Introducing Rea Reviews!


Yours truly, Orion Rea, will be starting a new Spyglass segment called “Rea Reviews.” Each review will feature a “Rea-ting” a rating out of 5 stars that reflects the quality of the film in my eyes. Here is my rating system…

5 Stars – Your life will not be complete without this film, an utterly flawless masterpiece.

4½ – Comes staggeringly close to perfection, easily one of the best films this year.

4 – An amazing film, though it isn’t faultless.

3½ – A pretty great film that you should see if you have the time.

3 – A good, solid piece of work that falls in the middle of most movies.

2½ – A decent film that certainly has plenty of room for improvement, but still worked.

2 – Not the best film, with more flaws than strengths.

1½ – A film that is merely tolerable due to a few key elements.

1 – A film that fails on the majority of fronts, and that shouldn’t have been made.

½ – An utter mess of a film that is a disastrous failure.

For context, my previous reviews, Dune and Eternals, were 4½ and 2½ stars respectively.

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