Top Ten Ways To Help Stress

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The new transition back to in person schooling at MBHS can be a lot to take in at once for everyone but especially students. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with such a significant switch in the environment. These are some techniques that students can use to help. It’s crucial to manage all forms of your health and how stress can impact all of them. While some of these techniques can not be used at school, they can still help you recover after a potentially exhausting school day. 

  1. Hydrate And Breathe– Don’t let your body get dehydrated! Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the entire day. You can also practice breathing exercises keeping oxygen properly exerted throughout your body.
  2. Light Incense Or Candles– A great way to start relieving stress is to calm your senses. Smell is one of the major senses can help calm you down. Either stick with a familiar scent to calm your nerves or branch out a bit further and try something new!
  3. Exercise– No matter what form of exercise you enjoy it’s never a bad idea to get your heart rate up. It can be a simple sport with friends or a full body workout. Whatever you are comfortable starting with.
  4. Take A Nap– Whether you need to reset or you’re just feeling tired, a quick nap could be just the thing you need to get back on your feet!
  5. Practice Art– From drawing to sculpting the art forms this world offers are vast. Even if you’re taking an arts class at school or not, it never hurts to find your favorite and start a creation.
  6. Listen To Music– Listening to music can be a really effective way to relieve stress. It doesn’t really have to be classified as soothing. It can be any genre you find comfortable or personally calming.
  7. Talk To Someone– Talking with someone you’re comfortable with is a way to ease up and let some stress out. Teachers, parents, and friends all work. You can receive advice, simply be listened to, or just distract yourself.
  8. Organize Your Room– Organizing your room could be an effective way to distract your mind. If it’s not something that makes you anxious then it’s a great way to do something productive while calming down. At the end you also have a clean room which itself could switch your environment into something more comfortable.
  9. Write Something Down– Writing and storytelling can be a creative way to express yourself. You can also simply list things that are on your mind or branch out to the more creative corners of the writing world. 
  10. Play With A Pet- Whether you have a cat, snake, or anything in between there is usually something you can do with it. Petting or playing a game with your animal is an easy way to unwind. 

When you are stressed it becomes easy to ignore help and try to just push through it. Get to know what works for you and consider some of these strategies. They may be able to make an issue just a little bit easier. 


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