Umbra by Teaghan Lewis


Chapter 1
The Sin-Part 1
We open to a dirty and dusty floor. Then to a loud crash of metal hitting metal,
witnessing two men fighting brutally. Both severely injured and bleeding extensively. The
vicious battle ends with one of the two men being knocked on the ground, about to be stabbed.
Then the seemingly winner gets flipped over by the other man and gets stabbed in the chest,
finishing the fight.
“The victor stands up exhausted and says to his now dead foe.”
The Victor: ‘I told you, I told you bastard.’
“He puts his hand on his side, trying to stop the bleeding.”
The Victor: ‘You shouldn’t have played me…and now….’
“He breathes deeply and exhales slowly.”
The Victor: ‘Look where it got you.’
“He walks to a small tanker and leans on it, slowly sliding down in a sitting position. He
rip’s a long piece of the cloth on his shoulder into a long strand, then ties it around his waist
The Victor: ‘Mnmg…ha…god, damn it.’
“He lies down against the tanker and slowly closes his eyes.”
A man walks up to a tavern with a black worn trench coat, a scarf around his face,
holding a sword like blade on his left side and pistol on his right side. He wore all black, the only
color on his body was the green on his knees and the long pin or medal like object keeping his
scarf together.
“He walks into the tavern to see everyone either looking at him curiously or too
scared to even lay eyes on him.”
“One of the men in the tavern shouts out to him directly and says.”
The man in the tavern: ‘Your Umbra, The Shadow, The Black Moon.”
“The man responded to his statement.”
Umbra: ‘I am, can I help you?’
The man in the tavern: ‘Oh, not me sir, my employer, he wants to have a word
with you about a job that he thinks you are more than qualified for.’
“Umbra walks up to the man in an intimidating stance.”
Umbra: ‘What’s your employer’s name?’
“After Umbra ask’s a man appeaser’s out of the shadowy corner in the far right
of the tavern and says to Umbra.”
The employer: ‘Virus’
“Umbra looks back to see a man in a black suit with a red streak going down his
face and suit, resembling a slash or red wire.”
Virus: ‘Come take a seat.’
“Virus said with enthusiasm but civilized tone of voice.”
“They both sit down in a round dining table and begin to talk.”
Virus: ‘I have heard a lot about you Umbra, your reputation really precedes you. I
“Umbra quickly stops Viruses conversation by asking.”
Umbra: ‘So, what’s the job you want me take, and how much is the reward.’
“Virus smiles and says.”
Virus: ‘The kind of guy who gets right to the point, I like it. No buts, no if’s, and
no why’s. Just straight to the point, I like that.’
“Umbra looks at Virus annoyed.”
“Virus pulls out a slip of paper next to him and says.”
Virus: ‘The payment is 30,000.’
“Umbra looks at the paper with a confused face.”
Umbra: ‘Where is the picture, the age, and gender?’
Virus: ‘We don’t have them, the only thing we do have is the name and last
“Umbra looks at Virus in the eye with an angry and questionable tone.”
Umbra: ‘You want me to go on a blind hunt for someone you don’t have any real
hits on?’
“Virus looks at Umbra, tilts his head to the side and says.”
Virus: ‘You are Umbra after all, I thought you could get any job done?’
“Umbra looks at the paper for a while, looks at Virus, and finally make his
Umbra: ‘Dead or alive?’
Virus: ‘Either is acceptable.’
“Virus gets ready to leave with his what seems to be bodyguards dressed in all
black and his three security guards that Umbra now noticed, before Virus leaves, he tells
Umbra: ‘Virus!’
“Virus looks back at Umbra.”
Umbra: ‘If you are playing or if your hiding something from me, I’m coming for
you, I know what people like you do with your contractors.’
“Virus simply smiles at Umbra”
Virus: ‘I expect nothing less from you.’
“Virus’s bodyguards open the door and before he leaves Virus tells Umbra.”
Virus: ‘Good luck, Umbra.’
Umbra leaves the tavern pulls out the paper and looks for the location of the target and
walks to seek out his bounty.
It has been 13 hours since Umbra took the job for Virus. The only thing he has been able
to gather from what he had about his target was that it is called “Vantuma”, meaning Phantom
in Zallus. He walks for miles and miles passing throw alley ways and streets. He thought his
target was dead or Virus was just playing him. Until he saw a hooded figure look at him and
quickly dash into a nearby alley.
Umbra: ‘Gotcha’
“Umbra runs to cut the person off from escaping and to catch him or her, but
when he gets to the other side of the alley, eh can’t see her anywhere.”
Umbra: ‘Wait what? Where…’
“Then from behind he gets kicked to the ground hard and sees the hooded
“Umbra gets back up and looks at the hooded figure with his hand on his pistol
and says.”
Umbra: ‘Come with me I won’t kill you unless you make me.’
“Then from the hooded figure’s hands he sees a bright and what seems to be
pulsing light forming on his opponent’s hand.”
“He stares at it in disbelief.”
Umbra: ‘What the hell are you?’
“Then from behind the hood he hears a voice of what seems to be a young girl
slowly whispering.”
Hooded stranger: ‘Vantuma’
“Umbra looks at her surprised and confused.”
Umbra: ‘Your…You’re the? But, You…’
“Before he could finish his sentence, his target throw’s what seems to be a ball
of light at him, but he dodges it. Then pins her to the ground and reveals her face. Only
to see the scared face of what looks to be a 12-year-old girl just trying to defend herself.
At that moment, Umbra made a life changing decision that will follow him for the rest of
his life.”
“He puts his pistol in his holster.”
Umbra: ‘It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you, you can trust me. My name is Umbra,
do you have a name?’
“The girl breaths in before speaking.”
Vantuma: ‘Sarah…’
Umbra: ‘Hello Sarah, I’m going to take you somewhere safe ok? I’m here to
protect you. Can you trust me?’
“Umbra raises his hand toward her for her to grab.”
“She extends her hand hesitantly and takes his hand.”
Sarah: ‘I trust you…’
Umbra walks out of the alley with the girl holding his hand and looks up at roof top to
see one what appears to be a CBG (Cyber Body Guards), staring right at him and after a full
second of it staring at him it blinks away(teleportation). And at that very moment, Umbra
realized what he has done to himself, realizing the wrath he has put forth on himself for the
days to come, and the dishonor he has done to himself. Then without a moment of thought he
tightly grippes Sarah’s hand and runs off into the dark city distance knowing the reckoning he
has put on his life.
Chapter 1 The Sin part 2
We are now in the dark underbelly of the city of Saveria, running to the nearest train
station so Umbra and Sarah can get as far away from this place as humanly possible.
They have seen a hunter drone spot them and since then been seeing it everywhere
they go. So now it is a race of life or death.
Umbra: ‘Run Sarah, run!’
Sarah: ‘I am, I am. I can’t keep up!’
“Umbra looks over his shoulder every minute waiting to see that thing closer and
closer towards them but instead. He is only able to see nothing but the crowds of
people they are running through.”
Umbra: ‘I see the train station we can jump on one of the cars and go to the next
Sarah: ‘…Umbra…’
Umbra: ‘What?’
“Sarah raises her finger at something in the distance. Umbra can’t see because of
the rain storm that’s been coming down for what seems like hours. After looking further
in the distance, he can see one bright red eye like light looking directly at them.”
Umbra: ‘Run…Run now!’
“They get to the station, only to see the drone right next to them. Umbra grabs
his gun but realizes what would happen if he damages it, what it would do to him and
Sarah and just tries to stay hidden from it until they both get on the train. They both get
to back of the train and begin to get on quickly.”
Umbra: ‘Ok you first come on’.
“Before Umbra could get Sarah on the train, the drone grabs her and began to fly
away with her. At that moment Umbra had to make a chose. Let Sarah die and he lives
his normal life with a second chance or destroy it and have a target on his back with
(Umbra breathes in and exhales)
Umbra: ‘Hey!’
“The drone turns around.”
At that moment Umbra sealed his fate and had to live with it for the rest of his life.
Umbra: ‘Come on let’s get the hell out of here.’
“Before Sarah takes Umbra’s hand she gets up, runs towards Umbra, and hugs
him tightly.”
Sarah: ‘Thank you.’
(Faint sniffle’s and crying)
Sarah: ‘Thank you so much.’
Umbra: ‘it’s ok kid I got ya.’
After that, they get on the train and heed to the next city furthest away from Saveria
and try and find an old friend of Umbra that can help them both. And, hopefully, clear
Sarah’s name off the contract from Virus.
“The train begins to move with Umbra and Sarah on the very end of it sitting in
an empty cart.”
20 Minutes
It has been roughly 20 minutes since they boarded the train, and at this point Umbra is
lost. Looking out from the triangle like shape hole on the wall thinking what he will have
to do when…she, is safe.
Sarah: ‘umbra?’
“Sarah says in soft, quiet, and polite tone of voice.”
“Umbra doesn’t notice and keeps looking out into the ever-moving landscape of
dirt and rocks.”
Sarah: ‘Umbra?’
“Sarah says in a slightly louder tone of voice then before, still keeping her polite
“Umbra awakes from his “hypnoses” and looks at Sarah.”
Umbra: ‘Yeah, you ok kid?’
“Sarah looks at Umbra in a shy and nerves posture then asks him.”
Sarah: ‘Why…Why did you save me?’
“Umbra looks at her, glances down, then looks back at her and answers.”
Umbra: ‘I am… was a mercenary hired for kill contracts and assassinations. I have
been assigned to do a lot of things in my life. Things I’m not proud of and things that I
want to take back and forget about forever. I had to kill men and women for so many
people just so they can become stronger than them and become more powerful in this
desolate world, and every time I killed someone…a part of me was killed too. So, when I
assigned to kill you, a scared and confused kid just trying to defend herself. I couldn’t
push myself to do it. I knew if I pulled that trigger on you, I could never forgive myself
neither would I ever get out of the deep hole I have dug myself for so many years. So, I
said no.’
“Sarah looks into Umbra’s eyes and notices his slight sadness.”
“Umbra wipes a tear falling off his face.”
Umbra: ‘I’m not a good person Sarah, I killed people and the ones I’m closets too
always die, eventually. That’s why I’m going to bring you to someone who can help you
and protect you.
“Sarah looks at Umbra confused.”
Sarah: ‘From who?’
Umbra: ‘The COTM’
“Sarah looks at Umbra confused and ask’s him.”
Sarah: ‘The COTM?’
“Umbra nods his head, looks out the small hole next to him on the metal wall.
Then looks back at Sarah.”
Umbra: ‘They are the people I work…worked for. It’s called the Creed of the
Morningstar. They are ruthless and cold-hearted group of mercenaries. Since Merc’s can
be mostly un-trustworthy, we needed to make rules so the creed wouldn’t die. We
made a few but three were all the creed needed. Some would say they were enough.
“Umbra looks down at the floor mid-sentence and pauses.”
Sarah: ‘What are they?’
“Umbra looks back at her and begins to speak again. Trying to remember where
he left off.”
Umbra: ‘The first law states, “No member of the Creed of the Morningstar shall
cross or betray any member of the guild when given an assignment together. If one shall
break this law, he or she will be punished by suspension and or expulsion from the
creed.” The second rule also states, “No member of the Creed of the Morningstar shall
betray/kill his or her client. If one shall break this law he or she will be punished by
termination of any contact or protection from the creed.” And, the final law says. “If
anyone in the guild breaks one of the laws of the Creed of the Morningstar, and tries to
resist any thing the creed does to fix their mistake…he or she will be punished by full
termination and will be put into exile from the creed and will be hunted and… killed by
the creed.”
“Sarah looks at Umbra and wraps her head around everything, then realizes.”
Sarah: ‘So, because you saved me, you broke the third law, didn’t you?’
Umbra: ‘Yeah, I did.’
“Umbra breathes deeply then sits up and looks at Sarah.”
Umbra: ‘Which is why I need to bring you somewhere safe, and pay a visit to the
one who started this, who…brought me to this moment?
Sarah: ‘Where are we going?’
Umbra: ‘Arkos, the second safest city in the Badlands, a close friend of mine lives
there, he’ll take care of you.
“Sarah looks down, sad and slightly scared.”
Sarah: ‘You’re not goanna take me with you?
“Umbra looks back at her seeing the sad look in her face.”
Umbra: It’s not that simple Sarah. Where I’m going and what I’m going to do. No
child should have to see that.
“Sarah looks at the floor slowly understanding her protector.”
Umbra: Besides even if I didn’t need to do that, you have a power not even, I
ever seen before. Which means people are going to want you dead, sell you, or worse.
And, I can’t have that on my conches…I’m sorry.
“Sarah looks at Umbra with a warm and understanding look.”
Sarah: ‘It’s ok I understand…thank you, for everything you’ve done for me.’
Umbra: ‘Your welcome kid.’
“Sarah sits down next to Umbra and gives him a hug.”
“Umbra puts one arm around her to hug her back.”
“Then, Umbra looks straight ahead after what seemed like an hour. they have
arrived. They have made it…to ARKOS.”
Chapter 1 The Sin part 3
Umbra and Sarah have just jumped off the last car of the train going to Argos. So, if the
creed were waiting for them at the station they wouldn’t be there. They get into the city
of Arkos where they see tall towering buildings and crowds and crowds of people with
what looked to be ten to twenty of Arkos guards and ships walking and souring threw
the sky. The great city of Arkos. The second most powerful city in the Bad Lands, and the
only one that looks clean and as white as the clouds on a summer day. Now they need
to go into the underbelly of this great city to find Umbra’s friend that can help keep
Sarah safe and have Umbra kill the man who brought him to where he is now.
“Umbra and Sarah are running through the city avoiding being detected up
Umbra: ‘You feeling ok? Can you keep moving?’
Sarah: ‘Yeah, do you see it?’
“Umbra looks up, trying to spot a Morningstar drone they saw 3 minutes ago.”
Umbra: ‘No I can’t see it anymore.’
“Umbra sits down. Trying to catch his breath.”
Sarah: ‘So… how close are we to getting to your friend?’
Umbra: ‘Well if that drone isn’t on our ass the whole time we’re here. I would
say we will get there in three hours. But that’s not going to happen so It’s probably
going to be four.’
Sarah: ‘Umbra, can I ask you something?’
Umbra: ‘Sure.’
“As Umbra says while leering out next to the wall trying to spot the drone.”
Sarah: ‘Are you sure that your friend can keep me safe?’
“Umbra looks at Sarah and responds.”
Umbra: ‘well I’ve known him for a long time, he’s saved my life and I him. So, I
trust that he can keep you safe.’
“Umbra looks at Sarah in the eyes.”
Umbra: ‘Do you trust me?’
Sarah: ‘I trust you.”
Umbra and Sarah move for three or four hours through the day of Argos where now,
night has fallen and the crowds have now vanished into their homes and it’s just a quiet
street with only little amount of people walking through the streets of Argos. Making
the two outlaws very vulnerable to anyone who recognizes them.
“Umbra speed walks through the quiet streets of the city with Sarah holding on
to his left hand.”
Umbra: ‘You doing ok?’
“Umbra says whispering, trying to not draw any unwanted attention towards
Sarah: ‘Yeah.’
“Sarah whispering the same way.”
Umbra: ‘Ok, we’re almost there just keep…’
“Before Umbra can udder his last words, he sees a silhouette of a shrouded man
with a hood around his head, neck, and shoulders.”
“The man looks at Umbra and lifts the cloth on his left shoulder up. To reveal the
sigil of the Creed of the Morningstar on his shoulder.”
“Umbra immediately notices the sigil and passes to the nearest ally trying to lose
him and to a more densely populated street. But, before he could, the man appears
right in front them out of nowhere.”
Umbra: ‘Sarah stay back, and run as fast as you can.’
“The man draws two short swords out of his back.”
“Umbra draws his blade from his side and gets ready to fight.”
“The two eye each other down for what seemed like five whole seconds.”
Umbra: ‘RUN!’
“Umbra screamed at Sarah right before blocking his opponents attack, then
striking him repeatedly with his blade so fast his blade looked like lightning.”
“Sarah begins to run as fast as she can.”
“The stranger sees this and immediately blocks Umbra’s next attack with one
sword then slashes him across the leg then kicking him to the ground, throwing a wire
around Sarah’s leg dropping her to the ground. Then dashes towards her.”
“Umbra pulls out his pistol and shoots at the stranger in the back, then gets up
and swings his sword aiming for his neck.”
“The man blocks it and counters by kneeing him in the gut then slashing him
again in the back twice at the same time.”
“Umbra, stands up and holds his sword with both hands and takes one long deep
breath staring at his combatant and holds the sword horizontal facing the blade towards
the man, pulls it back and slowly, and with one last breath he dashes toward his enemy
and clashes with him, every swing harder and fiercer the last. Then with one last swing
he hits him in the face with the butt of the hilt, sweeps him with his leg to the ground
and finally finishing the fight by driving his sword into his chest. Ending their battle, once
and for all.”
“Umbra looks down at himself, after experiencing a sharp pain on his chest. To
see a slash across his chest from his left side to his right shoulder. He collapses to the
ground. Feeling disoriented and tired.”
Sarah: ‘Umbra!’
“Sarah runs to Umbra, collapsed on the ground and bleeding.”
Sarah: ‘Someone, please help! Please anyone HELP!’
“From behind Sarah a man walks toward her.”
“Sarah hears this and raises her hand toward the man and puts her left hand
behind her. Getting ready to use her power.”
Mysterious man: ‘Hey miss, it’s okay I’m not going to hurt you or Umbra I
“Sarah looks at the man confused and asks.”
Sarah:’ You know Umbra? Who are you?’
Marcus: ‘Name’s Marcus, friend to the man that’s bleeding out next to ya.’
“Sarah looks at Marcus and asks.”
Sarah: ‘Do you?’
“Marcus interrupts Sarah and answers her unfinished question.”
Marcus:’ I know who you are miss, but it’s not safe to say your name here or his.
You two are a lot more popular then you guys probably think.’
“Marcus picks up Umbra and begins to carry him on his back. Then walks over to
the wall next to a dumpster.”
“Sarah is puzzled by this at first and doesn’t understand.”
“Until the wall opens up to reveal what seemed to be passage way to
Marcus: ‘Come on kid you and Umbra will be safe through here, come on.’
“Marcus goes into the passage way with Sarah close behind. As they are making
their way through the dark tunnel the door, they came from begins to close and the long
passage begins to darken.”
“Marcus pulls out a glow stick and begins walking again toward a small light.”
Marcus: ‘We’re almost there kid just a little further.’
“The three stop at a light at the end of the tunnel.”
“Marcus puts his hand through a hole in the wall where the light is emanating
and then in half a second, the wall opens the same way the wall in the alley opened up.
Revealing a huge cave like structure. But it didn’t look like a cave but more of the inside
of a mansion.”
Marcus: ‘Okay sit anywhere you like kid. I need to see to Umbra’s wounds.’
“Sarah looks at Umbra’s body with fright written in her face.”
Marcus: ‘Hey.”
“Marcus puts his hand on Sarah’s shoulder.”
Marcus: ‘He is going to be alright; I promise.’
“Marcus brings Umbra to a room then closes the door behind him, Sarah still
looking at Umbra before he closes it.”
1 Day later
“Umbra’s hand twitches, and the hairs on his arms begin to go up from the cold,
and then he opens his eyes and gasps for air.”
Chapter 1 The Sin part 4
We are now in the med room of Marcus’s underground home a good friend of Umbra. Umbra
has been unconscious for over a day but still alive. Marcus has been checking up on him for
when he wakes up. Sarah has been making herself comfortable and helping Marcus if he needs
it. Now Umbra has awoken and will now continue his story.
“Umbra gets up out of his bed after being in shock of everything that happen, and
slowly starts walking to the living room.”
“Umbra sees both Marcus and Sarah on the couch watching tv when they see Umbra
walking but also limping, due to the injures.”
Sarah: ‘Umbra you’re awake!’
“Sarah runs to Umbra hugging him tightly in joy.”
Umbra: ‘It’s good to see you to.’
“Umbra hugs her back in equal amount of joy.”
Marcus: ‘Long time no see old friend.’
“Umbra looks to see Marcus in front of him.”
Umbra: ‘It’s good to see you too.’
It has been an hour, and everyone has eaten dinner. Sarah is asleep upstairs as Umbra and
Marcus are talking below her room.
Marcus: ‘So, she’s what all trouble is about hu?’
“Marcus takes a drink of beer after saying that.”
Umbra: ‘Yeah, a man named Virus wants her dead.’
Marcus: ‘He wants a twelve-year-old girl dead?’
“Marcus look at Umbra with a slight bit of confusion on his face.”
“Umbra slowly takes a deep breathe before answering.”
Umbra: ‘She has, some sort of power, I never seen anything like it before. I don’t even
know how to explain it either. I guess the fastest way to say this is that she’s special.’
Marcus: ‘What’s gonna happen to her?’
Umbra: ‘I was hoping that she could stay with you?’
“Marcus looks down at his drink and takes a quick sip before responding.”
Marcus: ‘Umbra listen to me. You know that can’t happen; you know that.’
“Umbra looks at Marcus in the eyes seriously.”
Umbra: ‘They want her dead Marcus not just Virus, the creed too…’
“Marcus puts his drink down and leans back in his seat and puts his head down resting it
on the front of his right hand.”
Umbra: ‘I wouldn’t have brought her here if I had any other choice Marcus you know
that. You were the only one I trusted enough to do this for me.’
“Umbra looks at Marcus and puts his hand out for Marcus to shake his hand.”
Umbra: ‘Please, not just for me for her, for the kid.’
“Marcus puts his hand out and looks Umbra on the eyes.”
Marcus: ‘I got you man, always.”
“Umbra tries to let go of Marcus’s hand but is stuck.”
Marcus: ‘But let me ask you something.’
“Marcus looks at Umbra intensely.”
Marcus: ‘How long do you honestly think she is going to last out there with you or in
here with me.’
“Umbra looks down in anger and sadness dwelling up inside him after hearing Marcus
say that. Knowing what’s about to be said”
Umbra: ‘s-she will be fine.’
Marcus: ‘Oh yeah?’
“Marcus leans in on Umbra with a serious and slightly angry look in his eyes.”
Marcus: ‘That’s exactly what you said about Rylen and look what happened to him.’
“Umbra gets up and looks at Marcus giving him the same look Marcus is giving him.”
Umbra: ‘What the hell are you trying to say?’
Marcus: ‘That girl, that you brought into my home, is walking corpse.’
“Umbra looks Marcus dead in his eyes.”
Marcus: ‘Tell me I’m wrong, tell me that everyone who has ever been by your side, are
still alive. Tell me Umbra, TELL ME!’
Umbra: ‘You shut your goddamn mouth Marcus.’
“Marcus looks at Umbra the same way but now with a slight bit of sadness in his eyes.”
Marcus: ‘No Umbra you need to hear this, you need to, because you never learn.
Everyone who has walked along side you have eventually died or just left you for dead.’
Umbra: ‘You don’t think I know that?’
Marcus: ‘No I don’t because if you did that girl wouldn’t be here right now and you
wouldn’t have a target painted across your back right now.’
“Umbra walks over to the counter of the kitchen and stands there.”
Umbra: ‘I have learned and remembered, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to just let her
die or have myself be the reason she is dead.’
“Marcus looks at Umbra, listening.”
Umbra: ‘I’ll die before that happens; because I want to do one good deed in my life
before I die.’
“Marcus puts his head down and looks back at Umbra and gives him a hug.”
Marcus: ‘I believe you; I just can’t see you being hurt, the people we care about die, or
see that girl die. I can’t take it.’
“Umbra put’s his right hand on Marcus’s left shoulder.”
Umbra: ‘We just have to learn to live with that man, that’s all any of us can do now. But
I know man, I really do.’
After that night they all went to sleep. Prepping themselves for the next day for Umbra’s big
escape out of the city and the start for his vendetta against Virus. The man that put him in the
rabbit hole he’s in now.
It’s morning and the only ones who are awake are Sarah and Umbra. Marcus is sleeping
in after the amount of drinks he had last night, Sarah just got out of the shower after
not being able to clean herself up in what seemed like forever for her, and Umbra is
sitting down thinking about last night.
Umbra: ‘What am I going to do, what am I going to do…’
“Umbra repeated quietly to himself.”
(He starts to think to himself)
Umbra: ‘I leave her here she may be safe, but the creed or Virus could find her.
But if I bring her with me, I can protect her but, I can’t always be around TO protect her.’
“Umbra rests his head on his two stacked arms trying to make up his mind and
come to a final decision.”
Umbra: ‘What am I going to do…”
“Sarah comes walking down the stairs seeing Umbra in the position his body is
currently in.”
Sarah: ‘Umbra are you ok.’
“Umbra sits up and looks at Sarah.”
Umbra:’ Yeah I’m fine.’
“Sarah looks at Umbra knowing he is lying.”
Sarah: ‘Umbra, what’s wrong?’
“Umbra tries to think of another excuse but can’t think of one and just laughs
Umbra: ‘nothing gets past you I guess?’
“Sarah looks at Umbra with an impatient face, still wanting an answer.”
Umbra: ‘Ok, I just have a lot on my mind right now and I’m just trying to process
it all.’
Sarah: ‘What kind of things?’
“Umbra looks down and back up at Sarah in a tired gesture.”
Umbra: ‘Nothing you need to worry about, your safe and that is all that matters
“Umbra puts his hand on Sarah cheek and smiles at her that he’s telling the
“Sarah smiles back at Umbra and hugs him softly.”
Marcus: ‘Umbra, you need to see this!’
“Umbra rushes upstairs to Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘What’s wrong?’
“Marcus, sitting on a lounging chair and points to the tv.”
“Umbra looks at the tv.”
News anchor:’ Two criminals one by the name of Umbra and another with no
name are now sited in Arkos. The two are armed and dangerous and are two be killed
on site or to be brought to the warlord Virus. The execution or capture of the two are
the up most, highest, and only priority. The bounty level for these two are 5 million
cyphers a piece.’
“Umbra sits down on the couch shocked and filled with realization.”
Marcus: ‘Umbra, what now?’
“Umbra stands their staring at the tv.”
Sarah: ‘Umbra?’
Umbra: ‘Shit…’
4 Hours Later
It’s been four hours since Umbra saw the news on the tv about him and Sarah. Making
his exit out of the city and Sarah’s protection a lot harder than he initially thought.
Marcus: ‘You see anything?’
Umbra: ‘No, nothing yet.’
“Umbra turns over to Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘Have we checked the south side of the city?’
“Marcus turns to Umbra to respond.”
Marcus: ‘No we haven’t. You think you may find a way out through there?’
(The two are now on top of a building trying to find the perfect spot to get
Umbra out of the city.)
Umbra: ‘Maybe, any way out of this place is a way out for me.’
“Marcus turns to the bottom left side of the building they are on trying to search
for something Umbra can possibly escape or use to escape.”
Marcus: ‘No, nothing not a goddamn thing.’
“They both exhale slowly and with the sound of failure in the tone of their
Umbra: ‘What do we do now?’
“Marcus looks at the ground trying to think of an answer.”
Marcus: ‘You two are going to stay with me until we work something out and
until we find a way for you AND the kid out of city.’
“Umbra looks at Marcus confused.”
Umbra: ‘The kid, what are you talking about?’
Marcus: ‘This place isn’t safe for her anymore.’
“Umbra looks down at the populated city and back up on the roof they are
standing on.”
Umbra: ‘Ok where should she we go?’
Marcus: ‘Where should you two go
Umbra: ‘The hell you mean “you two”?’
“Marcus looks at Umbra with a serious but sincere look.”
Umbra: ‘You’re not coming?’
“Marcus looks back down at the group of people below them.”
Marcus: ‘This city has been my home for over three years.’
“Marcus looks back at Umbra with a face of pure sincerity.”
Marcus: ‘I’m not planning on leaving any time soon.’
Umbra: ‘Marcus, if you stay here and they find us you’ll-.’
Marcus: ‘I know what will happen Umbra.’
“Marcus looks down at the ground and takes a long deep breathe.’
Marcus: ‘You, me, and the team have all done some fucked up things in the past
Umbra. I can’t take back the things I did in those days, I can only live with them.’
“Marcus closes his eyes and sheds one tear, dropping on the ground.”
Marcus: ‘I would rather die doing good for someone then die hiding in some
fuckin cave I made to drown my saros away.’
“Umbra looks at Marcus, understanding the decision he has made for himself.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus I… I’m sorry.’
“Marcus looks at Umbra in confusion.”
Marcus: ‘Sorry for what?’
Umbra: ‘I left you, and Nyla and Jaky and Kallum, I left all of you. I should have
never done that to any of you.’
“Marcus looks at Umbra with the face of wanting to forgive him but not wanting
Umbra: ‘Maybe if I stayed and done more instead of leaving maybe I could have-
“Marcus puts his hand on Umbra’s shoulder and stops his talk of sorrow and
Marcus: ‘Umbra, there is nothing to apologize for. If it wasn’t you it would have
just been someone else. In the end we all left. In the end, that group we had all those
years ago would have withered away either way.’
“Umbra looks at Marcus understanding and ends the discussion on that.”
Marcus: ‘Now let’s go before someone-’
Umbra: ‘Shit, get down!’
“Umbra and Marcus both duck behind the small little wall surrounding the roof
of the building.”
“Umbra peaks his head out to check if he can see where the shot came from.”
Umbra: ‘Ok I think it was only one shot. If we slowly crawl our way off this roof,
we should be…’
“Umbra notices red on the bottom right of his side, becoming more and more of
a darker shade of red.”
“Marcus puts his hand on his side and takes it off revealing his entire pom of his
hand stained in blood.”
Marcus: ‘Oh shi…oh shit.’
“Marcus lays on the ground with both of his hands pressed against his side trying
to stop the bleeding.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus!’
“Umbra rushes over to Marcus crawling on the ground.”
Umbra: ‘You’re going to be ok; you hear me.’
Marcus: ‘What the hell are we gonna do now?’
“Umbra looks at Marcus and back at the entrance of the roof in front of him.”
Marcus: ‘Umbra?’
Umbra: ’We need to make a run for it.’
Marcus: ‘Are you out of your god damn mind?’
Umbra: ‘It’s the only way we are getting off this roof.’
“Marcus looks at his bleeding wound and back at Umbra.”
Marcus: ‘Fuck. Ok, ok let’s do this.’
“Umbra puts his right arm around Marcus getting ready to get up.”
Umbra: ‘On my mark we run ok?’
(Marcus nods)
Umbra: ‘One, two.’
“Umbra takes one last breath before saying the last number.”
Umbra: ‘THREE!’
“The two run like hell. Thinking every step could be their last.”
Umbra: ‘Come on just a little further’
Marcus: ‘Oh shit.’
“They both slowly start moving faster.”
Umbra: ‘We’re almost their keep moving!’
“The two get knocked on the ground then quickly get up.”
“They keep moving closer and closer to the door.”
“As soon as they got close to the door another gunshot fires right next to them
and slightly missing them but knocking them on the ground.”
Umbra: ‘Come on we are almost there, get up!’
“Umbra grabs Marcus, knowing this is there last chance of escape.’
Umbra: ‘Come on!’
“They get up and Umbra opens the door from the roof top and they get
off the roof and heed straight to Marcus’s home.”
“The two return to the cave and set Marcus on a medical bed, bandage
him up, and let him rest.”
It’s been one hour since Marcus has been shot and Umbra is sitting next to him waiting
for him to wake up.
(Marcus groans)
Umbra: ‘Marcus? Are you ok?’
“Marcus sits up and looks at Umbra with a smile.”
Marcus: ‘Never better.’
“Umbra looks down at the ground.”
Umbra: ‘I’m sorry Marcus.’
Marcus: ‘For what?’
Umbra: ‘Putting you in the situation you are now. God that was so
“Marcus looks at Umbra seriously.”
Marcus: ‘Hey you did nothing wrong. I could have stayed here and let you
go on that roof by yourself and have you get shot. But I didn’t, I chose to come
with you. So, don’t be going saying sorry to me like a little pussy. Ok?’
“Umbra glances at the floor smirking and looks back at Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘You’re an asshole you know that.’
Marcus: ‘Oh I know. And I will always be an asshole, until the day I die.’
“The two sit in silence for a second.”
Umbra: ‘So, what do we do now.’
Marcus: ‘I’m getting you and that girl out of the city.’
“Umbra looks at Marcus confused.”
Umbra: ‘How?’
“Marcus gives a long clever smile to Umbra.”
Marcus: ‘The same way you came in.’
Chapter 1 The Sin part 5
After Umbra and Marcus nearly escaped the roof, the two go back to the
underground shelter with Umbra thinking all is lost and he and Sarah may just
have to fight their way out of the city. Marcus purposes another way out of the
city involving a way out the same way they got to Marcus’s shelter…tunnels.
Now we are in present day where Marcus and Umbra are discussing the escape
Umbra: ‘How are we going to be able to safely navigate our way through
these tunnels. Aren’t most of Arkos’s tunnels become abandon after 50 years.’
Marcus: ‘Ok, listen I know this isn’t the best plan I could’ve come up with
but we’re running out of time. If the people who are hunting you two start
piecing together the places me and you were at. One will find out where I’m
keeping “you”.’
“Umbra puts his hand on the front top of his face, resting it on his eye brows.”
Marcus: ‘Trust me Umbra, this is the only shot we have of getting you
two out of the city.’
“Umbra turns to Marcus, pointing his head at the floor, then hesitantly
looks at Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘Ok Marcus, how are we going to do this.’
“The two form at the dining room table no one really used, with two
maps. One for the whole map of Arkos and one of the tunnel systems.”
Marcus: ‘So 50 years ago people built in these underground gates for
trading or for evacuation purposes. But, after a while they shut them down but
they never disassembled them. Probably having to do with how expensive it was.
So, what we’re going to do is get you and Sarah through one of those gates, and
out of the city for good.’
Umbra: ‘Ok sounds easy enough.’
“Marcus nervously sighs and looks down at the table with the two maps.”
Umbra: ‘This is easy right?’
Marcus: ’Not exactly.’
“Umbra looks at Marcus with nervousness and confusion.”
Marcus: ‘The gates require power for them to open and…’
Umbra: ‘Since the gates haven’t been online in over 50 years.’
“The two both take a long sigh.”
Marcus and Umbra: ‘It’s probably been dead for years.’
Umbra: ‘So what are we going to do about that?’
“Marcus’s eyes light up and grabs a marker.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus?’
“Marcus circles a part on the map and then points at it.”
Marcus: ‘There is an Arkos power pole in this area, it can give out power
to more than half of the city.’
Umbra: ‘Why isn’t it in use?’
Marcus: ‘Ever since the sun got closer to Earth, they started to use solar
Umbra: ‘So it’s still operational?’
Marcus: ‘Yeah, just sitting there fully charged.’
Umbra: ‘Well there is just one last problem.’
“Umbra points at the circle again.”
Umbra: ‘There is a 15-story building right under it. Meaning we are going
to have to go into it to get to the pole.’
“Marcus looks at the map for second and gets an idea.”
Marcus: ‘Not exactly, we could just get a connection from here to the
pole, wirelessly. There’s just one problem.’
“Marcus puts both of his hands on the table and draws his head down.”
Marcus: ‘If I do this, the connection will give away our position and
expose us to everyone who wants you and Sarah dead.’
“Umbra puts his hand on his face and slowly rubs it off his face stretching
his skin while sighing heavily.”
Marcus: ‘It’s a risk yes I know but, it’s the only chance we got.’
Umbra: ‘Is there a safe place we could put Sarah?’
Marcus: ‘Yeah I have vault right next to the gate just in case I ever
needed to use it one day. She will be safe there, highest level of camouflage.’
“Umbra takes a long reliving sigh and nods at Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘Ok, let’s get the hell out of this city.’
It’s been 5 hours since the Umbra and Marcus talked about how to get out of the
city. Marcus is already at the back of the tunnel system that’s a straight but long
shot to the gate. Far enough away for Sarah to be safe. Umbra is about to join
him and start their escape, but first. He needs to bring Sarah to Marcus’s vault so
she will be out of harm’s way.
“Umbra hugs Sarah tightly to remind her she’s safe.”
Umbra: ‘Ok you need to stay here for now ok?’
“Umbra tries to move but is stopped by the wait of Sarah still holding on to him.”
Umbra: ‘Sarah I’m coming back I promise.’
“Sarah holds on to him tighter, now slowly crying.”
“Umbra gets on his knees and hugs her back tightly.”
Umbra: ‘I’m not leaving you, not today and not tomorrow. And if I ever leave
you, I’m coming right back. I promise that.’
“Sarah looks at Umbra and nods, with the residue of tears stained on her face.”
Umbra: ‘I have to leave now. You stay here, I’ll come back for you, promise.’
“Umbra runs to Marcus’s location to get ready for the impending attack they will
get from the city or the mercenaries.”
Umbra: ‘Ok she’s safe is everything ready?’
Marcus: ‘Yeah we’re good.’
Umbra: ‘And why are we here and not closer to the gate?’
Marcus: ‘Because, this is as far as I could get to the building. This is as close we’re
going to get in order for this to work.’
“Marcus gets everything ready, with one hand hovering over a switch and the
other holding his rifle.”
Marcus: ‘You ready.’
“Umbra puts his hand on his revolver and grabs it, but still keeping it in his
Umbra: ‘Yeah.’
“Marcus flips the switch on his laptop.”
“Umbra and Marcus look around the dark and moisty walls of the tunnel,
resembling a sewer.”
“The two are breathing slowly and focused. Concentrated on hear anything in
front of them or behind them.”
(A footstep hitting a puddle)
“The two look directly in front of them staring into the black abius. Ready for
ANYTHING to come out of the black empty space.”
(Lowd fast footsteps)
“The two aim at the dark abius, waiting for the sign of a body running at them.”
Umbra: ‘Get ready (Umbra whispers to Marcus).’
(Lowd footsteps then sudden silence)
“The two-look confused and heavily nervous with sweat dripping off their faces.”
“Out of know where a flare shoots out of the black tunnel showing 25 mercs and
possibly more, all with guns.”
Umbra: ‘Get down!’
(Rapid and fast gun fire hitting concrete and the metal plate in front of Umbra
and Marcus. Which they are taking cover behind.)
Marcus: ‘The connection is almost complete, 85 percent!’
“Umbra peaks his head out from the side of the metal plate quick to see or find a
way for them to make a run for the gate and brings his head back to cover.”
Marcus: ‘What did you see?!’
Umbra: ‘Nothing but gun fire!’
“Marcus sees an open bag of smoke canisters in his bag he brought for this
Marcus: ‘When they stop shooting to reload, I’ll throw one of those (he points to
the smoke canisters) and you’ll shoot it and after that we light them up!’
Umbra: ‘Gotcha!’
“After the fire stopped and the mercs reload all of their guns, Marcus jumps
towards the bag, grabs the canister and, throws it in the air.”
Marcus: ‘Shoot!’
“Umbra takes out his revolver and fires at the canister blinding the mercs.”
Umbra: ‘Fire, Marcus now!’
“Marcus and Umbra gun down about 9 of the 25 mercs and reload then begin
firing again picking each of them off one by one.”
“Marcus looks down at his laptop to see the percent.”
Marcus: ‘Umbra let’s go!’
“Umbra nods and throws 2 of the smoke canisters at the mercs and shoots them
exploding smoke to give them a running start.”
Umbra: ‘Let’s go!’
“The two run faster than ever, knowing if they slow down, they could get shot
right there.”
Umbra: ‘Sarah get to the gate!’
(The gate opens)
“Sarah runs to the gate now opening enough for them to escape.”
Marcus: ‘You keep that girl safe you hear me.’
Umbra: ‘What?’
“Marcus kicks Umbra out of the gate and pulls out a detonator.”
“Umbra doesn’t understand until he sees C4 lining all over the gate around it.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus, No!’
“Marcus detonates the C4 caving in the tunnel and killing the mercs inside.”
Umbra: ‘NO!’
“Umbra Falls to his knees and looks at the now caved in tunnel.”
Umbra: ‘Marus you stupid son of a bitch!’
Marcus: ‘You kiss YOUR mother with that mouth.’
“Umbra’s eyes open seeing Marcus covered in dust and wounded a little but
“Umbra runs to Marcus and hugs him with one arm.”
“Marcus returns the hug, but using both arms.”
“Umbra lets go and steps back.”
Umbra: ‘How did you get out!?’
“Marcus chuckles and brushes a bit of dust off his shoulder.”
Marcus: ‘Do you honestly think I’m ever going to kick the bucket by getting
crushed by a cave in?’
“Umbra looks at Marcus confused, still wanting a genuine answer.”
Marcus: ‘While you and the kid were getting ready, I Installed C4 around the
entrance of the gate AND, in a hollo part of the tunnel.’
Umbra: ‘And, there was a way out?’
“Marcus puts his forearms and shoulders up and puts on a (I don’t know) face.”
Umbra: ‘You crazy son of a bitch.’
Marcus: ‘Where’s the kid?’
“Umbra realizes that he never saw her come out, then quickly looks around
instantly, hoping nothing happened.”
Umbra and Marcus: ‘Sarah, Sarah, where are you, Sarah!?’
“Silence fills the air as Umbra and Marcus stand their afraid and hoping she’ll call
back to them.”
Umbra: ‘Sarah!’
“Marcus stopped calling out for her, realizing the possibility that they might have
lost her.”
Umbra: ‘Sarah!’
“Umbra franticly looks around hoping to spot an inclination of a body.”
“Marcus notices something in the distance a adjusts his eyes.”
Marcus: ‘Umbra!’
“Umbra looks at Marcus now pointing at something in the distance.”
Marcus: ‘Look.’
“Umbra now notices what Marcus is pointing at sprints towards it, full speed.
Each step becoming more and more easier to make out what the shape is. As he makes
his final steps, he can now make out who it is.”
Umbra: ‘Sarah!’
“Marcus, soon catches up with Umbra, with him now on his knees holding Sarah,
checking for a pulse.”
Marcus: ‘Is she?’
(Umbra shakes his head)
Umbra: ‘Just unconscious.’
Marcus: ‘How the hell did that happen?’
“Umbra points at the red covered rock, while still looking at Sarah trying to check
if she is seriously injured.”
Umbra: ‘She hit her head hard, but not hard enough to kill her.’
Marcus: ‘When will she wake?’
“Umbra pets the top of her head while making a face of both happiness and
Umbra: ‘Soon, but definitely not now.’
“Marcus and Umbra hear the sound of ground and air vehicles within the city
and get up.”
Marcus: ‘We need to find a place to set up camp, far, FAR away from here.’
“Umbra looks into the distance towards the mountains.”
Umbra: ‘The hills towards the mountains is a good place. No internet and no
inhabitants good place to make camp, they shouldn’t go that far.’
Marcus: ‘They can’t, their vehicles are powered by the city. If they go too far,
they’ll fall out of the sky or stop in their tracks.’
Umbra: ‘So hills?’
“Umbra stretches his hand up to Marcus for a hand shake.”
Marcus: ‘Hills.’
“Marcus shakes Umbra’s hand.”
“Umbra picks up Sarah and puts her on his back carrying her while Marcus is
behind him keeping his back secured.”
Now the two have left the city. With Sarah unconscious, and the two out in the open.
They will now walk to the far distant land in the mountains to make camp and escape
the city of Arkos now trying to hunt them down.
30 minutes later
It has been over 30 minutes since they left the city of Arkos, and now they are
going to the mountains to make camp and escape the ACPD (Arkos City Police
Department). They only have about 45 more minutes of walking to do before they make
it, they have enough water and food to make the trip, but that is only if they make it
there before Arkos gets to them first.
Umbra: ‘You still behind me!?’
Marcus: ‘Yeup!’
“Marcus is a way back behind Umbra but just far enough to still have his back
side protected.”
Marcus: ‘How much further?!’
Umbra: ‘We’re getting there just a little more walking.’
“At the back of Marcus’s mind, he’s contemplating either to keep going or just
giving up.”
Marcus: ‘God damn I’m out of shape (he says to himself).’
“Umbra adjusts Sarah more on his back so she doesn’t fall.”
Umbra: ‘Don’t worry we’ll get there in no time (he whispers to Sarah). Need
some water?!’
“Umbra quickly after saying that stops, and stands still.”
Marcus: ‘Umbra?! You good?!’
“Marcus stops walking too and waits for Umbra to respond to him.”
“Umbra is now moving his head toward his right shoulder like he is trying to
listen for something.”
“Marcus can’t see him because of Sarah on his back blocking his face, but he
knows something is wrong. So, he pulls out his sniper rifle and holds steady, ready for
something to happen.”
“Umbra listens closely and tries to concentrate more. Until he finally got what he
Marcus: ‘Umbra?!’
Umbra: ‘Oh…No.’
(Helicopter propellers)
“Marcus’s eyes widen and his face turns white. Then turns around behind
Marcus: ‘RUN!’
“Umbra takes off running with Sarah held tightly on his back.”
“Marcus takes a knee and pulls out his rifle, takes aim, and fires.”
(Bullet hits the nose of the helicopter)
Marcus: ‘Damn it!’
(Helicopter gun moves down at Marcus)
“Marcus sees the gun pointed at him and sprints to the nearest rock for cover.”
(Helicopter gun fires trailing Marcus)
“Marcus ducks behind a rock which is now absorbing all of the gun fire from the
(The gun moves towards the position where Umbra and Sarah are)
“Marcus sees this and peeks out from the right side of the rock and aims at the
cockpit window.”
Marcus: ‘Come on Marcus don’t fuck up (Marcus says to himself).’
“Umbra, still running looks over and sees the helicopters gun facing him. Then
while he tries to prop up Sarah he slips and falls on the ground. Now holding Sarah
closely in his arms.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus!’
Marcus: ‘AHHHHHHH!’
(Marcus’s rifle fires)
“The bullet goes through the window of the cockpit and the helicopter spines
out of control and crashes on the ground about twenty feet away from them.”
“Umbra closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, still holding Sarah in his arms.”
Marcus: ‘you guys ok!?’
Umbra: ‘Yeah! You?!’
“Marcus gets out of the rock he was using to take cover. Mildly injured from
running to the rock.”
Marcus: ‘Always! What about the kid?!’
“Umbra checks for a pulse or heart beat.”
(Umbra puts a thumb up)
“Marcus looks over at the crashed helicopter.”
Marcus: ‘Stay with Sarah!’
“Marcus walks over to the helicopter, slowly pulling out a knife.”
“Umbra notices.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus?!’
“Marcus doesn’t respond, still walking to the crashed bird, and with his knife in
“A pilot crawls out of the helicopter, injured and bleeding out.”
Marcus: ‘Hey!’
The pilot: ‘Stay back!’
“The pilot pulls out his gun.”
“Marcus runs to him and quickly grabs it from him and throws it on the ground,
then kneeing him in the chest.”
The pilot: ‘Please…please don’t…’
“Marcus stares down at him with his knife clenched in his hand. Then grabs him
and cuts him from his chest down to his stomach.”
“Umbra sees this and is shocked, knowing this was not how Marcus acted all
those years ago.”
“Marcus pulls the knife out of the now dead pilot and falls, to his knees. Now
breathing heavily, like an animal.”
Marcus: ‘Ahhhhh…Ahhhhhh…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!…’
“Marcus then starts to stab the ground with his knife again and again and again.”
Marcus: ‘I’m sorry…I’m so…sorry.’
“Umbra walks over to Marcus. Sits with one knee and puts his hand on Marcus’s
right shoulder to comfort him.”
“Marcus begins to slowly shed tears but doesn’t make a sound.”
Umbra: ‘It’s okay Marcus, it’s over.’
“Marcus aggressively shrugs Umbra’s hand off his shoulder, and gets up.”
Marcus: ‘More will be here we need to keep moving, get Sarah, and let’s get the
hell out of here.’
“Marcus says all of this with anger as if him just staying next to that pilot is just
fueling his rage.”
“Umbra picks up Sarah and puts her on his back and walks, but this time Marcus
is in front of them.”
45 minutes later
Umbra, Marcus, and Sarah made it to the mountain area and made camp. Now
just spending the night and figuring out what to do tomorrow. Sarah is still out but
Umbra and Marcus are not. Marcus still upset about the helicopter pilot.
Umbra: ’So your just not going to talk to me?’
“Marcus stays silent, only cleaning his rifle.”
Umbra: ‘Brother talk to me.’
“Marcus, still cleaning his rifle and blocking him out.”
Umbra: ‘God damn it Marcus, is this about what happened today?’
“Marcus cleans his rifle harder and blocks him out again.”
“Umbra walks up to Marcus and shoves his rifle down.”
“Marcus quickly puts Umbra on the ground as soon as he touches his rifle.
Holding his knife Umbra’s throat”
Marcus: ’Don’t fucking touch me!’
“Umbra puts his hands over his head showing he doesn’t want to hurt him.”
“Marcus slowly realizes what he is doing and puts the knife away and lays against
a rock.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus?’
“Tears fill up in Marcus’s eyes as he stares at the ground, as if he is a blind man
just looking in one direction and nothing else. Like nothing else matters but the ground
he is staring at.”
Marcus: ‘Why?’
“Marcus voice is quivering as he speaks.”
Marcus: ‘Why can’t I just let it go, leave it behind and move on, for good.’
“Umbra is confused and can’t understand anything Marcus is talking
about, so just remains in silence.”
Marcus: ‘We all have done things, things we’re not proud of, things that
would de-humanize us, things that would have us questions who WE really are
after the job is done, and after the end of the day, after the job is done and we
are finally “freed” we still feel like we are still bounded to the people we were
and not who we are now.’
Umbra: ‘Marcus what is going on? I want to help you, what’s wrong?’
“Marcus’s eyes and only his eyes look up at Umbra still filled with tears.”
Marcus: ‘Why are you still the same?’
“Umbra looks at Marcus confused and doesn’t know how to respond.”
Umbra: ‘What?’
Marcus: ‘How come when you and Nyla left, I was the only one who had
to deal with the consequences of what I and all of you done?’
“Umbra looks at Marcus and feels guilt, he wants to cry but he can’t, he’s
been and done so much that he is physically unable to cry. But, in the inside he
is, he is sobbing.”
Marcus: ‘Not one day goes by when I feel like I could have said no,
that I could have put down my gun and walked away with my dignity, and
my conscious still clear.’
“Marcus rubs one tear off his face.”
“Umbra notices the whole time Marcus is saying this. He has not
changed the tone of his voice. Like he is a soulless body with only his
brain and his heart giving him the power and will to speak.”
Umbra: ‘Marcus not a day goes by when I felt like I could have
said no. Every horrible thing I ever done I wished I could take back, all of
the lives I took, all the lives I ruined, everything. I guess the reason why I
ended up being ok is because I joined the creed and I guess in the end
after I took a life, I always said “It was for the creed” but in reality, for a
short while…I enjoyed it….’
“Umbra puts his head down, ashamed of what he just confessed.”
Marcus: ‘Me too.’
“Umbra looks back at Marcus shocked and unsure what he just
Marcus: ‘Everything we do has a consequence. If it is something
good or bad, right or wrong, or peace or violence there will be a check.
And, when the check comes, we need to find out how to pay it. We all
payed ours differently but, at the end of the day what we did took its toll
on us all, and we paid. With either our lives…or soul. We never paid and
we have to live with how we are going to pay it one day.’
“Umbra listens to Marcus understanding everything he is saying
but unable to respond to any of it.”
Marcus: ’Hopefully Umbra, you’ll be the one who doesn’t have to
pay like the rest of us. Hopefully you will redeem yourself.’
“Marcus looks over at Sarah.”
Marcus: ’Someday.’
“Marcus stands up, picks up his knife and rifle, and walks over to
his sleeping spot.”
Marcus: ‘Don’t be what this world makes you Umbra, be what
YOU want to be, because if you don’t, you’ll lose yourself in the void and,
when you fall down into that place, you’re stuck there, forever.’
“Umbra watches as Marcus goes to sleep and takes in everything
Marcus told him as he looks into the night, the lights in Arkos, and the flat
rocky terrain the two walked to get where they are now. Then goes to
3 hours later
“Umbra wakes up for the 3rd time unable to get any sleep so just
gets out of bed and sits on the edge of the cliff side of the hill they are
spending the night on. He glances over at Sarah and notices she isn’t
awake but not unquenches anymore.”
Umbra: ‘Hu, long day. (whispering to himself)’
“Umbra sits there for a little while and takes out his revolver and
sword then put it next him. Then picks up his sword and puts it on his
Umbra: ‘Hu…shit.’
“Umbra syas nothing verbally, but he is saying a lot in his head.
Like why does he always put those he cares about in danger, should he
change who is now or continue being what he always was, a killer, should
he take care of Sarah or should he kill Virus. So many choices, so many
questions, so little time.”
Umbra: ‘Who…what…am I?’
6 hours later
It’s been 3 hours and Umbra and Marcus haven’t seen any Argus
air or ground vehicles after them.
“Sarah yawns and gets up.”
Sarah: ‘Ow my head.’
“Marcus and Umbra go to her.”
Umbra: ‘You ok?’
Sarah: ‘My head hurts a little but yeah I’m ok.’
Marcus: ‘Can you walk?’
“Sarah gets up, gets a little light headed at first but then quickly
feels better.”
Sarah: ‘Yeah, I can walk.’
Umbra: ‘What do we do now?’
“Marcus looks around the area then looks directly at a ridge in the
Marcus: ‘We’ll go up to that ridge.’
(Marcus points at the ridge on the mountain)
Marcus: ‘Once we get up their we’ll figure out what to do then.’
Everyone gets there things together and begins to walk, what feels like a
1,000 mile hike up the mountain.
Umbra: ‘We getting close yet?’
“Marcus stops walking and looks up.”
Marcus: ‘Well we’re not extremely close but we’re getting clos-er.
How you two doing?’
Sarah: ‘I’m ok!’
Umbra: ‘Peachy, peachy, peachy.’
“As Umbra is walking something catches the corner of his eye and
stops walking to see what it was.’
Marcus: ‘Umbra, you good?’
“Umbra navigates his surroundings.”
Umbra: ‘Yeah, yeah everything is fine.’
The three continue walking until they reach the ridge.
Marcus: ‘Here let me help you up man.’
“Marcus reaches his hand to pick Umbra up.”
“Umbra grabs his hand and pulls himself up along with Marcus’s
“Umbra helps Sarah get up to then the three look into the
The three see a vast land of dirt, mountains surrounding everything, and
water holes that have just enough for the wildlife.
“Umbra sees a what appears to be a broken-down shack in the
Umbra: ‘I say we walk to that shack, make camp, and find some
where we can stay the next day. Do you have any more bunkers besides
the one in Arkos?’
Marcus: ’Yeah but they won’t be easy to get to. It’ll take time.’
“Umbra glances to Sarah then looks back at Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘As long as she is safe, it’s worth it.’
Marcus: ‘We’ll head to the shack and find one of my nearest
bunkers the next day.’
The three walked down the sharp and narrow paths of the mountain area
and make it to the plane dusty land. Now walking toward the shack.
“As they were walking toward the shack Umbra sees something at
the corner of his eye again. But, instead of just stopping he pulls out his
revolver “
“Marcus quickly takes out his rifle.”
Sarah: ‘Umbra!’
Marcus: ‘Sarah get behind me.’
Mysterious voice: ‘WhAt ArE yOu DoInG HeRe?’
“Umbra slowly puts his gun down and faces his assailant behind
Umbra: ‘Marcus, put the gun down.’
Marcus: ‘What?’
Umbra: ‘just do it.’
“Marcus puts down his rifle.”
Mysterious person: ‘I’M nOt AsKig AgAiN.’
“Umbra just looks at the mysterious person.”
(Mysterious person chambers his/her gun)
Mysterious person: ‘WhAt ArE yOu…’
“Umbra cuts her off.”
Umbra: ‘Hello Nyla.’
Marcus: ‘What?’
“The mysterious person puts the gun down and takes off the mask
and reveals herself.”
Umbra: ‘There are only one person in the Badlands that can sneak
up behind me.’
Nyla: ’What are you doing here?’
“A bit of silence fills the air.”
Umbra: ‘We need a place to spend the night.’
“Nyla keeps eye contact with Umbra.”
Nyla: ‘One night?’
“Umbra looks at her the same way. But he has a bit of shame in
his face unlike Nyla.”
Umbra: ‘Yeah…’
“Nyla stare gets more intense.”
Nyla: ‘Follow me.’
“Nyla walks in the direction of the shack they were going to.”
“Umbra nods his head to Marcus. Telling him Nyla is not a threat.”
“Marcus understands and put’s his rifle away.”
Umbra: ‘Sarah, come here.’
“Sarah runs to Umbra and holds his hand.”
Sarah: ‘Are we going to be ok?’
“Umbra holds her hand tightly.”
Umbra: ‘We’ll be ok, promise.’
“Marcus walks next to Umbra.”
Marcus: ‘Hey you doing ok?’
“Umbra stays quiet, hesitant to answer.”
Umbra: ‘Yeah…I’m…I’m fine.’
“Marcus pats Umbra’s shoulder and walks behind him for cover.”
Nyla has now led the three to her shack, where they have settled in and
Sarah is now sleeping after eating and getting medicine for her head and
now Umbra, Marcus, and Nyla are at the dining table eating.
Nyla: ‘How did you find this place?’
Marcus: ‘We didn’t really, “find it”. We short of just came a
crossed it when we were wondering the mountains.’
“Nyla eyes down Umbra.”
“Umbra has been glancing at her time to time he’s been here.”
Nyla: ‘You come here to kill me like everyone else, “Old friend”?’
“Umbra remains silent and looks only at the food on his plate.”
Nyla: ‘Umbra?’
“Nyla leans on the table and slowly sits up to intimidate Umbra.”
Nyla: ‘Did you come here, to kill me?’
“Umbra slowly moves his head enough where he can see her but
she can’t fully see him.”
Umbra: ‘…no…’
Nyla: ‘Then why are you REALLY here?’
“Umbra gains the nerve to look her in the eye and answer
Umbra: ‘I broke one of the laws of the Creed, I went against my
client and now he put a bounty on me while the Creed are also trying to
hunt me and the kid down. We escaped Arkos and needed to find a place
to lay low.’
“Nyla sits back after hearing what Umbra has said and looks at
Nyla: ‘Your client sent you to kill, a kid?’
Umbra: ‘Yeah, he knew I didn’t kill kids but he sent me anyway.’
Nyla: ‘Well if you knew it was a kid why did you accept it?’
Umbra: ‘I didn’t know it was a kid. The asshole only gave me a
name and gender that’s it.’
Nyla: ‘Why would he send you to kill a kid?’
Marcus: ‘She’s, different?’
Nyla: ‘What the hell do you mean different Marcus?’
“Umbra interrupts to answer her question.”
Umbra: ‘She has some sort of…supernatural power or selfdefense mechanism?’
Nyla: ‘What is it?’
Umbra: ‘From what I’ve seen, it looks like she can harness solar
energy, turn it into some sort of white light, and use it either defensively
or offensively.’
“Nyla nods her head. Now understanding the situation.”
Nyla: ‘Who was your client?’
“Umbra puts his hand on his forehead trying to remember.”
Umbra: ‘I think his name was. Virus, I think?’
“Nyla sits up her face in fueled with rage.”
Nyla: ‘Who?’
Umbra: ‘Virus?’
“Nyla puts her hand on the table and leans on it.”
Nyla: ‘Umbra do you have any idea who that man is?’
“Umbra looks at her confused.”
Umbra: ‘No, who the hell is he?’
Nyla: ‘Virus is the most successful warlord in Badlands. When the
civil war between the kings Tannerite and Karros was happening, he
supplied weapons for both sides. He became rich because of it, and owns
over seven of the most dangers mob bosses and gangs in the Badlands.
He has more power than every army in this shit hole.’
“Umbra leans back and rests his head on his right hand, realizing
how much deeper the hole he fell into was.”
Umbra: ‘He must have thought that Sarah was a danger to the
power he had, that’s why he wanted her dead.’
Marcus: ‘And, that’s why he hired you.’
Nyla: ‘What?’
Marcus: ‘Umbra Is by far the best assassin in the Badlands. Do you
think he would have hired anyone else?’
“Umbra now leaning forward and starring at the small cracks in
the wooden table, just thinking.”
Nyla: ’It makes sense. What you two gonna do now?’
Marcus: ‘We were going to go to one of my bunkers and…’
“Umbra interrupts Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘No, not me’
“Marcus looks at him confused.”
Marcus: ‘What the hell are you talking about?’
Umbra: ‘You need to take care of her. As long as Virus is still alive
me and her will never be safe, and neither will you.’
Marcus: ‘So what are you going to do? Track down Virus and kill
“Umbra turns his head to Marcus menacingly.”
Umbra: ‘Yes.’
Nyla: ‘Umbra listen I know how skilled you are. If anyone ever
pissed you off, I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned up dead the next
day. But this is the most powerful warlord in the Badlands. What makes
you think you will even get remotely close to him alone?’
Umbra: ‘I know almost every single Gang leader in this waste land
I can find a way to get to him before he even finds out I’m even trying to
get to him. I can make one man feel like a hundred.’
Marcus: ‘What about Sarah?’
“Umbra gets up out of his chair, and walks up to Marcus still
sitting down.”
Umbra: ‘If I succeed or not people will still want Sarah dead and
only you know where your bunkers are, so you will keep her safe more
than I ever can. I need you to do this.’
“Marcus looks down at the table, trying to decide.”
Umbra: ‘I can’t be the father she needs right now, but I will
protect her. Please do this for me.’
“Marcus gets up and looks at Umbra. His face filled with sadness
and disappointment.”
Marcus: ‘You better not die. When you kill that son of a bitch you
call me, so she’ll know you left, knowing you’ll come back. You
“Marcus reaches his hand out toward Umbra.”
“Umbra grabs his arm tightly.”
Umbra: ‘I promise.’
“Marcus gives Umbra his phone number.”
Nyla: ‘When are you leaving?’
Umbra: ‘Now.’
Nyla: ‘You sure?’
Umbra: ‘If I leave now, I can get to Virus faster.’
Marcus: ‘What about Sarah?’
“Umbra remains silent.”
Umbra: ‘I’ll say my goodbyes my own way.’
Umbra is now set up to go hunt Virus, but he needs to go say goodbye to
someone first.
“Umbra walks up to Sarah’s room still sleeping and gets one knee
next to her.”
Umbra: ‘Hey Sarah I’m sorry I can’t stay and protect you or take
care of you. Marcus will look after you. But, no matter what happens, we
will see each other again. I promise that, but until then I’ll have to settle
being your guardian angel. But, don’t ever forget. If it wasn’t for you, I
would have never changed.’
“Umbra hesitantly kisses Sarah on her forehead.”
“Sarah smiles, but still asleep.”
“Umbra smiles back.”
Umbra: ‘Goodbye kid.’
“Umbra walks out of the house to see Nyla and Marcus standing
in front of him waiting to say goodbye.”
“Umbra walks up to Nyla.”
Umbra: ‘Nyla, I… I’m sorry for leaving you.’
“Nyla gets closer to Umbra and gently hugs him.”
Nyla: ‘There is nothing to apologize for. I miss the old times too,
I’m sorry we treated you so badly, and I’m sorry I did.’
Umbra: ‘Thank you.’
“Umbra hugs Nyla back and goes to Marcus.”
Umbra: ‘Thank you brother.’
Marcus: ‘I’ll always be there for you brother, always.’
“The two hug and part ways.”
Now Umbra like the beginning is alone again. Out to kill the very man he
met at the very beginning. The very man that did all of this to him. The
very man he is going to kill. There is no child or friend that he needs to
protect or look after this time, nothing left for him to lose, nothing that
can stand in his way. Virus knows Umbra is still alive but it won’t matter,
because he is already dead. As soon as Umbra saw the target Virus gave
him was a child, Virus already dug his own grave.
Chapter 1 The Sin part 6
Revenge, it’s a complicated word. It might mean an end to a selfish intention or a
justice toward an action. That word is carried out usually by someone who wants
one of those things. We are at the final part of this journey, of this chapter.
Umbra’s REVENGE.
“We arrive to a bar that is littered with bullet shells, bullet holes in the
walls, and bodies everywhere. Where Umbra is now interrogating the bar
Umbra: ‘Where is he?’
“Umbra looks at the man with the eyes of a merciless killer, giving the
notion that he WILL kill him if he doesn’t answer his question.”
Bar owner: ‘Who the hell are you talking about.’
“Umbra uses his sword to pin him up against the wall.”
Umbra: ‘The man who hired me for a job. The same man with the red line
on his face.’
“The bar owner looks at Umbra with wide eyes and realization.”
Bar owner: ‘You talking about…Virus?’
“Umbra holds the blade closer to his face.”
Umbra: ‘Where is he?’
Bar owner: ’I don’t know. I only ever see him when he comes here,
usually on Mondays.’
Umbra: ‘Who do you know that can tell me his location?’
“The bar owner looks around franticly thinking.”
Bar owner: ‘There is a man who used to be his body guard. Um, Desman,
Desman Var.’
“Umbra slowly puts the blade down.”
Umbra: ‘Where can I find him?’
Bar owner: ‘All I know is that he lives in Karvon.’
“Umbra sheaths his blade.”
Umbra: ‘Thank you sir.’
“Quickly after saying that, he grabs the bar owner’s head and throws him
on the bar counter knocking him out. Then walks out of the bar.”
Umbra: ‘Karvon it is then.’
“Umbra looks down next to him and sees a hood and scarf on one of the
guys in the bar he shot. Then takes it, rips the scarf to cover his very noticeable
green parts in his knees and uses the hood to cover his face. Then walks off to
find a transport to bring him to Karvon.”
2 hours later
It’s been two hours and after a while of Umbra roaming the street’s he’s found a
ride to Karvon, to look for Desman and his location.
“Umbra is walking the streets of Karvon. A collapsing city filled with
criminals and people with little self-sustaining jobs.”
Umbra: ‘I’m surprised this place hasn’t destroyed it’s self yet (he says to
“Umbra looks around and finds a tavern by the name of “Sleep and
Drink”, and walks in.”
The place is very quiet for a tavern, but good for Umbra’s case, it could make it
easier to find Desman.
“Umbra walks up to the bar tender to ask him about Desman.”
Bar tender: ‘What you want traveler?’
“Umbra sits down on one of the bar chairs in front of the bar tender.”
Umbra: ‘Just a beer and a location.’
Bar tender: ’I can do the beer, but you’ll have to be a little more specific
on the location.’
Umbra: ’I need the location of Desman Var’s house.’
“The bar tender gives Umbra his drink but nearly spills it after hearing the
name Desman Var.”
Bar tender: ’Why? Why do you need to know where he is?’
Umbra: ‘I need to know where someone he knows is.’
Bar tender: ‘Oh yeah, who is this “someone”?
“Umbra looks down then faces the bar tender again.”
Umbra: ‘An old friend.’
“The bar tender takes a deep breathe then looks at Umbra.”
Bar tender: ‘He lives in Shareslten on 3rd street.’
Umbra: ‘What’s the house number?’
“The bar tender looks at Umbra.”
Bar tender: ‘You won’t need it.’
“After saying that the bar tender walks away, finished talking to Umbra.”
“Umbra leaves the tavern with information he now has, and goes to find
Umbra walked for a solid 20 minutes before reaching the street. And, when the
bar tender said Umbra wouldn’t need the house number, he was right, because
there was only one house, and that was the one left standing and not burned to
“Umbra walks through the discarded buildings each step louder than the
last. Then reaches the house, broken down and worn.”
Umbra: ‘Desman?! Desman Var?!’
“As Umbra tries to call out for his name again, he hears a voice behind
him and quickly turns around. His right hand holding his holstered revolver.”
Desman Var: ‘What do you want?’
“His voice sounds rugged and rough.”
Umbra: ‘Information.’
“Desman walks out in front of Umbra. Face to face”
Desman Var: ‘About Virus?’
“Umbra looks at Desman and nods slowly.”
“Desman sighs slowly and turns around.”
Desman: ‘Come, come inside.’
“Desman and Umbra both go inside the house. And both sit down.”
Desman: ‘Why do you want to find him?’
“Desman slowly reaches over to his mini fridge next to him after saying
Umbra: ‘He’s an old friend.’
“Desman grabs a beer and opens it.”
Desman: ‘Hu, I had no idea the great Umbra was friends with Virus?
“Umbra Looked at him shocked and pulls his hood back.”
Umbra: ‘How did you know?’
Desman: ‘Son I’ve been many things in the past 46 years of my many
life’s. I can tell when someone is hiding, and who else has sword like that these
“Desman points to the sword only barley showing on Umbra‘s hip.”
Umbra: ‘I need to know where he is.’
Desman: ‘Do you have any idea who you are trying find Son?’
“Umbra just remains silent, just looking at Desman.”
“Desman looks Umbra in the eyes.”
Desman: ‘Are you sure your up for this particular vendetta son?’
“Umbra looks down and looks back on all the times he was with Sarah.
How he actually cares about her, how much he wants to protect her, how much
he loves her and that he can’t lose the only daughter figure he has. Then looks
Desman in the eyes.”
Umbra: ‘Yes.’
Desman: ‘Ok, I’ll help you.’
“Desman finishes his beer and walks to a wall with two pistols and a knife
just sitting there.”
Desman: ‘It’s time for me to get off my ass and give that son of a bitch
what he deserves.’
Umbra: ‘Your helping me?’
Desman: ‘Yeah, you have anything to say about it?’
Umbra: ‘Why?’
“Desman grabs his pistol and loads it. Then turns back to Umbra.”
Desman: ‘I knew I could never kill that asshole by myself. But, with you I
may be able to move on and put the past behind me, or die trying.’
Umbra: ‘Thank you.’
“Desman nods and holsters his pistol.”
After that the two set out to go to Virus’s command base together with no back
6 hours later
Desman and Umbra are close to Virus’s main base but stopped at a nearby town
of Xinia a town only populated with hybrids (half human half animal humanoids
post Armageddon), so they can restock on ammo and supplies and rest.
“Umbra and Desman are sitting in two different beds in a motel loading
and gearing up.”
“Umbra faces his head at the ground and breathes deeply.”
Desman: ‘Something on your mind son?’
“Umbra glances at Desman then looks out the window.”
Umbra: ‘Yeah, it’s just…’
“Umbra breathes deeply and grips the hilt of his sword that he’s been
Umbra: ‘I just really thought I was going to be a better person before
today. Settle down and do better by someone.’
“Desman looks down and chambers his gun.”
Desman: ‘You’re not a bad person son.’
“Umbra looks at Desman.”
Umbra: ‘I’ve killed people.’
Desman: ‘But, you regret it don’t you?’
“Umbra doesn’t respond.”
Desman: ‘Son, you ARE a good man. As much as you can’t see it you are.
I’ve done way worse than you. You will have peaceful life, a long life, a life
without killing. That’s all anyone wants these days. And, you will have it.’
“Umbra looks at Desman and nods in agreement.”
Umbra: ’Thanks.’
“Desman nods.”
Desman: ‘Now.’
“Desman grabs his blade and sheathes it.”
Desman: ‘Let’s go get this son of a bitch.’
“After Desman says that Umbra sheaths his blade. Then hears something
outside the window.”
Desman: ‘Umbra!’
“After Umbra heard the crash, he then found himself on the dirt ground
outside the motel, with no sword or gun with him.”
Assailant: ’Umbra, pleasure meeting you here.’
Umbra: ‘Son of a bitch.’
“Umbra turns around to see his former rival from the Creed of the
Morningstar, “Crimson”.
Crimson: ’How do you like my new look?’
“Umbra looked up to see Crimson wearing a blood red leather jacket and
what seemed to be gel made suit. Holding her hand sub-machine gun and
retractable blades on her forearms.”
Umbra: ‘From your worn down all red suit and dull dagger yeah you look
more like a rachet bitch then last…’
“Before Umbra could finish, he is kicked in the chest and stops talking.”
Crimson: ‘You left the guild Umbra, you left your brothers, your sisters,
and for what a little girl.’
“Umbra slowly looks at her staring her down.”
Crimson: ‘Pathetic.’
“She points the gun to his head.”
Crimson: ‘Any last words?’
Umbra: ‘Behind you.’
Crimson: ‘You really think I’m going to fall for tha…’
“Before Crimson can finish, she is hit in the back by Desman with his
Crimson: ‘Ow.’
“Crimson turns her head behind her to see Desman still holding the knife
on her back.”
Desman: ‘Shit…’
“Before Crimson can react Umbra grabs her hair and knees her in the face
then throws her on the ground.”
Umbra: ‘Desman get my sword.’
Desman: ‘What? She has a gun.’
Umbra: ‘Just get the damn sword!’
“Desman doesn’t question Umbra and runs back into the room to get the
‘Crimson stands up, drops her submachine-gun, and releasing the blades
from her forearms, now out facing Umbra.”
Crimson: ‘This suit is made with a light polymer, able to with stand a 50-
caliber bullet. So, you’ll need a lot more than a sword to put a dent in me.’
“Umbra doesn’t say anything and stands waiting for her attack.”
“Crimson runs at Umbra swings then tries to upper cut him with her
“Umbra quickly dodges and stands his ground in a defensive position”
“Crimson then tries to jab Umbra.”
“Which Umbra blocks again and takes off the blade from Crimsons
forearm and throws it on the ground away from both of them.”
“Crimson takes a defensive position from Umbra.”
“Umbra doesn’t move waiting for Desman.”
Desman: ‘Umbra!’
“Desman throws Umbra’s sword in the air.”
“Umbra elegantly catches it and holds a defensive position again. Now
with both Umbra and Crimson armed.”
Crimson: ‘Won’t make a difference.’
“Crimson stands in an offensive position and runs straight for Umbra.”
“Umbra doesn’t move standing his ground.”
“Crimson gets ready to make the final blow on Umbra.”
“Umbra changes position, now on one knee, and swings his sword
vertically slashing her waist, cutting through the suit, stopping Crimson before
she can strike.”
“Umbra gets up while Crimson falls.”
Crimson: ‘Hu…how?’
“Umbra grabs her face and looks into her eyes.”
Umbra: ‘If I ever see you again, next time, it’ll be your head.”
“Umbra throws her face on the ground and turns his back on her and
begins to walk away.”
Crimson: ‘Well done Umbra, well done you son of a bitch. One day I’m
gonna kill you, you hear me?!’
“Umbra turns his head to his shoulder and stops in place.”
Umbra: ‘I’ll be waiting.’
“Umbra walks away from his assailant and back to the motel to Desman.”
“Desman runs to the down the motel to check on Umbra.”
Desman: ’You ok?’
Umbra: ‘Yeah, I’m fine. We ready to go?’
“Desman hands Umbra’s revolver to him.”
Desman: ‘Now we are.’
Umbra: ‘We can’t stay here she can’t be the only one who knows where I
Desman: ‘Theirs’s a cavern right in front of Virus’s compound. We’ll go
Umbra: ‘Ok.’
“Umbra sheaths his blade and holsters his revolver.”
Umbra: ‘Let’s go.’
The two quickly make their way to the cavern and away from the town of Xinia.
Closer to ending Virus.
30 Minutes Later
Desman and Umbra are now out of the town of Xinia, and have now found the
way to the cavern Desman was talking about. They will have to make a plan on
they can get to Virus and kill him.
Umbra: ‘How close are we?’
Desman: ‘Close. Just keep moving.’
The two walk for a couple more minutes until they stop and spot something they
were waiting to find.
Umbra: ’Dear god.’
“Before Umbra’s eyes there is a large compound, the size of an entire
Desman: ‘That’s where he is.’
“Umbra looked at Desman and back at the compound.”
Umbra: ‘I thought he was a warlord?’
Desman: ‘A successful warlord, very successful.’
The two find the cavern and make camp there preparing a plan on how they’re
going to kill Virus.
“The two gather around a stone resembling a table, and prepare a plan.”
Umbra: ‘You have any ideas on what we can do?’
“Desman stares at the table that now has a piece of paper, and bullets
scattered around the table.”
Desman: ‘I have an idea, but I don’t think you’ll like it.’
“Umbra looks at Desman confused and hesitant, already not liking the
Umbra: ‘What is it?’
“Desman begins to draw on the paper.”
Desman: ’Ok you’ll have to go up to the gate and turn yourself in to Virus
directly and while the door is still open, I’m going to slip in and plant some
bombs with in the compound.’
Umbra: ’Won’t Virus know bombs are being planted?’
Desman: ‘Not if you distract him.’
“Desman draws (x)’s on four corners on the paper.”
Desman: ‘I’ll place bombs on every corner of the compound. So, when
the compound is weakened enough, we’ll finish the what’s left.’
“Umbra puts his hands on the table looking at the picture on the paper
and reflecting on the plan.”
Desman: ‘You in.’
Umbra: ‘One condition.’
“Desman looks at Umbra, listening.”
Umbra: ‘I kill Virus.’
Desman: ’Fine.’
“Umbra raises his hand for him to shake it.”
“Desman shakes but tries to let go, but Umbra grips his hand.”
Umbra: ‘Do not play me.”
Desman: ‘I won’t.’
The two shake hands, load up, and begin the attack on Virus.
2 hours later
“Umbra walks to the front gate of Virus’s compound. To be stopped by
four what appear to be tower guards.”
Tower guard 1: ‘Don’t take another step, Umbra!’
“Umbra stops in place.”
Tower guard 1: ‘What are you doing here?!’
Tower guard 2: ‘Answer or we’ll shoot!’
Umbra: ‘I’m here to see Virus!’
Tower guard 1: ‘Oh yeah well…’
“The tower guard stops half sentence and gets something on his com.”
“Umbra can see him talking to someone and also Desman right on the
wall of the gate in the corner of his eye.”
Tower guard 1: ’Let him in!’
“The other three tower guards look at him confused.”
Tower guard 2: ‘What?!’
Tower guard 1: ‘Orders from Virus himself. Let him in!’
“The tower guards let him in and escort him inside.”
“Umbra can slightly see Desman creep his way in and runs off.”
Umbra: ‘Here we go (He quietly says to himself).’
“Umbra walks through the whole compound with two of the guards
escorting him to Virus. The place looks like it’s prepared for the next
“The guards bring Umbra up an entire three-story flight of stairs and to a
room with nothing in it except a table, two CBG’s (Cyber Body Guards) and a
chair, with Virus sitting in it.”
“Desman is making his way through the compound taking out any guard
in his way one by one. Trying to place as many bombs to light the place
“Umbra walks toward Virus, to see him sitting in a throne like chair.”
Virus: ‘Hey Umbra.’
“The Guards push Umbra down on his knees while Virus walks up to
Virus: ‘Long time no see.’
“Desman grabs one of the patrolling guards over his mouth and stabs him
in the head. Then places another bomb”
Desman: ‘Two down two to go.”
“Desman runs into the dark alley of the compound and disappears.”
“Virus grabs a drink and sits in his “throne”.”
Virus: ‘Why are you here Umbra?’
“Umbra looks up at Virus and throws a fake smile.”
Umbra: ‘You were too hard to run from so I just gave myself up.’
“Virus raises his hand and flicks his finger at one of his CBG’s.”
“The CBG walks up and slaps Umbra in the face.”
Virus: ‘I’ll ask again, what are you doing here?’
“Umbra spits blood on the floor and leans his head down.”
Umbra: ’I couldn’t protect the kid so I let her go and eventually the Creed
just kept finding me. So, here I am.’
Virus: ‘So the kid is still out there?’
Umbra: ’So, you did know it was a kid. Even though I told you not to lie to
Virus: ‘You were the only one I THOUGHT could do it. I guess I was
“Umbra stares up at Virus.”
Umbra: ‘Why do you want her dead, SO badly?’
“Virus stands up and walks to the table in front of him dividing the two of
Virus: ‘Man-kind has seen a lot of new changes in this world. Half human
half animal hybrids, walking machines that think, act, and love like us,
and now people with the power of gods.’
“Virus drags his finger on the table, which Umbra now sees is a map of
the entire Badlands.”
Virus: ‘The world is changing Umbra, someone is gonna be on top and the
people like us have to pick a side. I’ve already chosen mine.’
“Umbra looks at Virus now lost and confused.”
Umbra: ‘You lost me.’
Virus: ‘We all work for someone Umbra, it’s how the world works. The
person I work for, wants that little girl dead.’
Umbra: ‘Why?’
“Virus looks at Umbra with a sinister smile.”
Virus: ‘I think you already know “why”.’
“Umbra looks down for a second to think and realizes what Virus means.”
Umbra: ‘Her power.’
Virus: ‘DING DING! You got it.’
Umbra: ‘What makes her so dangers to your employer?’
Virus: ‘She controls solar energy Umbra, what other person on this planet
controls that kind of power? Hell, not even The Great King Tannerite has
that kind of power, and he the most powerful person on the fucking
planet. She could decimate entire countries if she wanted to.’
Umbra: ‘She’s just a kid?!’
Virus: ‘For now, but what if she gets older and she wants to rule, or kill
anyone who pissed her off?’
“Umbra just looks down and exhales roughly.”
Virus: ‘She is a danger Umbra, to everyone. My “Employer” as you put it,
can’t have that in this world when he reveals himself.”
Umbra: ‘What’s so bad about your boss? You’re a warlord.’
“Virus closes his eyes and breathes, exhaling slowly. Like a kid that’s
Virus: ’I already told you, we all work for someone. People like us either
work for weak people or powerful people, or people in the middle. And
my boss is the most powerful and fearsome person in the Badlands. Not
even Tannerite is going to be able to stop him when he reveals himself to
the world. That’s why I’m going to find her.’
“Virus walks next to him and leans over him.”
Virus: ‘But, don’t worry we’ll kill her and maybe I’ll bring her to you, or
what’s left of her that is.’
“Umbra slowly looks up at Virus looking into his soul.”
Umbra: ‘Unless I kill you first.’
“Desman gets to the last corner of the compound and sets up the last
bomb and activates the detonator.”
Desman: ‘Ok Umbra, I hope you’re ready.’
“Virus picks up a gun on his table behind him and points it at Umbra’s
Virus: ‘Then let’s change that.’
(Loud explosion and crashes)
“Umbra opens his eyes to dust, smoke, and gun fire.”
Desman: ‘Get up! Get up son now get up!’
“Umbra wakes up and starts coughing.”
Umbra: ‘Wha…what happened?’
Desman: ‘The plan worked, we just have to pick off the scraps and find
Umbra: ‘How many are there?’
Desman: ‘Thirty to thirty-five I think?’
“Desman holds Umbra’s sword and revolver in front of him.”
Desman: ‘I think you’ll need these.’
“Umbra takes both of his weapons, takes a deep breath then closes his
Umbra: ‘Desman.’
Desman: ‘What?’
“Umbra opens his eyes.”
Umbra: ‘Cover me.’
“Umbra jumps over the piece of cover the two were hiding behind and
dashes toward the guards.”
Guard: ‘Boggy 3 o clo…!’
“Some of the guards look to the right to see the guard dead by the end of
Umbra’s blade.”
Guard: ‘Shoot, shoot, shoot!’
“The guards fire and Umbra takes cover and runs toward all of them
killing them one by one.”
Guard: ‘Where is he…’
“Umbra points his revolver to the guards head with the guard now seeing
the bodies of his former allies on the ground with blade cuts and stabs in their
Umbra: ‘Where is Virus.’
“Umbra chambers his revolver.”
Umbra: ‘I won’t ask a second time.’
Guard: ‘He’s going to the back door, the very back entrance of the
Umbra: ‘Thank you sir.’
Guard: ‘Does this mean you’ll let me li…’
“Umbra walks to Desman now seeing what Umbra has done.”
Umbra: ‘He’s going to the back door You know where that is?’
Desman: ‘Yeah…yeah I do follow me.’
The two made their way through the now crumbling compound. Getting closer
to ending Virus, finishing the job.
Desman: ’Umbra!’
“Umbra looks at Desman to see him pointing at something. He looks to
see Virus almost out of the compound.”
Umbra: ‘Virus!’
“Virus looks behind him and runs to the right.”
Desman: ‘He’s hiding behind the fuel tanks. You go right I’ll go around.’
Umbra: ‘Got it.’
“The two split up to catch Virus.”
“Umbra runs after Virus and shoots his leg and kicks him mid sprint.”
Umbra: ’I got you. You son of a bitch.’
“Virus positions himself against a tanker.”
“Umbra point’s his gun to Virus’s head.”
Umbra: ‘Remember what I told you? If you try to play me or trick me. I’m
going to kill you.’
“Umbra chambers his revolver that now has one round left in it.”
Umbra: ‘Any last words?’
“Virus looks at Umbra and smiles.”
Umbra: ‘What’s so funny?’
Virus: ‘Behind ya.’
“After Virus said that Umbra feels a sharp pain in the back of his leg and
drops to the ground. To only see Desman.”
Umbra: ‘Ah! You bastard!’
“Desman looks down at Umbra.”
Desman: ‘He’s brought more pain to me then you’ll ever imagine Umbra.
I’m taking him out.’
“Desman points his gun to Virus’s head.”
Desman: ‘Say your prayers you son of a bitch.’
Umbra: ‘I don’t think so (He whispers to himself).’
“Umbra holds the gun up to Virus and fires. Putting a bullet in his head.”
“Desman looks at Virus lying life-less against a tanker, then looks at
Umbra with anger in his eyes.”
Desman: ‘You son of a Bitch!’
“Umbra gets up slowly lipping and struggling to stand.”
“Desman Pulls out a knife and throws it and Umbra.”
“Umbra quickly catches the knife before almost stabbing him in the
“Desman pulls out another knife and holds it upside down preparing to
“Umbra does the same but limps as he is moving along with Desman.”
Desman: ‘You had no right to do that. He was mine.’
Umbra: ‘I don’t care, my work is done. But if you want to kill me. Then
come on and try.’
“Desman runs to strike Umbra.”
“Umbra catches his arm and kicks him with his good leg trying to stab
“Desman elbows him in the side and then stabs him in in between the
Umbra: ‘Ah, damn it!’
“Umbra looks at Desman viciously and then runs in.”
“Desman grabs him and then grabs his neck and pulls him back about to
stab him in the chest.”
“Umbra reacts then stabs him twice in the side putting him on the
ground. Then getting on top of him.”
“Desman quickly digs his finger into Umbra’s wounded leg and brings him
on the ground with now Desman reversing what Umbra did. Punching
Umbra in the face then begins to deliver the finishing blow.”
“Then Umbra grabs his arm and rolls him on the floor before Desman can
react and stabs him the heart finishing the fight. Then standing up
severely injured.”
Umbra: ‘I told you, I told you bastard.’
“Umbra puts his hand on his side, trying to stop the bleeding.”
Umbra: ‘You shouldn’t have played me…and now….’
“Umbra breathes deeply and exhales slowly.”
Umbra: ‘Look where it got you.’
“Umbra walks to a small tanker and leans on it, slowly sliding down in a
sitting position. He rip’s a long piece of the cloth on his shoulder into a long
strand, then ties it around his waist tightly. Now holding his revolver in one hand
and the sheath of his sword that he now realizes he could have used to kill
Umbra: ‘Mnmg…ha…god, damn it.’
“Umbra lies down against the tanker and slowly closes his eyes.”
“Umbra opens his eyes. Feeling weak, tired, lite headed. He only has the
strength to move his head, and not even that much.”
Mysterious person: ‘Are you up?’
“Umbra doesn’t say anything, only trying to find where his capturer is.”
Umbra: ‘Who…wh…?’
Mysterious person: ‘My name is Kiva, don’t talk your extremely weak.’
“Umbra tries to get up but only ends up picking himself off the ground
and falling again.”
Kiva: ‘Hey! I said to lay down damn it you have multiple open wounds
that need to heal.’
“Kiva brushes his head from his forehead to the back of his head.”
Kiva: ‘Go to sleep.’
“Umbra slowly closes his eyes and drifts away.”
“Umbra opens his eyes again and gasps for air and lunges forward. Then
looks around still at the now destroyed compound, lying on the fuel tank. Except
now Virus and Desman are gone.”
Umbra: ‘What the hell?’
“Umbra slowly gets up and notices his wounds are now healed
completely. Then sees something drop on the ground and picks it up. To see that
it’s a note with writing on it.”
Umbra: ‘From Kiva?’
Umbra reading the note but with Kiva’s voice: ‘Hello Umbra, I hope by
the time you’re reading this your wounds have healed. I tried my best to fix you
up, I hope I did. You don’t know me but I know you Umbra and maybe our paths
will cross again someday. But, for now all you need to know is that I’m Kiva and
I’m your friend. You may not know it, but I am. Your bounty has been cleared
your free from the Creed. Use it how you wish. Virus still has more people out
there who will take his place. So, if you have nothing on your plate maybe you
should start with Drace Vales.’
“Umbra looks at the bottom of her letter and sees something else she
Umbra reading the note but with Kiva’s voice: ‘Remember these words,
“Die divided, Live united”. Until we meet again Umbra.’
“Umbra looks at the note and puts it in his pocket, then slowly pulls out
his phone.”
(Dials a number then starts ringing)
“The line tells Umbra that Marcus isn’t answering and leaves a message.”
Umbra: ‘Hey Marcus. It’s done he’s dead. The kid is safe for now. But
there are more people who worked for Virus that are going to take his place and
try to find Sarah so…I need to find them first. Take care of the kid for now, thank
you brother and, tell Sarah I love her.’
“Umbra stops talking and sends the voice mail. Then walks out of the
compound to Xinia.”
20 Minutes Later
“Umbra walks into a bar in Xinia and sits on one of the bar stools with
almost everyone in the bar looking at him.”
“The bar tender notices him and walks over to him.”
Bar tender: ‘Rough day?’
“Umbra looks at him.”
Umbra: ‘You have NO idea.’
“The bar tender smirks at him.”
Bar tender: ‘Beer?’
Umbra: ‘Yeah.’
“The bar tender pulls out a bottle of beer and drags it along the table to
Umbra: ‘Thanks.’
Bar tender: ‘That one’s on the house.’
“Umbra drinks his beer and alone until he hears someone go inside the
bar and sit next to him.”
Umbra: ‘I told what would happen if I ever saw you again.’
Crimson: ‘You did it. Did you?’
“Umbra takes a sip of his beer.”
Umbra: ‘Yeah.’
Crimson: ‘The Creed won’t go after you as long as you don’t interfere
with any of our business.’
Umbra: ‘Wasn’t planning on it.’
“Umbra takes a sip of his beer.”
Crimson: ‘What are you going to do now?’
“Umbra takes another sip of his beer.”
Umbra: ‘Finish the job.’
“Crimson chuckles.”
Crimson: ‘Good hunting Umbra, it was a pleasure working with you.’
“Crimson walks out of the bar.”
“Umbra finishes his beer and walks out shortly after.”
(Umbra pulls out Kiva’s note)
Umbra: ‘Drace hu? (Umbra says to himself)’
“Umbra looks ahead to see a ground transport to the city of Tares.”
Umbra: ‘Let the hunt begin.’
Umbra walks to transport to Tares and leaves Xinia. Ending his chapter, and
starting a new one.
“A man in a dark room walks toward something or someone, shaken and
The man: ‘Sier…’
“A large being shrouded in darkness moves in his throne he is sitting in
showing his presence.”
The man in the dark: ‘What it is my child?’
The man: ‘Virus was found dead and his compound was destroyed.’
The man in the dark: ‘Who is responsible for this.’
“The man’s voice sounds full of anger and rage, shaking the room like
“The man walks up to his what looks to be master and holds a paper to
“The man in the dark grabs it.”
The man in the dark: ‘Umbra? Interesting.’
The man: ‘What should we do my King?’
The King in the dark: ‘Nothing, the plan remains the same let him work. It
will all fall eventually.’

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