The Passing of Betty White and Bob Saget


As 2021 came to an end everyone was looking forward to the new year. People made resolutions and self-improvement goals for the new year of 2022. However, things took a turn when a few amazing celebrities and actors had unfortunately passed away. Celebrities such as the talented Betty White and America’s favorite TV dad, Bob Saget. Another actor students may not recognize but are significant to acknowledge is Sidney Poitier. 

So many people were disheartened by the death of the beloved Betty White. According to StyleCaster, she passed at the age of 99 in her Los Angeles home at around 9:30 am peacefully in her sleep on December 31st, 2021. From People, Betty White started her career on a radio show in the 1940s that slowly over time turned into her own talk show. The Betty White show´s first episode aired on September 12, 1977, and then quickly ended in 1978. However, that was not the end of her career that marked the longest TV career by a (female) entertainer ( Moving forward, Betty White had become a worldwide icon, especially with her most iconic role, Rose Nylund in Golden Girls. The sitcom was been highly successful with seven seasons and 180 episodes. Golden Girls is still a beloved classic show today, which can be a result of Betty White’s lovable character and her acting. After the show ended in 1992, White went off doing many other popular movies. Movies such as The Lorax, The Proposal, Toy Story 4, and many other appearances. According to Hollywood Life, throughout her career, Betty White has been married three times and has three step-children with her late husband, Allen Ludden. Betty White will always be remembered for her amazing, seven-decade career, and sparkling personality. 

In order to celebrate Betty White´s life, and her about to turn 100 years old, there was a challenge installed. According to, the challenge allowed her fans to honor her legacy and for Betty White to spread her love for animals. The challenge took place on what would be Betty White´s 100th birthday, January 17th, 2022. The New York Post states that the event invites Whites supporters to donate five dollars to animal shelters or rescue organizations in her name. This event shines a light on the considerate and authentic individual Betty White truly was, beside her unforgettable acting career. 

Another celebrity death that affect millions of people, was the memorable, Bob Saget. As stated by Abc7 Los Angeles, the comedian, Bob Saget passed away in a luxury hotel room in Florida on January 9th, 2022. Saget was most known for his role as Danny Tanner in the hit family sitcom, Full House. As well as the continuation of the show that started in 2016. His character left a big impact in the TV world, as well as families being able to join together. Unfortunately, it is known to the public that during Saget´s starring role on Full House there was suspicious activity and accusations concerning his encounters with the Olsen twins. The Olsen twins played the youngest tanner sibling on the show, Michelle Tanner. According to, the Olsen twins were only 9 months old when Full House first aired back in 1987. Beside these appalling accusations from his most notable role, Bob Saget made many other TV appearances that continued his acting career. For instance, stated by CNN, Saget hosted “America’s Funniest Home Videos¨ from the years 1989 to 1997. Outside the acting world, Bob Saget had three daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer. Overall, Saget’s career will be remembered for a significant amount of time, and his work will be passed down through generations to share his ideals of family and life. 

Many students and staff in the community have grown up watching the show, Full House. As it gave the viewers many life lessons that shaped us into the people Morro Bay Highschool sees today. For instance, junior Eleanor Wilder has a deep connection to the show, especially when she states, ¨I would always jump up and get super excited when it would play on cable TV during the evening.¨ Eleanor also touches on how she felt about Bob Saget, she says, ¨ Bob Saget, for a long time, I always knew as Danny Tanner.¨ Additionally, ¨I always knew Bob was described and perceived by the family made on set, that he was a good man.¨ Overall, people can always remember Bob Saget by the loveable characters he created. 

Last but certainly not least, actor, film director, and author Sidney Poitier passed on January 6th, 2022. He was a very significant public figure in the acting world. This is because, according to Forbes, Sidney Poitier was the first African American actor to win an Oscar for best actor. This award was for Sidney´s role in the movie, ¨Lilies of the Field.¨ Sidney´s achievements then paved the way and inspired other African American actors to make it in this sometimes brutal industry. 

These celebrities all imprinted a drastic mark on the acting industry. This mark will then inspire other young and inexperienced actors who want to fulfill these amazing roles in society. 

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