MBHS gets First Win of the Season in Commanding Fashion vs Carpenteria


MBHS had their first home game of the year this last Friday, going one on one with Carpinteria High. It was the first time in a while that the fans of the Pirates had been able to watch a game live and to make it even better, students got to go for free. 

MBHS got the ball to begin the first quarter. The Pirates were able to strategically move their way downfield. Senior Dylan Turner was able to power his way into the endzone for the first touchdown of the game. The defense held strong on the following drive, forcing a Carpinteria fumble. Unfortunately, MBHS was unable to pounce on their opportunity, punting on fourth down. Once again, the Pirate defense was too much for the offense of Carpenteria, forcing them to pubt. After Dylan Turner picked up a first down on the ensuing drive, junior quarterback Nicky Johnson completed a pass to senior Christian Merrill for the game’s second touchdown. The Pirates took a 13-0 lead after a good extra point. The second quarter started off with a bang, as Nicky Johnson threw his second touchdown of the game, this time to senior Jakob Avila. The Pirates failed on the extra point attempt, taking a 19 point lead. At this point, the Pirates looked unstoppable, as the defense was once again able to hold the Carpenteria offense to no points. MBHS got the ball back with little time left in the first half. These circumstances were not enough to stop the Pirates, however, as Nicky Johnson threw his third touchdown of the half, this time to Ethan Lisman with two minutes to go in the half. MBHS would end a monstrous first half with a score of 25-0 after another failed extra-point attempt.

The second half began with more Morro Bay dominance. Nicky Johnson was able to complete a few passes for first downs on the drive, and eventually completed his fourth touchdown pass to Dylan Turner to take a 31-0 lead. The third quarter was a battle defensively after the score. Both teams were able to stop each other’s drives. This was the case until Nicky Johnson was able to string together a drive that resulted in another touchdown for Dylan Turner. After the good PAT, MBHS had a 38-0 lead. The fourth quarter was a clock-draining period for the Pirates. The offense did all they could to run the clock as much as possible in order to escape with the win. This plan was successful, as neither team scored in the final quarter of play. With that being said, the Morro Bay Pirates dominated Carpinteria, winning 38-0.

Head Coach Jake Goosen-Brown and senior running back Dylan Turner were interviewed in regards to the game, and they each shared their own perspectives. Dylan Turner said the atmosphere in the locker room after the game was, “Lit, duh. We blasted music and celebrated.” On the contrary, coach Goosen-Brown said, “The kids were excited, I expected that to happen. We want to be expected to win rather than acting like it’s something that’s a surprise. We treat it like any other day, they did good work, they celebrated and enjoyed a good win on Friday night then were back to work by Saturday.” When asked about the key to success during the game, Dylan credited his offensive line saying, “Our offensive line was able to dominate up front…”Coach Goosen Brown credited the entire team to the win, mentioning how the players came in ready and prepared to play.

This coming week will be a busy week for the Pirates, meaning they don’t have a game and they will have time to rest. On the Saturday after that, MBHS will be taking the long trip to Fresno to face the Fresno Warriors. The game will take place on September 10th at 7:30 p.m at Fresno High School.

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