Entry of The Electives: A MBHS Course Wishlist


Morro Bay High School offers a variety of interesting and beneficial classes. Many courses are offered that set students on career paths. It is great for students to try out different career-oriented classes. However, the school does not offer every course students and staff are interested in having. If MBHS was to offer other classes, students and staff gave a lot of ideas as to what courses would be fun, interesting, and engaging. 

The most effective way for schools to introduce new classes is to collaborate in an innovation process with schools that already offer the new class or a similar variation. Templeton High School has a similar population to that of Morro Bay High School. THS also emphasizes the benefits of participating in a Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway. This makes Templeton kind of similar to Morro Bay in certain ways.  However, students at THS are able to complete pathways that MBHS does not offer. For example, students can take classes such as Welding or Floral Design as part of the Practical Design pathway. This pathway would be popular among Morro Bay High students as well since these classes teach skills that are useful in the real world.  Students at all schools would benefit from classes that teach practical life skills.

Some MBHS teachers were interviewed and asked if there are any classes they wish they were able to teach here at Morro Bay, or any that they think would give students important knowledge.  Mrs. Weitzen, a teacher that offers a wide variety of classes including ASB, Intro to Law, Criminal Law, and Child Development was asked if she had any other courses she would like to offer to students.  Mrs. Weitzen says, “I think we should have an Aerobics PE class,” and states, “It would be a great alternative to PE and a great way to move your body.”  Mrs. Weitzen has been trying to make this class happen here at Morro Bay High for some time as it is a class she feels MBHS is missing.  She exclaims, “Zumba is life!”

Ms. Gilbert, the new physics teacher here at MBHS, feels that a marine biology class should be a class.  She says, “It’s absurd that Morro Bay doesn’t have a marine biology course because of how close we are to the ocean.  Also I think that since Cuesta has nursing and EMT programs, it would be great if MBHS offered emergency medical classes as part of the medical CTE pathway.”  She believes that both of these classes would be a very beneficial addition to the high school class roster.  

Mrs. Van Dam, the Government, Economics, and AP European History teacher, wishes that MBHS offered a social studies class to freshmen.  She says, “A very useful one that would help immensely for future social studies classes would be geography, it could also include not only physical geography, but human geography which could incorporate an ethnic studies/cultural geography component. It could be a year or a semester based on what the course content would be.”  She thinks that history should be taken all four years of highschool.

Students looking to further their education in specific areas have many ideas of classes that would interest them. Junior Jackson Mehiel thinks a philosophy class would be beneficial for all students. “I love learning about ideas on ways to live and I think we could all benefit from learning different ways to be happy,” Jackson said. 

Elijah Cordero, a senior at MBHS, expressed that he wishes the school offered a Home Economics class. Elijah believes “Home Ec would be beneficial to all students because it focuses on the general aspects of living out of high school that will encompass all people.” He also said, “It’s just going to help everyone.”

These students and teachers all bring up great points about education. High school students should be learning about things that are going to help them later on in life. High school is the perfect time for adolescents to explore their interests and schools have the ability to provide this opportunity through various electives. 

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