means of communication are gone now” said Sam. “Didn’t we call for a science team?!” said Daniel, “We did but it’s gonna be about 3 days before they get here” said Jim. “You mean we’re stuck here for 3 days!?” shouted Daniel.

Everyone nodded, “Great, where gonna be stuck here on an Island for 3 days all because you Canadian dumbasses decided to shoot that thing up a storm when We should have left well enough alone!” said Daniel. “Excuse me, who’s american ass wanted to come here in the first place?!” said Jimmy, “Well I didn’t know that thing was out there!” said Daniel. “Guys! Yelling is gonna give away our positions! We need to get moving!” said Sam.

“True… we should try to find shelter” said Daniel. “What do we have?” said Richards, “Well, all our gear was in the chopper. All I have is a gun and a pack of cigarettes” said Sam, the soldiers had guns, Daniel opened his backpack “I’ve got my camera, phone, oh and some bags of potato chips and a canteen!” said Daniel, “Potato Chips? what kind?” said Sam. “Uhh… Lays sour cream and onion, original lays, barbecue and some cheetos” said Daniel, “I call dibs on the Sour Cream and Onions!” said Daniel. Everyone grabbed the bags and they prepared to get out and find shelter.

Back at Cobey’s position, they meet up with Michell who soon punches Cobey in the face! “Alright! What the hell was that thing, why didn’t you tell us about it?!” yelled Mich, “Because that thing wasn’t in granddads notes!” said Cobey, “Bullshit! You knew that damn thing existed and didn’t bother to tell us!” said Mich. “No I didn’t, I would have said something!” said Cobey, “You’re a goddamn liar..!” said Mich, “Mich, he’s telling the truth! Cobey wouldn’t hold out that thing on us!” said a American Soldier, “Yeah, I’ve known Cobey my entire career and he wouldn’t do that. For god sakes, he recruited everyone here!” said another American Soldier. “Still does not change the fact that this recruitment killed some of my men! Dan Miller, Sam Jonhston, Alex Sven… all dead! All because HE recruited us on this mission!” said Mich, “I’m sorry about men, but some of my men too” said Cobey, “All of this is your fault! You and your little brat are to blame for those lives!” said Mich, “Dude, how were we supposed to know!? That Thing wasn’t in his notes!” said Cobey, “Plus it was you’re asses that attacked that thing!” yelled Cobey. Mich growled as his fist clenched, “Mich listen, fighting here isn’t gonna solve anything! We need to find shelter!” said a Canadian Soldier. “HE STILL BROUGHT US OUT HERE!!” yelled Mich super loudly, “Can you keep it down, I don’t think there’s another dinosaur on the other Side of Claw Forest that didn’t hear you, jeez!” said Cobey.

Cobey then began walking towards the direction of Daniel’s crash. Mich grabbed his arm, “Where do you think you’re going?” said Mich, “I can’t stand here and argue with you, I gotta do something!” said Cobey, “Like what!?” said Mich, “I’m gonna go get my boy” said Cobey. “Don’t forget you’re in the Canadian territory! Meaning YOU follow my orders!” said Mich, “Eat me!” said Cobey. He soon broke from Miches grasp. “I’m going!” said Cobey, “Soldier, you will follow my order! You’re no longer in America!” said Mich. Cobey just stared at him… he then pulled a gun on him! Everyone else pointed their guns at Cobey, “I’m going, you can’t stop me. Either you guys come with me or I’m going alone!” said Cobey

“I’m coming with you” said one of the American Soldiers, “Me too!” said another American Soldier. “Well, we’ll see you on the other side” said Mich and they went their own ways, most of the men stayed with Mich and 2 other people went with Cobey.

Daniel and his Trio were walking through the woods in hopes to find shelter or some other survivors, the sun had gone down and the moon was shining in the horizon creating a faint silver glow. They soon stopped by a large lake that was around 63 ft in diameter and looked like it was mainly shallow, or it’s lowest point was probably 30ft. Daniel suggested that they rest here for a minute, everyone agreed to.

Daniel used the water to clean himself from some blood on the side of his head and the 3 others drank from the lake or kept watch. Daniel was sitting around 15 yards away from the closest soldier.
Suddenly and without any warning, he heard a faint boom. Then again… then again… again… and again, the noise sounded like footsteps… really heavy footsteps. So heavy they were making the entire lake ripple, “Guys?” said Daniel, “Daniel, get over here!” said Jimmy, Daniel stood his ground. Then… it came out behind the mountain, the gigantic thing that destroyed the helicopters.

“It’s back!” said Sam in fear, he hid behind Richards “It’s gonna flatten us like a pancake!” he said. Daniel stood still and watched the grazing behemoth, it lowered it’s head down into the water and drank from the water. Daniel pulled out his camera slowly and pointed it at the gigantic beast, he snapped a picture and it flashed! The creature noticed the flash and jerked it’s head in Daniel’s direction, “Gasp Shit!” Daniel whispered to himself in regret and fear. The creature cocked it’s head to the side and walked over to Daniel.

The other soldiers pointed their guns at the beast, “hold your fire!” said Daniel. The Monster walked close enough to Daniel that his head was a few feet away from him, Daniel could hear the extremely powerful breathing of the creature and could almost feel it. It sniffed and softly growled, seeming curious about what that flash was. Daniel examined it’s face, it looked like a Utahraptor or Velociraptors head except its top skull was a bit taller.

Soon, it resumed its drinking and used it’s bottom mouth to cup up some water. It then looked at Daniel, “Uhh… what’s it doing?” said Jimmy, then it sprayed all the water in its mouth right onto Daniel! Daniel looked at his clothes, they were all soaked! He looked up at the creature who made a crackling sound as it was laughing at him. It then walked off, the 3 soldiers ran up to Daniel, “Are you okay?” said Jimmy, “Well, other than the fact that my clothes are soaking wet now, i’m doing pretty good” said Daniel. Richards grabbed Daniels bag and managed to find a towel, “You came prepared” he said before giving it to him. He wrapped the towel around Daniel, “We should stop and have a fire” said Daniel.

“Hold on, Can anyone explain what just happened?!” said Sam, “Well, that thing soaked me” said Daniel “Uhh.. yeah! Why did it though?” said Sam. “Yeah… it was curious at first… and got playful” said Daniel, “So he’s intelligent?” said Richerds, “Definitely” said Daniel.
Meanwhile, back in Cobey’s group who were still trekking through the woods, on their way to find the helicopter Daniel was in that crashed. Cobey was in a group of 3 and Daniel was in a group of 4, Daniels’ group was about 2 and a half miles away from the crashed helicopter. Cobey still had to walk 2.8 miles to reach the chopper and follow their tracks another 2.5 miles.

Lucky for Cobey, Daniel’s group set up a fire to rest for the night, Daniel was in shorts and a towel since his clothes got sprayed. “Think They can see our fire?” said Richerds, “I hope so” said Sam. “Look at us, surviving out in the woods filled with dinosaurs! This Forest should have been called “Jurassic Park” said Daniel, Suddenly, they heard approaching footsteps! “Speaking of Dinosaurs?” said Jimmy. Soon, a T.rex came out of the brushy forest!

Everyone by the fire backed up slightly but it just walked by calmly, like it just finished feeding. “Why didn’t he eat us?” said Sam, “I see, he likely didn’t pay mind to us because we’re not a worthy snack” said Daniel, “It’s not like Rex didn’t think we’d taste good, it just he’d rather go after something meatier” said Daniel. “How’d you know that?” said Jimmy, “Because I’m a Dino-nerd” said Daniel.

“Well, can you try to explain what the big guy out there is?” said Sam, “Well, from what I could see. It seems to be a type of dromaeosaurid theropod, meaning it’s from the same genus as the velociraptor or utahraptor. Except it’s far larger than any other Dinosaur discovered, let alone the largest living animal seen on earth” said Daniel
“I’ve read that dinosaurs communicated through a different way than what we know, they didn’t have a trachea or syrinx, the type of organs used to make vocals. Meaning they probably couldn’t roar, but the most they could make is a bellowing by using its lungs to push out air and vocals. Where This particular species can make more animalistic sounds like growls, grunts, hisses, roars and cackling sounds. Did you guys hear it’s breathing?” said Daniel.

“No, why?” said the Soldiers, “Well, it seems to have very powerful lungs. Because whenever it exhaled, it heard what sounded like a purr. But not a purr like a cat when it’s content, it was more deeper, more loud, and much more intense. If you were to lay against its side whenever it exhaled, you’d feel it’s rumbling purr vibrate through your body. This could probably explain how it can even roar to begin with” said Daniel.

“How big would you say it is?” said Sam, “If i had to guess, i would say it’s at least 180 ft tall when standing horizontally, when it stood upright it was definitely more than 300 ft tall, and i’d say it’s roughly 500 ft from nose to tail” said Daniel.

“Are my clothes dry? I should have brought a spare” said Daniel, he went over to check his clothes, they were dried up enough to be wearable so he put them on. “Let’s get some sleep,” said Daniel.

“Wait dude! What if a velociraptor or utahraptor comes after us!?” said Sam, “Well… can one of you guys stay watch?” said Daniel. Jimmy volunteered, Daniel pulled out a sleeping bag and crawled into it, everyone else except Jimmy crawled into there sleeping bags.

Far away, Cobey and his Partners Frank and Luke were still on their way towards Daniel’s crash site. Until one of them noticed fire smoke! “Smoke! Campfire!” said Luke, Everyone looked in the direction of the smoke and Cobey instantly ran towards the smoke!

“Thats Daniel!” said Cobey, the other soldiers ran after him! “How do you know?!” said Luke, “Me and that kid go camping a lot! I taught him how to start a fire!” said Daniel. He began to yell for Daniel, he was still about half a mile away!

Daniel soon got up, hearing his dad yelling out for him! “Dad?!” he said, he too began to yell. “Cobey?” said Jimmy, the other soldiers got up and Ran! “Dad! Dad!” Daniel yelled. “Daniel!” yelled Cobey.

They both came into a meadow, they caught up to each other and both hugged each other, after a few seconds, Cobey let go “Are you okay?!” said Cobey, “Im okay! Are you?” said Daniel. “Im fine! W-Why are your clothes wet?” said Cobey. “That big thing sprayed Water on him!” said Jimmy. “What!?” said Cobey

“Yeah… uhm… it would seem that thing is kinda playful” said Daniel. “Well, let’s head to your fire, shall we?” said Cobey, “Yeah dad, let’s go” said Daniel. The crew then made their way to the Campsite.

Cobey made sure he didn’t leave Daniel’s side, “That thing splashed you, huh?” said Cobey, “He did, then he laughed at me” said Daniel. “Laughed?” chuckled Cobey, “Yeah, he made this cackling noise, and it sounded like he was laughing at me” said Daniel.

“Remember that time when you were 8 and I took you out camping?” said Cobey, “Oh, do I” said Daniel. “We went camping in the redwoods, and I told him about Dinosaurs. I even read you this book called “Raptor Red”, we made it to chapter 5 before calling you a night” said Cobey, Daniel laughed. “Raptor Red, That story was one of my favorites growing up” said Richerds, “Hey guys? I think I found something about that Raptorzilla out there” said Luke, “What did ya find?” said Daniel

He pulled out a book about Claw forest that looked like it was 734 pages long! It was called Claw Forest : Land left by time, “You had that with you the whole time?!” said Cobey, “I bought it before the trip, I figured i’d get some info on this place” said Luke. “Well, what does it say about that 100 foot tall Dinosaur out there?!” said Daniel.

“Here, in Chapter 54 it says “ For centuries, Vikings foretold a king that rules over the ancient land of beasts. Some described it as a god, some described it as a guardian that protects the Claw Forest. A Monster that rises from the depths of Skull Mountain, bigger then a fishing boat, faster then sound and will to protect all that visits who lives in his land and to destroy all who threaten it” read Luke, “Wait… did it say “God””said Daniel, “Yes, The ancient people who have witnessed this land respect him as a god” said Luke, “What did they call him?” said Cobey, “He had many names, The Living Volcano, Guardian of Claw Forest, The Fire that Roars Death, The Phoenix Fire, The One who controls nature, The one who is Nature but they mainly call him “Hetra”” said Luke.

“Hetra…” said everyone by the Fire. “Let’s give him a Scientific Name!” said Daniel, “Let’s see, what can we call his species… uh… Hetra… Hetra… how about Headturasaurus (Head-Chura-Saurus).” said Daniel, “What does that mean in greek?” said Jimmy, “I don’t know… uhh… Dinosaur King maybe?” said Daniel. “Well, I think it’s safe to say it’s a “Superspecies. Have you guys read about that?” said Cobey. Everyone shook their heads, “Well… there was a theory that a time long before the Dinosaurs, there were animals that were extremely advanced in size, strength, intelligence and ability… they called them “superspecies”” said Cobey. “There was even a theory that Dragons existed before the Dinosaurs and they were classified as a Superspecies since they could fly despite their weight and breath fire” said Cobey.

“I Guess Hetra could count as a “Superspecies”” said Daniel. “Man, I feel like a scientist right now!” said Daniel, “Get some sleep, big guy” said Cobey. Daniel yawned and laid down. “We should all get some sleep, big day tomorrow” said Sam. Everyone layed down, Cobey kept close to his son Daniel, making sure so predators would come and take him. He promised his son they’d survive and get out of this place alive. He pulled out his rifle and made sure it was loaded, he then sat it down on his lap and leaned against a wood log and slowly closed his eyes.

The next Morning…

Cobey woke up and heard loud sniffing next to him, he looked to his side and saw the Spinosaur sniffing Daniels sleeping Body! Daniel then woke up seconds later… “Daniel… don’t… move… a mussel!” whispered Cobey, Daniel’s eyes opened and he looked up, in fright he rolled off the side of the log and backed away quickly! The Spinosaur back away too as if it was startled and then stood its ground, “Dad! Put the gun down!” said Daniel, “Are you crazy?!” whispered/yelled Cobey, “Just trust me!” said Daniel. Hesitantly, Cobey dropped the gun.

The Spinosaur cocked it’s head to the side and continued to look at both Daniel and Cobey. Cobey then noticed Sam was waking up, before Sam could scream in shock, Cobey put his finger to his mouth and shook his head. Daniel slowly approached the gigantic croco-dino. “What are you doing?!” whispered Cobey.

Daniel approached the Spino… he had a feeling it wasn’t here to eat them but was curious. He slowly got close enough to the Spinosaur to where he could reach out and touch it, but he was afraid too… The Spinosaur sniffed him. Daniel slowly reached out his hand and gently placed it on the Spinosaur snout, it snorted when it felt him touch it. “It’s okay big guy…” whispered Daniel. The Spinosaur still looked at him with curiosity, it never saw anything like him before. Daniel looked back at the group, “It’s okay, he’s not gonna hurt us” said Daniel.

Cobey ran up to Daniel, the Spinosaur turned its head at Cobey and snarled! Cobey quickly stopped in his tracks, it then stopped growling when Daniel placed his hand on its snout and gently petted it, the Spinosaur lowered its head down with each stroke, “You like that, don’t cha?” said Daniel. “Im gonna name you Carl,” said Daniel. Carl then pulled his snout away and walked away, “See you soon, Carl!” said Daniel, Carl continued walking off.

Cobey approached Daniel and grabbed his arms, “Are you okay?!” said Cobey, “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” said Daniel. “Jesus Daniel you almost gave me a heart attack! Do you realize what could’ve happened?! Don’t ever do that again, okay?!” said Cobey, “We weren’t gonna-” said Daniel, Cobey interrupted him! “I Don’t wanna hear it! Don’t ever touch another Spinosaur like Carl ever again! Okay?” said Cobey… “O-Okay Dad…” said Daniel. Cobey then let go and walked off, Daniel then looked back at Carl walking off, The Spinosaurus was his favorite Dinosaur of all time and he got to touch one, as if this trip couldn’t get any better!

Daniel then ran to the group, “Dude… that was… AWESOME!” said Jimmy, “No! It wasn’t! Daniel could have been killed!” said Cobey, “How did your kid do that?! He is fearless!” said Richards, “Well… Daniel has a thing with Animals, he’s always the favorite” said Cobey.

“Hey Guys, where’s Frank?” said Luke, Everyone looked around and Frank was nowhere to be seen. “Did he go to pee?” said Daniel, “Frank! Where are you man?!” yelled Luke. Daniel looked around and noticed some bushes where moving! He squinted his eyes and looked over at the bushes, “Hey g-” said Daniel, before he could finish, a Velociraptor jumped out of the bushes and pounced onto Daniel! It tried to bite into his neck but Daniel blocked it with his arm, he screamed when it bit his arm! “DANIEL!!” screamed Cobey, he grabbed his gun and shot at the Raptor! More Raptors jumped out of the bushes, He shot those other raptors, The other soldiers grabbed their guns and shot at the other Raptors, they managed to make them retreat into the bushes! Cobey grabbed Daniel, his arm was bleeding badly and he fell on his knee in a bad way!

“Are you okay, Daniel?!” said Cobey… Daniel groaned in pain, Cobey picked up Daniel and the team ran off. “Hang on little buddy, im here!” said Cobey. The crew managed to get away from the velociraptors and stopped at a swamp-like location.

They rested Daniel on a tree, “Let me see your arm!” said Cobey. They took a look at Daniels arm, the Raptor bit into his forearm and was bleeding badly, “Anybody got a med-kit?” said Cobey, “I do!” said Jimmy. Jimmy pulled it out, “What does he need?” said Jimmy, “I Think a tourniquet will do, and we need to cover up the wounds with some bandage” said Cobey, Jimmy dug through his medkit and found some tourniquet, he wrapped it around his wound lightly. Daniel’s face clenched when the tourniquet was being acquired but tried his best not to scream.

“Okay it’s on, that tourniquet will stop him from bleeding but we shouldn’t be out in the open for long!” said Jimmy. “Okay, Can you walk little buddy?” said Cobey, “I Think so…” said Daniel. Daniel then got up, “You’re gonna have to stay off your arm for a while” said Jimmy.

“Guess my Dodgeball career is over…” said Daniel, Cobey chuckled. The crew then began trekking through Claw Forest, The rescue team won’t arrive for another 2 days so they have to hold out for those 2 days which may not be easy.

Meanwhile… Michell’s team was at the destroyed base camp where they helped some scientist and they picked up some explosives and some flammable liquid, Michell plans to kill Hetra for killing his men and they are heading to the infamous “Bone Lake”. “Okay men, we got all the stuff?” said Michell, “Yes sir” said one of the Soldiers… “Good, then let’s get started” said Michell and they made their way over to Bone Lake.

Cobey’s group was still traveling through the swampy area… and made it out of there without a scratch.
And through a vast plain field were they saw grazing Hadrosaurs and some Torosaurs which were a type of trike.
They then made their way into another jungly area, and Daniel heard the low-pitched sound of the T-rex, he looked to his side and saw the Rex munching on a dead carcass.
After hours upon hours upon hours of traveling, They decided to take a break by a River, “What time is it” said Daniel, “Almost 6pm” said Jimmy. Cobey and Daniel looked over at the sunset as Cobey Checked Daniel’s wounds, the bleeding was controlled and covered up so he was fine.

The crew got up and kept walking, they soon reached a wide open meadow. Soon, One soldier in the back heard something coming! “Do you all hear that?” said Luke, Everyone looked behind themselves and they heard the footsteps… it didn’t sound like 1… it sounded like many.

Soon, a stampede of Hadrosaurs came out of the woods and stampeded straight towards the group! “RUN!” said Cobey, the soldiers began running as fast as they could go, their speed was pathetic compared to the stampeding Dinosaurs. The herd reached them and some mainly ran past them, but some soldiers got trampled, Sam got tripped by a Parasaur and soon got trampled by another one, Richards soon got kicked by one and Luke also got trampled!

Cobey soon noticed a small ditch and Shoved Daniel into it, “Stay in here!” said Cobey. Cobey stood in front of the ditch and shot his gun up in the air, which scared the Dinos away, soon he saw 2 Carnotaurs were chasing the herd! Cobey pointed his gun at the Carno’s and ran past him, still chasing the Hadrosaurs, that’s why they were running!

“You can come out now buddy” said Cobey, Daniel then crawled out. “Is everybody dead?” said Daniel, “I’m not,” said Jimmy. Everyone else was trampled and dead.

“This is great! Just great! Now where down 3 men!” said Cobey, Daniel hugged Cobey, “I wanna go home!” said Daniel. “We will buddy, We will,” said Cobey. “We should probably get out of here before one of those bull-o-saurs decides to make a meal out of us” said Jimmy. The 3 now began to move through the woods yet again and Daniel who was terrified by the slaughter he witnessed stook close to Cobey.

While they were making their way through a tall tree forest, Daniel noticed something from afar, his eyes squinted and it looked like a Tree fell on a Spinosaur! Daniel broke off from Cobey and Ran to the trapped Spino, “Daniel!” said Cobey. Daniel ran up to the Spinosaur caught under the fallen Tree, it had large bite marks all over it and burn marks. Cobey grabbed Daniel looked at the Spinosaur as it groaned in pain, “We need to help him!” said Daniel.

“What are we supposed to do? That tree probably weighs more than 3 Spinosaurus put together” said Cobey. Daniel broke free from Cobeys grasp and ran towards the Spinosaur, he noticed something was wrong with the tree placement. Like it was put there by something, as if it was trying to kill this Spinosaur… “We can’t leave him like this!” said Daniel. “Step back, Daniel,” said Cobey.

Cobey got in front of the Spinosaur and pointed his gun at its head, ready to end it’s suffering. Suddenly, before he could shoot, Something came by and picked up the tree and the Spinosaur got up and walked away. Everyone looked up and saw Hetra holding the fallen tree, watching the injured Spinosaur walking away. He then looked at the 3 people and dropped the tree aside, he stared at them for several seconds before walking off with a snort.

“What just happened?” said Jimmy, “I don’t know, let’s not stand around to find out though!” said Cobey, and they began to walk through the forest. They walked until the sun was completely gone and they decided to call it a night, “Hold on! What will stop another pack of raptors from getting us again?” said Daniel, “Well, we can sleep in one of these trees” said Jimmy. “Soo… it will be like that scene in Jurassic Park where Alan and the kids sleep in a tree? I love that scene” said Cobey. “Well, Sleeping up there is better than sleeping down here will predators potentially stalking us right now” said Daniel.

They all climbed up the wide tree, and they managed to find a spot to fit all 3 of them. They reached it and noticed the night sky, it was covered by the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

“Look! The Northern Lights!” said Daniel, “Isn’t it funny how the most dangerous places are always the most beautiful?” said Jimmy. Daniel then pulled out his camera and took a picture of the Aurora’s in the sky, shining as bright as the full moon, and glowed a minty green.

The 3 admired the incredible lightshow in the sky, until they heard loud and heavy distant footsteps. The cause of the footsteps was just out of view until Hetra came into view, He was far away this time so they could just watch the majestic beast roaming across the land.

Soon he sat down on a nearby cliff still at least a kilometer away and looked up at the Auroras. Cobey pulled out his binoculars and used them to observe Hetra, his eyes were not black slits anymore and he was looking towards the sky. He then let out a bellowing call, as if he was calling out to something. He then looked down.

Daniel got up and got onto one of the branches, he put his hands to his mouth and tried to mimic the same call Hetra made to get his attention. Hetra’s eye lit up and he looked in their direction, he got up and ran towards them! “Daniel you idiot!” whispered Cobey, “Shoot it!” Whispered Jimmy. “This AR-15 ain’t gonna do shit to that thing!” whispered Daniel.

Hetra approached them and sniffed, He recognized 2 of them and he looked a little puzzled as to one of them mimicked his call. Daniel made the same calling noise again, and Hetra cocked his head to the side and he soon mimicked the call. Daniel slowly approached the Magnificent beast and slowly reached out his hand, he then gently placed his hand on Hetra’s snout which made Hetra hissed softly. “There you go… not all humans are bad” said Daniel, Hetra then snorted out steam through his nostrils and it pushed Daniel back. Cobey caught Daniel and Daniel chukled, before Daniel could place his hand on Hetra’s snout again, Hetra pulled away. “Come on big guy” said Daniel, Hetra growled softly.

Suddenly, a big explosion happened at Bone Lake and was visible even from this distance (2.3 km), Hetra turned around, saw it and Roared. He then ran towards the site of the Explosion. “What was that?!” said Daniel, Cobey knows what the explosion was “Michell” he said. Michell plans to exterminate Hetra via explosions and fire.

Mitchell’s group made a make-shift base with platforms made from the material’s left from the base’s destruction. They watched the Beast Hetra arrive at the lake and he looked around with concern in his face. He soon saw Michell and his team in the fort on the S.East shore of the Lake and his face went from concern to seriousness.

He looked over at Michell who was standing at the tallest platform, 3 meters off the ground and 2 square meters wide, he was standing with a branch, lighter and lighter fluid. “Fire!” shouted Michell, and his team shot flare guns up in the air, the flares soon blew up like fireworks.

Hetra growled, and continued to stare down at the soldiers. He then clapped his hands several times before roaring and charging at the soldiers! Michell lit up his branch and tossed it in the lake! The lake was soon covered in flames and Hetra got caught in the fire! The roared feeling the intense heat from the fire, roaring not from pain but anger.

“Burn Baby, Burn!” whispered Michell. Hetra gave one quick roar before lowering into the fire. Michell closed his hands into fist and smirked, he was getting his revenge for the deaths of his men… but something was wrong. Some of the fire started blowing away… towards Hetra! When they could see Hetra in the fire, they saw he was sucking in the fire through his mouth! “What the hell?” said Michell.

“Sargent! That thing eats fire!” said one of the Soldiers, “I can see that!” said Michell. Soon, all the fire in the lake was sucked in and consumed by Hetra, whose eyes glowed red and he puffed out smoke from his nose and growled. “Uhh… sir? He’s looking pretty pissed off” said Soldier, Hetra clapped and Roared! His mouth glowed like fire and fire embers were coming out of his mouth!

Hetra then curled up with his tail feathers glowing the fire-like color again, Before Hetra could fire his Thermal-Beam at the soldiers, Michell pulled out a detonator and hit the button which caused the hidden explosives in the lake to explode! Hetra was caught in the explosion and roared once they exploded! The Lake was then covered by a fog of smoke and mist, Hetra was nowhere to be seen.

Daniel, Cobey and Jimmy soon arrived at the South side of the lake and saw what was going on! They too couldn’t see the majestic beast Hetra, until he rose out of the lake and stared down at the soldiers. He clapped once again and roared, “Is it me or has he been working out?” said Jimmy. Hetra curled back once again and charged his thermo-beam ounce again… but after he seemed to be at full charge…

He stopped glowing and charged down, he gave a soilders a serious stare and just hissed before walking off. Soon, Daniel, Jimmy and Cobey ran up to the first, Daniel hid behind a nearby tree.

“What the hell were you doing!?” said Cobey,
“Well if it isn’t the bald eagle american” said Michell,
“What were you doing?!” said Cobey
“We were gonna kill that thing!” Said Michell
“Until he found out it eats fire!” said a Soldier
“I’m Sorry?” said Cobey
“We lit the lake on fire and it just swallowed all the fire” said Michell
“I’m Sorry, it ATE the fire?” said Jimmy
“Yes!” said Michell
“Well why the hell were you trying to kill that thing!?” said Cobey
“That thing killed our men, it is something that shouldn’t even exist. It has to die” said Michell
“You People are like every other human on this planet, discover and then destroy” thought Daniel.
“That thing only attacked us because we attacked it!” said Cobey
“And let’s not forget it was YOU’RE ass who called destruction for that thing on first, so if you really think about it… We wouldn’t be in this situation if you just played it safe and STAYED AWAY!!!” shouted Jimmy.

Michael didn’t say anything, he just raised his finger and was about to say something until Daniel interrupted, “We shouldn’t be here!” said Daneil
“What do you mean?” said a Canadian Soldier
“We shouldn’t have even come to this place. There are certain parts of the Animal Kingdom where humans must not tread. And this place right here is one of them, this is nature’s territory, not ours” said Daniel
“Well maybe we should teach Nature that MAN is king of the planet, should we?” said Daniel
“Man was never king!” said Daniel
“Oh Really? Tell me kid, how much of the planet have we taken over, how much of powerful weapons has man created? How many things has MAN has done that nature cannot?” said Michell
Daniel was Silent
“Exactly, Man is the king species of this planet. So we will show our dominance by slaying that monster” said Mitchell
“And tell me kid, have you ev–” said Michell
“Hey! Leave him alone!” said Cobey
“Jimmys Right, we wouldn’t be right here if you’re careless grain sized brain didn’t attack that thing!” said Cobey
“Does it matter why we’re here? What matters is that where here now!” said Michell
“Guys?” said a female Scientist
“It matters because we’re here because of YOU!” said Cobey
“Guys!?” said the girl
“We attacked it because it probably would’ve attacked us anyway!” said Michell
“GUYS!!” shouted the Girl,
“What Lizzy?!” said Michell,
“I’m getting a richter reading from the bottom of Bone lake, the same reading as Skull Mountain” she said

Just when she said that, a large whirl-pool formed in the lake and her richer scales readings were getting even crazier, at a 9.1!

“There’s something in the lake!” said Lizzy.
“Everyone grab the rest of the explosives, whatevers down there is gonna get it!” said Michell,
“No! You–” yelled Daniel, Cobey grabbed him
“There’s no talking to him, son. We can’t stop him” said Cobey.

The Canadian crew threw all the remaining TNT in the whirlpool and 1 C4 to detonate the TNT. Jimmy was reading the Claw Forest book and found the part on “Bone Lake” almost nothing was written about it, like whomever wrote it was too scared to write about it.

Soon, all the explosives went down the whirlpool, Michell pulled out the detonator, “Go to hell” he whispered before donating! The bottom part of the lake blew apart, creating a massive fireball!

Soon, a sudden roar of wind started blowing at the lake… all the water soon fell into the crater caused by a sinkhole that was caused by the explosion. Some of the soldiers went over to the edge of the crater and looked down into it, soon a flicker of what looked like lightning flashed in the water at the bottom of the crater and everyone heard a faint growl.

Soon, the mint-green sky turned to a dark stormy sky with rain and thunder.  “Where did this storm come from?!” said Daniel

“I think we woke up something…” said Jimmy.

Before they knew it, a large monstrous hand rose from the crater and the things head came into view, it had red eyes and it's head looked like a T-rex expert it's teeth were too judging out like Hetra, except they were unevenly placed. It then looked down at the Soldiers, “Give me a damn break..!” said Michell. 

Daniel, Cobey and Jimmy looked at the huge monster as it's tail came into view, half its body was still in the crater. It then roared out into the sky and the soldiers including Michell ran! As they ran, it got out of the crater and Roared down at the humans, Daniel got a look at the towering leviathan. It was 248 ft tall and was easily over 600ft from nose to tail, it was mostly a light grey with black/ dark grey patches on its body, head and tail. Michell and other Canadian soldiers shot at the Monster as it looked down at the monster, the bullets weren’t doing anything to it, hell it didn’t even notice!

Soon, it smirked and curled up at all it could with it's neck/chest glowing a lightning-like blue. “Ohh shi---” said Michell, before he could finish, it shot a huge lighting beam straight at the soldiers! Completely destintagrating them, and Mitchell!

Daniel hid behind a tree, as the creature sniffed around… it looked over at Cobey, Daniel and Jimmy and smirked once again. “We gotta go!” said Cobey, He grabbed Daniel and the 3 ran for their lives. The Monster roared and began pursuing the 3, then stayed under the tree cover to hide from the monster.

Soon, someone came from the bushes and grabbed Daniel, putting a rag over his face with a smell that made him pass out. “Hey!” said Cobey, before he could shoot the stranger, he shot a tranquilizer dart at his neck and shot one into Jimmys too.

Soon, some men dressed at Vikings grabbed them and dragged them away. And the monster lost sight of them.

Soon, Daniel, Cobey and Jimmy woke up in what seemed like a living squatter made out of stone, wood and metal. Soon, some men dressed as Vikings came into the room and some other guy came into the room, “I see you 3 are awake”

Cobey reached for his knife or gun, but they were not present.
“No need to be startled, we won't hurt you” said the man
Daniel got up, “Okay… don't get me wrong here but you guys are vikings, right?” said Daniel
“Yes we are, we are likely the last Vikings left in the archipelago, our people have been living here for thousands of years” said the man
“My name is Jin” said Jin.
“Nice to meet you, Jin. Im Daniel Jeramy Robinson, (points to Cobey) that's my dad, Cobey Steven Robinson, (points to Jimmy) and he’s Jimmy uhh…” said Daniel
“Parker, Jimmy Alan Parker” said Jimmy.
“It's a pleasure to meet you 3, please follow me” said Jin

They follow Jin into a large cavern with cave painting all over. He pointed to one witch showed Hetra, “I'm sure you’ve met him, Konge Av De Drager. Or Hetra as we call him” said Jin.

“Yes we have, he’s kinda the reason where stranded here” said Jimmy
“Hetra is king of Claw Forest, to many of these people, he's not a king… a god” said Jin
“Here's a pretty good king, he’s kind and caring… keeps to himself mostly. Claw Forest is his kingdom, it's his home. We’re all just peasants of his kingdom, but he doesn’t mind our company just as long as we don’t disturb the natural peace he’s been maintaining long before our arrival” said Jin.
“Konge Av De Drager? Does he have any other names?” said Daniel.
“Konge Av De Drager means King of the Dragons in our language. We also have names for him, Living Volcano, Guardian of Claw Forest, the Fire that roars Death, The Phoenix Fire” said Jin
“Dragons?” said Daniel
“Yes, or as you modern civilizations call them “Dinosaurs”” said Jin
“All of us, Even the Dragons, are guests to him, but like a true king, he tends to his people. Those dragons are his people, where just uninvited guests but he doesn’t seem to care about our presence” said Jin

Suddenly, an old man came into the room, “But you don’t go into someone's house and start shooting up the place unless you're picking a fight!” said the old man.
“Who are you?” said Cobey
He salutes, “Im Lieutenant Michael from World War 2” said Michael
“World war 2??!” said Daniel
“Hey, Did we win the war?” said Michael
“No, the Soviet Union did” said Daniel
“Goddamn Russians!” Michael
“If it makes ya feel any better, US kicked the soviet’s asses in 1991” said Jimmy.
Michael laughs
“You guys are one ones in the helicopters, right?” said Michael
“Yeah?” said Cobey
“I see, some people where setting of explosions and Hetra Hates explosions” said Michael
“You also know Hetra?” said Daniel
“Yeah, I'm one of the few who got to actually touch him! Once you get on his good side you’ll see he’s not too bad” said Michael
“Why does Hetra hate explosions?” said Jimmy

Michael pointed to a cave painting of the same monster that rose from Bone Lake, “Thats why, the challenge to Hetra’s throne. These are one of the monsters that even Vikings fear” said Michael

“Who’s he?” said Cobey
“Perrah, Skullhead, The Devil, I don’t know they have several names for him” said Michael

“We mainly call him “Skullhead”, he’s one of the fallen stars to fall into the archipelago” said Jin.
“Fallen Stars?! You mean an alien?” said Daniel
“Yeah, Alien! He’s from space!” said Michael

“He fell to earth 14,000 years ago, Hetra and him battled (pointed to another cave painting showing them squaring off) and they were matched in strength, but Hetra had speed and Skull had size” said Jin.

They then see a cave painting showing Hetra kneeling to 2 skeletons that look identical to him. “What’s that?” said Daniel

“My Guess, those are Hetra’s parents” said Michael
“I find it hard to believe an event caused by an asteroid could put down a monster like Hetra, so how the hell did they die?!” said Jimmy
“They won’t say, if you ask me, I think it wasn’t a rock from space that killed the Dinos or Here’s kind. I think it was something bigger than Skullhead” said Michael
“What the hell could be bigger than Skullhead?!” said Daniel
Michael Shrugged

“Now, Skullhead is released from his tomb, They have not fought yet Because Hetra is in Skull Mountain, i’m sure he’ll soon catch on with Skull Head presence” Jin.

“Listen, I believe sooner or later, there will be rescue helicopters coming here to get our asses out of this forest, Wanna join us Michael?” said Cobey
“Coming to get our asses out? Totally!” said Michael

They all soon heard Roaring in the Distance! They all ran up to one of the balconies and saw Hetra coming out of Skull Mountain!
“Daniel, We need to get to the base’s remains so the Helicopters can pick us up!” said Cobey
“You do release that’s at least 4 miles away, right?” said Jimmy
“We can make it!” said Cobey

“Come with us, Santa!” said Cobey to Michael, “Where going?” said Michael

“Hey, if you’re from World war 2, how come you look like you’re in your 60’s?” said Jimmy
“They have this potion that slows down aging!” said Michael
“Wait.. What?!” said Daniel
“I Know, right?” said Michael

“We’ll discuss that later!” said Cobey.

After several minutes, they came across a creek with very shallow water, it was half-ankle deep. They ran through it, they were about half way there! “We’re gonna make it!” said Daniel

Soon, the giant Skullhead came to the river and spotted Daniel, Cobey, Michael and Jimmy! It started approaching them, forcing the 4 to back away, Soon Daniel tripped and fell.

Skullhead curled up, charging up a lightning beam… ready to obliterate the 4! “Shit!” screamed Jimmy, covering his face with his arms!

Soon, a red beam struck Skullhead on the side and caused him to stagger, Daniel looked to his side and Hetra was approaching! Skullhead looked at Hetra and roared! Hetra bared his teeth out and growled with fire embers coming out of his mouth.

Skullhead roared again and rose up his claws, Hetra then clapped several times and roared back at Skullhead. He then charged at Skullhead, and he too began charging! “Run!” said Cobey, the 4 then run

Hetra grabs Skullhead’s arms and pushes him back
Skullhead headbuts Hetra, causing him to fall on his back
Skullhead pins Hetra to the ground and opens his mouth
Hetra grabs a nearby rock and smashes it against Skullhead’s head, causing him to stagger
Hetra gets back up
Skullhead roars at Hetra
Hetra roars back
Skullhead charges into Hetra like a bull, knockin Hetra off his feet and into a large group of trees
Several Dinosaurs can be seen fleeing
Hetra then gets back up and snorts, puffing out smoke from his nose
Hetra then grabs a very large tree with his hand and holds it like a person holding a blunt object like a baseball bat, he then grabs another tree. He raises up and smashes the trees together
Skullhead Charges at Hetra
Hetra lunges forward, draws his arm back and swings the tree right at Skullhead’s head
Skullhead staggers
Hetra swings the other tree
It hits Skullhead so hard it knocks some teeth out
Skullhead backs away and curls up, and fires a lightning beam into Hetra
Hetra gets knocked back from the blast but he soon gets out of the way and Charges Skullhead
He then charges into Skullhead and pushes him into the creek with his head and arms
Skullhead gets up slowly and roars
Heta claps 6 times while roaring
Hetra charges straight at Skullhead
Skullhead dodges Hetra and grabs his midsection and lifted him up in the air
Hetra roars and thrashes around
Shullhead twirls him around several times before throwing at least a kilometer away!
Hetra slams into the side of a mountain and a huge rock slide falls onto Hetra, he then bursts out of the Rubble and roars at Skullhead
Hetra then looks down at the rocks and scoops them up with his jaw and swallows them all.
Skullhead approaches Hetra, and Hetra curls up and spits loads of magma straight at Skullhead
Skullhead screeches and thrashes his head around in pain.
Hetra then grabs a big rock and leaps into the air, and smashes it straight into Skullhead’s head!
Shullhead gets stunned and staggers onto his side
He soon wakes up and gets back up, he then roars at Hetra
Hetra roars back and charges
Skullhead charges too
They both hit each other and Hetra gets knocked back due to Skull Heads superior size and weight.
Skullhead then grabs Hetra’s tail and swings him around again
Hetra then gets tossed into a really old Viking dock with some boats.
Hetra tries to get up, but he is stuck in chains!
Skullhead approaches him
Hetra pulls against the chains, with his teeth showing and eyebrows clenched as he pulls.
Soon he breaks free from the chains and tries to get up
But Skullhead pins him to the ground once again
Hetra looks at his chains, then he looked back up at Skullhead and smirked
He then hurled the chains above Skullhead’s neck and hurled the other ones back and he managed to wrap them around Skull Heads Neck.
Skullhead tries to back away But Hetra holds on tight to the chains and pulls the chains, tightening the grip on Skullheads neck, strangling him.
Skullhead makes a gurgling choking sound as he thrashes around.
Skullhead then jumps backwards and falls on his back with Hetra underneath!
Hetra grunts and groans from the weight of Skullhead, but continues choking Skullhead.
Soon, he stops choking and his limbs stop moving
Hetra throws Skullhead off and looks at his dead body
Suddenly, Skullhead springs to life and ambushes Hetra
He Grabs Hetra by the neck lifts him up
Hetra uses his sickle toe claws to hook to the ground, but the ground breaks away
Hetra then kicks Skullhead in the chest, piercing his sickle claw in his chest
Skullhead let’s go and Hetra jumps back
Hetra then picks up a tree and tries to grab another, but he ended up grabbing a large boulder
He then had an Idea, he stuck his thumb claw in the rock, poking a big hole through the rock and sticks it through the top of the tree, creating the ultimate mace
He then grabs the end of the Tree Mace and raises his arm in the air
Skullhead roars and charges Hetra
He grabs the Brute Club with both hands and hold it like a baseball bat, waiting for the right moment to swing
Right when Skullhead was about to bite, Hetra swung the club straight into Skullhead’s skull, the rock and tree broke into millions of bits right when it struck!
It was pretty much like a person breaking a wooden baseball bat over someone’s head! Skullhead was stunned and flew back from the collision

He flew into a hill, but the 4 humans Daniel, Coby, Jimmy and Michael were running on top the hill when Skullhead fell into the cliffside, it caused some of the crew to get shaken off their feet and due to Daniels weight, he flew off the other cliff!

“Daniel!” screamed Cobey
Hetra saw the boy falling and his face turned from fighting to concern with his browls raising! He then made a soft growling/whimpering sound when he saw him fall!

Soon, Skullhead ambushed him and pushed him back with his head
Hetra roared at Skullhead who appeared disoriented from the headstrike
He saw a large dent in the side of his head, that club broke his skull!
Skullhead then charged at Hetra, Hetra curled up his tail and whipped him in the head dent! Knocking the monster on it's side with it slowly getting up.
Hetra held it down with his foot and raised his left hand up, Then stabbed the head injury with all 4 claws, burrowing his hand in Skullhead’s top jaw!
He then pulled out his hand, he then looked over to the cliff and rushed to Daniels help

Daniel was sinking and drifting in the lake, With Cobey desperately trying to save him. Hetra easily scales the cliff and jumps in the river.

He then stuck his hand in the river and felt Daniel’s body brush his middle finger, so he picked him up and held him up to his palm. He made a soft cooing sound ounce he saw Daniels unconscious body, he soon heard Skullhead roaring! So he quickly went over to a shore and dropped his body

Hetra then scales the hillside and jumps back into the battlefield with Skullhead getting up!
Hetra roared and Clapped his hands, giving him a chance to surrender
Skullhead roared back and Charged Hetra
Hetra charged too, doged Skull Heads charge and jumped into his midsection and jumped off.
He once again burrowed his hand in the healed head injury of Skullhead, and pulled his hand out once again.
Skullhead struggles violently, trying to push him away
Hetra's tail feathers begin to glow up and the glow rushes up his body
Then he fires this Thermal Beam straight into Skullhead’s head wound! His head glows the fiery color and soon explodes in a shower of blood, guts and fire!
Hetra drops the body, with the rest of its head and neck sintering.
Hetra then puts his foot on top of Skullheads body and stands tall, he then roars into the sky while clapping dozens of times in victory.

Soon, Cobey comes across Daniel who is regaining consciousness. He picks up Danile by the shoulders and says “Daniel, are you okay?!” he said
He then pulled out a thumbs up.
Soon, Hetra peeks out from the cliff and looks down at the 2, Daniel looks at him in the eyes.

Hetra stood there for a moment, he then puffed out smoke from his nostrils and left.
He then got up, “We can still make it!” said Jimmy
The 2 began climbing the cliff witch took longer than they expected and ran across the cliff.
Daniel stopped at a hinge and looked at Hetra walking away, Hetra then looked back. He snorted and kept walking, “Come on Daniel” said Cobey, Daniel looked back at Cobey and went with him.

After a few hours, they arrived at the destroyed base just in the nick of time for the Helicopters to arrive! Cobey flagged them down, one helicopter flew down to pick them up

“What happend? Where is everyone, whos he(points to Michael)” said the Pilot
“(Waves Hi) Hi” said Michael
“It's a long story” said Cobey
“Yeah! A Big Raptor wrecked our choppers, trashed our base, thought an alien Dino… it's crazy!” said Jimmy
“Wha- i'm not even gonna ask” said one of the Scientist in the chopper.
“Where is everyone else” said the Pilot
“There Dead, Alien Dino Got-em” said Cobey
“Michell?” said the Co-Pilot
“Dead” said Daniel

They all got in the Helicopter, “Please take us home!” said Daniel
The helicopter flew up, “We’re on our way to California in the USA!” said the Pilot

Soon, Daniel looked to the side as the helicopter was ascending and saw Hetra emerging behind a cliff and looking at the Helicopters.
Daniel smiled, “So-long, big guy” said Daniel

Soon, More Helicopters were approaching the scene and some of them had guns!
Hetra saw the other helicopters approaching, he made a soft growling sound and clapped his hands several times before roaring at the other Helicopters as a warning not to come any closer.

Daniel, Cobey and Daniel heard the other pilots screaming and chattering about Hetra, “Tell them not to attack!” said Cobey

“Raptor Squadron, do not engage, i repeat, do not engage” said the Pilot driving the helicopter Cobey and Daniel were in.

Hetra roared at the Helicopters once again and soon stopped showing his idimindation when they all decided to leave.

“It is the most important day of Science in history, an actual prehistoric landmark that has survived for 65 million years. The Monsters we thought were long lost in the dust have been here with us all along, not many of us were willing to speak the stories for generations. Claw Forest is real and Dinosaurs are no longer extinct, well at least some of them. The Extinction Level event caused by the asteroid 65 million years ago appeared to have killed off most of the Dinosaurs but Claw Forest seems to be a sacred fortress/sanctuary for the dinosaurs. This sanctuary is guarded and maintained by Hetra, the King of Dinosaurs. Hetra is a gigantic Avian Dinosaur, the likes of which we’ve never seen before, hell there isn’t even a single piece in the Fossil Record that matches the size of this monster. We’ve created a profile of the monster were you can explore for yourself but how big is it, Jeff” said a news Reporter

“Hetra stands approximately 57 meters tall, 102 meters from nose to tail and weighs an approximate 47,000 metric tonnes. Its sickle claw is already 2x as big as a double decker bus and each tooth is around 4ft. This size dwarfs the argentinosaurus who stood at a height of 22 meters and weighed 220,000 lbs. This monster is far larger than anything we believed was possible” said Jeff

“Thank you Jeff, This natural landmark is one of the most important places on planet earth and this may help us to be able to see through time as these living fossils will tell us everything about the Natural Order!” said the News Reporter.

“Claw Forest… heh, it's like a dino-nerds dream come true. A Place where time seemingly doesn’t effect, a place that ensured the survival of actual dinosaurs. It's everything my Great Grandfather made it out to be, well almost everything… like Hetra, none of us saw him coming. Hetra, King of Claw Forest, King of the Dinosaurs, some call him an actual “God”, I believe he is one of the last living creatures of a time long before the Dinosaurs, but that's a kid's guess. Science will find out his story later on. Until then… we can all speculate…” - Daniel J. Robinson

In the Summer of 2019, Father Cobey and Son Daniel set out to find an ancient landmark foretold in legend, a Place of Dragons, no, Dinosaurs. Once they find the mythical land, they find the legends weren’t fairy tales all along… but they find more than Dinosaurs. They stumble across a god-sized Dinosaur named “Hetra” who breathes fire and crashes the Family into Claw Forest, will they escape the clutches of the Ancient land or will they be hunted down by the predators of the forest?

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