Environmental Club: Past, Present, and Future

The environmental club sponsored a clothing swap earlier in the year

By Rhea Sarrouf-Levine

The Morro Bay high school Environmental Club focuses on environmental issues surrounding the campus. Presidents of the club are seniors Emma Gragson and Ella Stoneman. Every Wednesday the environmental club meets in room 23 at lunch to discuss how to improve the Morro Bay campus and environment. Gragson states that “it’s a fun environment , and a great space to learn about our local environment and how we can improve it.”

In addition to a beach clean up in Cayucos,  the environmental club has done a clothing swap this year. This activity involved bringing clothes to school that students wanted to get rid of and trading the clothes with other students. All leftover clothing was donated to local thrift stores Castaways and Threads. The clothing swap was very popular and they are hoping to do another one in the future. According to president Emma Gragson, “we plan on having another clothes drive in the spring because people really enjoyed our last one”

The next venture for the environmental club is working around campus to set up recycling bins in classrooms and around the quad. According to Gragson, they met with the director of food services for the district and she advised “that they start with recycling because currently the school does not have a cohesive recycling system yet”. Gragson went on to say that they are “still going to do posters and videos, focused around recycling bins around classrooms and quad,” and “we might do another poster campaign as well.”

The environmental club hopes that more students feel welcomed to join and be a part of discussions and activities. Gragson recommended that people should “come out in the years following because Ella and I are graduating this year but we want the club to continue on.” 

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