MBHS Wins Clash of the Coast in Overtime Classic

Photo by Amber Cummings

The Pirates and the Eagles reignited their fiery rivalry this past Friday, as Templeton came to MBHS for the Clash of the Coast. MBHS came into the game 2-3, most recently steamrolling Tranquility in a 63-0 effort. Templeton came into the game 3-2, narrowly beating Piedmont in their last game. Templeton had the upper hand in the most recent games over the years, but the Pirates had all of the momentum in the world after the Homecoming Game. This game was bound to be an instant classic.

Morro Bay would receive the first quarter kickoff, beginning their opening drive at their own 20-yard line. The first drive was a combination of plays both big and small. It all culminated at a big 4th and 7 from the Templeton 9 yard line. Coach Goosen-Brown dialed up a QB keeper for Nicky Johnson. The play was executed to perfection, resulting in a touchdown, and MBHS took an early 7-0 lead. Templeton now had possession, and they ran the ball as much as possible. Their running game was tough to stop, and it resulted in the Eagles ending up at the Morro Bay 1 yard line. The Eagles ran the ball into the endzone with ease. However, they missed the PAT, resulting in the Pirates holding the lead 7-6. 

As the second quarter was underway, MBHS was unable to convert on 4th down, giving the ball right back to Templeton. Templeton was able to capitalize on this mistake, rushing for a 52-yard touchdown. They then ran the ball in for a successful two-point conversion attempt, making the score 7-14. The Pirates now needed to tie the score, and they needed to do it quickly. Nicky Johnson chained together a few complete passes, one of them going for 38 yards. Now at the Templeton 6 yard line, Dylan Turner powered the ball into the endzone, tying the game at 14 apiece. Up to this point, Templeton had not passed the ball once, and that trend continued. They ran the ball all the way back to the MBHS 1 yard line and pounded the ball into the endzone once again. Templeton was up 14-21. With four minutes to go in the half, MBHS desperately needed to score to keep the game close. The Pirates proceeded to both pass and run the ball down the field. With only seconds remaining, the Pirates scored another rushing touchdown. Templeton proceeded to block the ensuing PAT, making the score 20-21 at the end of the half.

The third quarter consisted of more scoring. Templeton got the ball first and continued their rushing attack. The Eagles proceeded to score their fourth rushing touchdown of the game, making the score 28-20. Down 8, the Pirates got the ball back and were ready to go. Dylan Turner and Nicky Johnson continued their dominance, moving the ball quite easily. Nicky Johnson threw a touchdown to close the gap, making the score 26-28. The pirates now had the chance to tie the game with a two-point conversion. This attempt was successful, as the Eagles could not stop the pass. This would do it for the third quarter.

It was not the time of the most important quarter of the game. Both teams were tied at 28, and now was the time to put the game away. All three previous quarters were offensively oriented. However, the fourth quarter is where the defenses reigned supreme. Both teams were enforced to either punt or fail to convert on fourth down. It was Templeton who had the last chance to score. With under one minute left in the game, the Eagles once again found themselves at the Morro Bay one-yard line. Over the last two times, Templeton was at the one-yard line, they scored touchdowns. Now, on fourth down, MBHS got the biggest stop of the season, holding them off, and taking the game into overtime.

Per overtime rules, both teams are given opportunities to score and win the game. The Eagles received the ball first, and they looked to end the game. The defensive confidence from the fourth quarter rolled into overtime, as the Pirates forced and recovered a fumble. Now, if the Pirates scored they would win the game. They drove down a short field, and after nearly turning the ball over, MBHS had the opportunity to kick the game-winning field goal. The kick was up and good, and MBHS would win the Clash of the Coast in overtime. They receive their well-earned trophy after that nail-biter of a game.

MBHS improved their record to 3-3, and they look to continue their winning streak against SLO High this coming Friday. It will be an Ocean League home game on Friday, October 8th.

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