SAT Testing Begins at MBHS


 In the last year and a half, there have been many adjustments that we have had to get accustomed to for school purposes. As if learning at home was not difficult enough, there was also the process of learning how to apply to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Going through those troubles we had to learn how to navigate our way around the College Board website to register for all these tests. Luckily, this year Morro Bay High School has opened its doors to only senior SAT testing on October 28th.  

While registration was higher on the difficulty scale, there was also confusion about whether colleges were going to require SATs for the class of 2021. The SAT has been an official test that students take to get accepted into most schools. In most cases, colleges are very competitive so they used this test to average the students who got into their colleges. According to the Princeton Review, it is “to measure a high school student’s readiness for college”. Senior, John Riley who chose to take the SAT said “I would submit my test because I feel as if it were a good thing to take because it pushes me to be better.” 

Recently we learned that the SAT is no longer being required when applying for the college of your choosing. The last couple of years, the students at Morro Bay High School have been hearing “Stopping testing has been under consideration for some time as to whether it is a valid measure of one being ready for college readiness and in fact there are colleges that have not required testing as a part of their process for some time”, said Ms. Smith from our counseling staff. 

According to Ms. Smith, “Presently, the UC and CSU colleges have reevaluated the testing requirement.  I would recommend students and parents to go to these college institutions’ websites.”  Some colleges are Cal Poly and UCSB that will not require an SAT or ACT. 

SAT registrations have closed for on-campus testing. The college board is offering multiple different tests throughout the end of the year in different locations of San Luis Obispo County. Check out the College Board website to apply for upcoming SATs in the next couple of months for Juniors. 


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