What Happens If You Get COVID?


What Happens if You Have COVID?

    With the sudden uprising in COVID-19 schools have been taking necessary precautions towards the elimination of COVID. Many have gotten their vaccinations and tried their best to prevent themselves from getting COVID. But even with a mask and vaccinations anyone can still get COVID. This is why the school district has decided to make a plan to help students and parents know what to do if  a student gets COVID. 

    So what is the plan if someone has COVID symptoms at school? First the student will go to the office and get asked a few questions about their symptoms. They will be asked the following questions. Do you have a fever over 100.4 F or any chills? Do you have a cough? Do you have a shortness of breath? Any Fatigue? Muscle or body aches? Any New loss of taste or smell? Headache? Sore throat? Congestion or runny Nose? Nausea or vomiting? Diarrhea? If the student says yes to any of these questions they will be sent home. After that they will be asked to get a COVID test or see a doctor. The student’s family must notify the school once getting tested if it’s positive or negative. 

    To be able to return back to school the student must be 24 hours free of any fever, and have a significant improvement on any symptoms without any medication. On top of that, have documentation of a negative PCR test or a doctor’s note. If the student wishes to not get tested they must meet CDC criteria. Be 24 hours fever free, show significant improvement in symptoms and be 10 days from first symptoms. They must provide documentation of wellness from public health or receive permission to come back to campus. 

    Once it’s confirmed that a student has tested positive fo covid. The next step is to  determine if someone came in close contact or not with the student for 15 minutes over a period of 24 hours. After coming in contact the student must quarantine for 10 days if you are not vaccinated regardless if you have a negative test or not. You have the choice to get tested or not. After that if the student participates in any sports they will not be able to participate in any sports related activities for 10 days. Fatima Martinez was one of the students who was affected by the protocol to quarantine for 10 days. She said “ The schools’ policy isn’t fair for the students. I had to catch up on all my projects and homework I missed from that week. Also I had to miss my volleyball game and practices for a week.”

    With the rise of covid it’s important to keep these protocols to keep the students and staff safe.  In this article it really goes to show how taking the right protocall from covid is important for us all to be able to keep safe and protected. To keep safe make sure to keep your mask on and get vaccinated

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