MBHS Students Return to the Dance Floor at Senior Formal

Photo Credit Sydney Laughlin

Morro Bay High School seniors were given the opportunity to attend a Senior Formal on Friday, May 21st, for an evening of dancing and catching up with friends. To attend the event, students were required to be either fully vaccinated or have had a negative COVID-19 test on Monday, 17th, and the dance’s rules stated that masks must be worn during the event. 

The Senior Formal allowed students to return to a somewhat normal style of school events, which was welcomed by many students. Speaking about her experience, senior Patience Beauchemin said that she “went with a small group of friends” and had fun with the opportunity to dress up and have fun. Kelby Plotkin, also a senior, added that the dance “looked beautiful” and that she particularly enjoyed “seeing students/peers who I normally would not see” and “dancing with some of [her] closest friends.”

Further, Beauchemin said that being able to attend the dance “makes high school feel special,” pointing to the event as a way that the school population could return to a sense of belonging and tradition amid a turbulent year. Plotkin elaborated on this point, explaining that “having a traditional senior year was something that was really important to me” and that “events such as the Senior Formal and in-person Graduation do a great job at giving seniors that slight amount of normality in these weird times.”

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