Environmental Club Clothes Swap 



The Environmental Club is hosting an event called the clothes swap. This event will take place on Wednesday, October 13th outside of Ms. Heidt’s room. The main idea of the clothes swap is to make sure that no clothes go to waste Emma Gragson, one of the clubs presidents says ” This is a way to get rid of unwanted clothes in an ethical way. “We just thought that it was a good idea because we know how much clothes go to waste”, Gragson continued.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own clothes to swap at school, this includes staff! There may be an opportunity to sell your clothes at a minimum price. Gragson states that  “ I know that clothes go to waste all the time; many times your old clothes just end up in the dump and you buy more, which only worsens the problem of waste”. 

Ella Stoneman, one of the presidents of the environmental club adds that “ The clothing industry is a wasteful industry and I think swapping clothes instead of buying new ones is a small and easy thing MBHS students can do to not support it. Plus it is just fun to trade and swap.”

For more information about the clothing swap email emmacgragson@student.slcusd.org

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