Pre Season Boys Volleyball


MBHS boys volleyball preseason has started! Due to high demand from players, preseason for Boys volleyball have started practices early. Most practices have taken place on the beach courts due to limited gym availability however, a few gym practice opportunities have occurred. At the moment the boys have been practicing as one large team consisting of all grade levels coached by Shelby Frey. 

Both lower and upper classmen are feeling pretty confident coming into this season. Freshman Sean Tomlinson stated that he felt “pretty good we have a lot of players this year” and that he was looking forward to “playing after two years of not being able to play.” Senior Edwin Mendoza also said that he felt good. “We’re looking strong” and added “we’re going to be good this year. Watch.”

Coach Shelby is also bringing in positive energy stating “everyone looks good from not being able to be able to play for a while. Everyone looks ready to play and have a lot of heart going out and the seniors seem ready for anything.” Despite the team’s lack of gym practice opportunities at the moment that hasn’t stopped them from working hard. Coach Shelby commented “We are working on defense, communication, and growing as a team.” Coach Shelbys approach this season has opened up just like most sports because of previous COVID restrictions. She stated “last year we didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare. We were unsure of everything. This upcoming season and tournaments we will be able to do more.”

Keep a look out for the boys volleyball team next semester! Their first tournament will be at SLO high school and MBHS will also be hosting their first boys volleyball tournament in two years. If you or anyone else you know would like to make a donation to their fanangel for new equipment, jerseys, travel opportunities, ect. you can click the link below. ↓


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