Everything you need to know about Homecoming Dance

Photo By Edwin Mendoza

The Homecoming dance 2021 at Morro Bay High school will be held this Saturday 9/25 outside on the field it will be from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. No guests will be allowed besides Morro Bay high students. It will be held to celebrate the return to the upcoming school year. The dance will feature music, food, and dancing. All while being COVID safe and adapted. tickets will be 10$ each.

Freshman Class Vice President Zahira Segler stated when asked about homecoming “I believe that all students should go to homecoming because ASB has taken a lot of time planning it to make it fun and for a lot of students it’s their first homecoming.”

There are many precautions that will be taken to ensure the safety of all attendees.  Vaccinated students also must come with proof of their vaccine such as a vaccination card unless their vaccine card is already on file.  Unvaccinated students must take a COVID test in order to purchase tickets and they must show proof of it being negative before being allowed to buy the ticket.. For students taking a COVID test, it’s recommended to get it done Wednesday (9/22) at the latest due to it usually taking 2  days or more to get results.

         Tickets can be purchased at the back of the office at the booth for 10$. You can purchase them at nutrition, lunch, before or after school. For students with an ASB emblem on their ID cards the dance will be free.

The theme of the dance is California Dreaming, the dress code is semi-formal, but it’s also outside so ASB recommends long sleeves or to bring a sweater/jacket to wear incase you get cold. If you have any songs to request, check out ASB’s Instagram. In typical California fashion there will be snacks and candy and treats. Get Ready for an amazing night!


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