MBHS Loses Final Game of the Season vs. Atascadero


MBHS went one-on-one this week against Ocean League rivals Atascadero High. This game has a variety of special occasions regarding it. First, this game would be the last game of the regular season for the Pirates. Next, it was Senior Night. All senior football players, band members, and cheerleaders would be honored in a special event before the game. 

The first quarter was underway with MBHS receiving the ball first. The Pirates tried to string together some power runs down the middle with some quick passes but to no avail. The Pirates were forced to punt. Atascadero had the ball, but the MBHS defense held strong on their first time out. After some more play, the opening quarter ended at a scoreless 0-0. The second quarter seemed to be the quarter that changed the game. Atascadero was able to establish their running game, as the Pirate defense was having a hard time bringing the running backs down. Atascadero got things rolling with one long pass, then right after having a 60-yard catch and run touchdown. MBHS faced an early 7-0 deficit. The Pirates now had four minutes left in the half to cut the lead. Quarterback Nicky Johnson completed a long pass to receiver Ethan Lisman, setting up MBHS with good field position late in the half. Unfortunately, MBHS turned the ball over on downs after a missed field goal. This gave the Greyhounds momentum to complete another long pass. After a few more plays, Atascadero ran the ball in for a 7-yard touchdown, taking a 14-0 lead to end the second quarter.

The Greyhounds received the ball first to open the half, already having a two-score lead. They were able to execute a long run that landed them on the 10-yard line. The Pirates defense was able to step it up, forcing a turnover on downs. The offense now had a chance to make the score closer, but turned the ball over on downs. Atascadero, now with good field position, cashed in on the turnover with a 20-yard passing touchdown. Morro Bay still trailed 21-0. Now in the fourth quarter, the Pirates had a long way to go to make a comeback. Nicky Johnson unloaded a deep ball down the sideline to Ethan Lisman to begin the drive. Unfortunately, Atascadero turned the tide with a sack, leading to another turnover on downs. Yet again, the Greyhounds scored a long touchdown, this time being a 63-yard rushing touchdown. The score was 27-0 after a missed PAT. The Pirates now had 6 minutes to try and score but were unable to do so, punting the ball back to Atascadero. The Greyhounds went on to score again, with a 30-yard touchdown. The score now being 34-0. The game ended with MBHS throwing an interception. 

The Pirates lost the final game of the regular season 34-0, with their record ending at 4-6. However, they were still able to punch their spot into the CIF Playoffs. The first playoff game will be on November 12th at MBHS.

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