Specker Speaks #1

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Have you ever felt so strongly about something so insignificant? Something so miniscule yet so important to you? It could be a tradition, preference, or hatred that in the grand scheme of existence you really shouldn’t be so passionate about. It’s up to you to submit your paltry perspectives. Here’s an example for those who are confused: “I only ever write with pens and will never use pencils! I hate pencils!” Why might someone feel this way and why do they care so much? Submit your paltry perspectives anonymously using the link below and provide some background information! You can also support your claim and try to persuade me with your position. Welcome to column #1 of Specker Speaks.

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1. Forks are better to eat mac and cheese with than spoons-With a fork you can get noodles on the prongs and scoop the noodles at the same time. With a spoon you can only scoop. Also, the noodles can be slippery so it is easier to have the ability to stab the noodles as well.

-Mac Enthusiast

You are certainly thorough about your mac and cheese however, I do agree! You pose a strong argument I can’t deny. With a fork you can also choose an exact amount compared to a spoon. I could see how a spoon on average could provide more mac and cheese coverage though. I think either way is acceptable but I concur with a fork preference. Given you can scoop and fill the prongs at the same time you could also potentially get the most mac coverage with a singular scoop if done to perfection; which I’m sure you have mastered considering you are the Mac Enthusiast. 

2. People who do not like it when you’ve seen a movie they haven’t heard of-You recommend a film to them that you saw and really liked, and they basically yell at you for recommending something they haven’t heard of. Especially annoying when they say “You haven’t seen _____ but you have seen ______?”

-The Onion

I am definitely someone who is on your side and relates to you on this. If you’re someone who has seen a lot of films this makes a lot of sense. It gets more difficult to recommend recognizable titles when you have seen such a vast library. However, I do notice that there are moments when I can be overwhelming to others when recommending films they haven’t heard of. But, it seems like you’re being pretty calm about it. When it comes to less popular or smaller films I do think there can be some really good movies hidden there! If someone doesn’t agree with your taste in movies and like you said refuse to watch anything other than recognizable features then that’s definitely on them for being close minded. People’s attention spans are getting shorter than ever and people love quick entertainment. So I can see why someone may avoid anything they haven’t heard of or are almost positive they will like. You might want to find someone else who can appreciate the recommendations that you’re confident in!

3. Sophomores shouldn’t be pretending to be upperclassmen-Sophomores and freshmen have had basically the same experience regarding high school. But You could argue that sophomores have had a harder time adjusting because they missed out on a whole orientation year but pretend they didn’t.


Now this is looking like some serious stuff right here. As a Junior I can say that I do see both grades on pretty much the same level socially and somewhat separate from the upperclassman. I appreciate how you considered their point of view. I agree that missing out on their first year of high school could have made it harder for them to adjust socially. I’m going to have to say that they aren’t really pretending.They are still the freshmans upperclassmen on an academic level. At the end of the day I think everyone should respect their upperclassmen regardless of the situation COVID has put us in. I think that more prevalent problems would arise if sophomores became disrespectful to their upperclassmen and teachers. To add on that I think it’s more important for all grade levels to come together as a full community instead of trying to further divide other students. Overall I’m going to have to disagree with this one and remember at the end of the day we’re all just students at MBHS.

4. I hate HATE when people leave their backpack zippers open-just close it! 


They could just close it but then what’s the fun in that? This way they express themselves fully. Come on, they could just be making a fashion statement. Okay but it’s somewhat entertaining cause you can tell a decent amount about someone who doesn’t close their backpack. Like NOW THAT is someone who is unbothered. They also clearly got nothing to hide so that’s a plus. It’s a different story if they leave the backpack completely unzipped while it’s stuffed to the brink with random things. Now that’s just plain menacing. Like when everything in the backpack should really be falling out everywhere but by some unrecognizable will it’s just not. It doesn’t make me as mad as it makes me just concerned. I feel those people are either careless or unbelievably stressed. This ones a toss up for me!

Bonus: I hate when people-War, death, sadness.

People Hater

Now this one is relatable on a spiritual level! Content is well structured. Evidence-war, death, sadness. Perfectly executed, 10/10.

Disclaimer: These columns are based on submissions via google form and the replies are based on opinion. The columns are compiled for comedic purposes only and reflect one student’s viewpoint on a frivolous premise.

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