Foreign Exchange Students: Bringing Cultural Diversity to MBHS


The 2021-2022 Morro Bay High school year has finally arrived. There are many students who may have never stepped foot on MBHS, whether they are new students or freshman and sophomores coming into their first couple of years of high school. Since school was online this past year, there were no foreign exchange students at MBHS. After a year and a half of working from home, all students are back on campus and foreign exchange students are coming to explore the school. 

We interviewed a couple of the foreign students from Belgium and Germany. These foreign exchange students have made a really good impression on the MBHS campus and its students. Senior Martha Hock said “I feel like it’s kind of a new start, so it’s nice getting to know new people, new country, and classes”. When asked what the differences were between MBHS campus and their campus back home, senior Jolina Frenzel said “The differences are that the campus is bigger in Germany, we have different classes everyday so it’s not that we have the same classes everyday. What’s similar are the basic classes. There are more electives here. And in Germany there are no sports teams in school.” Foreign exchange students seem to enjoy the campus with many students, and the sports events that happen in campus.

With the 2021-2022 school year just beginning, all the foreign exchange students could look forward to MBHS upcoming events. With sports games being free, the homecoming dance coming up soon, and more, the new foreign exchange students could enjoy them with their fellow MBHS students.

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