Do MBHS Students Care About the Emmy Awards?


The 73rd Emmy Awards broadcasted live on CBS on September 19th 2021. The purpose of the Emmys is to honor and award what is nominated outstanding television. However, when television as a whole grows it becomes more difficult to agree with or even consume the same content. The Emmys prove how heavily television has become divided based on culture and age.

Generation Z (Those born between late 1990’s and 2010’s) at this time don’t seem to care about the Emmys. “I have never and never will care about the Emmys”, stated Ty Langston a Junior at MBHS. This highlights a huge disconnect considering the Emmys are supposed to honor the best television has to offer. It is true that the Emmys are catered towards adults and an older audience, but the trench becomes more prominent when well over the majority of the nominees have not been watched by students.

20 students at MBHS were interviewed on how many shows they have seen out of the 16 total from the drama and comedy sections. There were three shows that all twenty people never saw, those being “Hacks”, “The Flight Attendant”, and “Lovecraft Country” (all three of which are on HBO). The most popular show was The Mandalorian with six out of the twenty people who have seen it. Nine out of the twenty people had never seen a single show on the list. The student who watched the most shows comparatively still only watched seven out of the sixteen. The remainder of the people saw between one and six out of the sixteen shows.

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