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MBHS graduate Adam Rainbolt in his new home of Ireland

As many Morro Bay High school (MBHS)  students start applying to colleges and universities across the nation or even  the world. Lots of thoughts could be swirling through their mind, so what better to do then hear the process firsthand from last year’s Morro Bay high school graduates (Class of 2021).  As well as hear what they’ve accomplished so far in their university. And the differences between the atmosphere of there university and MBHS

Former Spyglass editor Adam Rainbolt went on to attend Trinity College in Dublin Ireland,  “I’m nearing the end of my first semester and, so far, really enjoy it. It has been a very different experience from high school—learning is far more independent, and Your professors are there to introduce you to topics, and you are expected to learn more about those topics in your own time and apply your knowledge through your work. For me, my major is in the humanities, which means that my classes are almost entirely essay based For the most part, each of my classes only has two essays due for the entire semester. With my grade being such a small selection of my work,  It is important for me to be able to showcase my learning effectively. I have been really enjoying this new style of learning, even if it has been stressful adjusting to a new system, as it allows for me to be far more specialized in my education compared to the more general base of knowledge that high school provides.”
Adam also then went on to explain and offer in depth detail about the non academic part of his experience so far. “Of course, university is more than just an academic experience, and having the opportunity to live in a foreign country has its own benefits and challenges independent of classwork. Learning to live on my own, meeting students from around the world, and being so far away from where I grew up has provided me with fantastic opportunities for growth. It certainly hasn’t been easy,  as everything from having to grocery shop and cook for myself to working my way through systems like the immigration services have been new experiences which I have had to adapt to, but, in my opinion, the benefits of being able to live abroad far outweigh the difficulties.”
Rainbolt’s official Major is in Ancient and Medieval History and culture. “Which combines classes from Classics, History, and History of art. This Semester my classes have been centered around History of Art and Architecture, Religion and Society, Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, and Greek and Roman History.”
Adam’s advice to current MBHS students would be “Think carefully about what you want out of university. University Is not for everyone, and nobody should feel bad about not attending if it isn’t the right option for where they want to go in the future. It’s important to invest in your future, and that includes deciding now whether that means pursuing a career which requires a college degree or not– both are good, and it’s entirely up to you which you prefer. But if you’re someone who will benefit from going to university, do it!”
“Also at the risk of sounding cliché, enjoy your time in Morro Bay. I’m thousands of miles away and love my new home, but I can’t wait to go back and enjoy being there again. You truly live in a beautiful, wonderful place, and you should make the most of it. If you’re a senior, as you move into second semester and are considering moving away for university, take the opportunity to go out and appreciate some of the best things the area has to offer. Take some pictures, hang out with some friends— you won’t regret it once you move away.”
Adam also had some particular advice just about choosing a university. “Finally, choosing a university is hard, especially if you’re caught between multiple good options. I remember that choice being really stressful, especially after I committed to Trinity and was worried that I would come to regret it. Remember that it’s impossible to know if you made the “right” choice, and that the important thing to do is to make a choice that you think will work for you and make the most of whatever opportunities it provides. There’s certainly been some dark, cold, rainy days over the past month where I wished I was still in California, but that doesn’t diminish the fantastic experiences that being a trinity student has brought me.”
Lastly Adam talked about his MBHS experience “I loved my time at MBHS. Morro Bay High School has a great, welcoming student culture and I really enjoyed how both classes and extracurriculars were both relaxed and inviting while still offering opportunities for growth and learning. Of course, I’m Biased, but I especially enjoyed my time in Journalism. As Head Editor, I really loved being able to work with such a fun and hardworking group of students, and I definitely miss that aspect of high school.”
“University is great with all the opportunities it offers, but there is a noticeable difference in being a school with less than 1,000 students compared to one with over 16,000. It’s harder to be so closely tied to communities through extracurricular groups, especially during the pandemic.”
As for Adam’s future plans he hopes to pursue a career in academia. “Specifically becoming a professor. This would entail getting a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and, eventually, a PhD. Currently, I’m hoping to get my PhD back in the United States, hopefully even back in California, but I’m open to different options depending on where I am Several years from now.

Former graduate Kenji Bennett goes to Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo.  He’s studying computer science. He goes on to talk about how he enjoys staying in his home town and being close with his family.

Kenji’s advice for MBHS students was “ Focus up and do well. Also , really take a look at cuesta. If you don’t have tons of scholarships, it is a much more affordable way to get a degree. It’s very nice to be able to stay home.”

After he graduates he hopes to be able to move out of the country to Japan. He says “I want to get my degree , then move to Japan to teach English for a bit, then reevaluate.” 

Isaac Long is going to university in Leeds, England at Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy (RIASA). “ The education is much different in England but it is a great experience. The soccer academy is great, it’s everything I’ve been working on through high- school.” His current major is Business and international sports management. 

Isaac’s advice for the students at MBHS is to “ Don’t procrastinate too much and enjoy your time there because it flies by quick.” At MBHS he had an overall positive experience.   “Though high-school has its highs n lows I found Morro Bay high to be an overall positive experience.”

So far Issac’s says that his experience in England has been exciting. “Been living In England just focusing on my education and athletics.”

Isaac wants to proceed pursuing a career in soccer. ”Trying to earn a pro soccer contract through my academy or become a coach.” 

Patience Beauchemin is attending UC Santa Cruz studying biology and anthropology, she seems to be enjoying the university life.

Patience’s words of advise of the students at MBHS are “Try to enjoy it while you can, and gain as much experience as possible both academically and in the real world”

She proceeds to point out that she is learning and growing from this experience.” College is a really fun experience which pushes you to grow as a person, but it can be sad and a little scary at times” 

As for her experience at MBHS “I enjoyed MBHS however it is a small school in a small town, and I wanted to see more, however I wish I got to experience more of high school that I missed on due to COVID “ something all students can relate to as for missing some of the experience due to COVID-19.

 Patience has big plans for her future “In the long run I hope to go to Grad school and get a PHD in Biological Anthropology, currently I am trying to work in a Human Paleo genomics lab researching genetic diversity.” 

As the end of the semester approaches and  gets closer to losing this year’s seniors. It is important to remember that college is a learning curve that will help you grow as a person and as a student. And all students that leave MBHS are always a part of the school community.


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