A Busy Office… Get to know the people behind the desks

Entrance of the new office building. Photographed by Georgia Yerkes.

The main office at Morro Bay High school is always busy. Everyone in the office has so much to do. Often it is easy to miss out on all the little things that happen every day in the office of MBHS, however, behind the walls, on the other side of the doors, there is so much going on.

#1: This is the admin building, home to the office staff. This fantastic group of people provides service to students who are in need of assistance and so much more. Let’s get to know some of them!

#2: Meet Abby Diodati, stationed at the front desk, she can and will help to direct you to anything you need.

#3: If you are LATE! You can head over to Sandy Asquith who runs our attendance office. 

#4: Meet one of our counselors Elena Smith, who is in charge of half of the students here at school, she can help you if you have any questions about your classes or college plans. 

#5:Mr. Schalde and Ms. Smith take some time to sign some important documents!

#6: Rachel Paris, School Register, is the one responsible for keeping track of everyone’s records.

#7:Beth Sayler, Counselor Secretary, will help you with scheduling appointments with your counselor.

As the students of Morro Bay High School change throughout the years, the office staff will be there ready to help. If they helped you in the past or recently, don’t be shy to give them thanks!

Photographs by Georgia Yerkes.

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