Author Spotlight: Bruce Cameron

Megan holds up a copy of Cameron's newest book: "A Dog's Promise"

By Megan Costanzo

The author I would like to recommend today is W. Bruce Cameron. His books all have a similar theme. They are written from the animal’s perspective. Some examples include “A Dog’s Purpose”, “A Dog’s Journey”, and his newest book, “A Dog’s Promise”. 

Cameron’s books also have a one of a kind concept, the idea of the dog being reborn. Everybody loves their dog, and wishes their dog could come back to life.  The reborn concept in his books  follows one dog’s character who is reborn, and experiences multiple lives.  The dog will keep coming back to fill a specific mission for a human character. The  dog’s character is reborn over and over until finally his mission is complete.      

 Cameron always loved dogs. He had his first dog when he was 8 years old. His feelings of sadness from losing his animal friend inspired him to write his book “A Dog’s Purpose”. This title  would go on to be one of his bestselling books. He would also become a #1 New York Times bestselling author! 

Two of Cameron’s most popular books have had the great chance to be made into movies. These are  “A Dog’s Purpose” and  “A Dog’s Journey”. He even had the opportunity to be a co-writer for both films!    

What books do you start with if you are interested in W. Bruce Cameron? My recommendation is “A Dog’s Purpose” because the book is the very beginning of  the storyline in his books.

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