Misconceptions about Sport Funding at MBHS


By: Mia Bennett and Siena Shipcott

School funding is a Mystery to 99% students, and to others just a lot of misconceptions.  Many students, such as freshman Damien Howell, believe all the funding goes to Varsity Football. Most believe that because football receives a lot of extra gear while other sports don’t seem to have money for basic supplies. Freshman Rhea Sarrouf-Le said “Our Volleyball nets are falling apart, while football is doing perfectly fine. I think funding should be divided equally amongst all sports”

However the reality is far more complicated, and the truth is that the majority of funding for individual sports and organizations on campus comes from fundraising and not from the school. According to the Athletics director John Andree, the School provides basic equipment for all sports, meaning “Anything that the sports needs to play.”

Andree also said that Athletic budgets from the school work like this: ”I meet with each coach and discuss their needs for the season.  They will turn in a preliminary budget and we review it together.   At that time we discuss what will be paid by the team account and what will be paid by athletics.” For example in Soccer basic equipment, such as soccer balls, would be paid for by the school, but “swag” such as backpacks, hoodies, etc. would be done via fundraising. 

Baseball is another example: Bats, Balls, and whatever else the coach specifies of the team will be determined as basic equipment. It’s not done by “oh i don’t think they need this to play” and cutting out things.

Because Volleyball nets can be classified as basic equipment athletics Director John Andree responded by saying that he just bought them new nets. “I didn’t know that the nets were falling apart until I was informed by the Coach” 

Many students such as Gavin Dougherty complain about how football is perceived to get all the attention in athletics. However, In all honesty sports funding is largely based on individual sport fundraising. For example football spent 113,808.57 dollars but fundraised 118,018.4 dollars. Football parents single handedly raised 40,000 for the team over the summer alone. 

*Money Spent and fundraised for each sport August 20th-January 14th 2022

Sport Spent Fundraising 
Football 113,808.57 118,018.4
Basketball 36,517.45 32,072.86
Wrestling 28,883.46 22,908.52
Water Polo 20,614.11 26,380.69
Softball 16,680.48 27,190.74
Golf 17,391.24 23,038.93
Soccer 5,347.37 9,402.1
Cross Country  5,125.08 17,390
Volleyball 4,296.69 9,164.53

*Information in chart was obtained by the spending report given by the Morro Bay high office

Each Sport is in charge of paying for their own tournaments via fundraising besides CIF. Andree also talked about not having the final say in where the money goes, it’s the board. “Sports come to me and I go to the board. I’m just the first branch.” 

Many sports like Cross Country don’t need to fundraise much since they don’t spend much to begin with.  If a certain sport needs more, the only solution is to fund raise as much as possible. This way the team is able to have the luxury of going to tournaments and have more opportunities.

School funding isn’t exactly the mystery it seems. It mainly relies on team communication and fundraising as well as communication with the board and Athletic Director.  Mr. Andree’s advice to students is to talk to their coach because he can’t get anything done if he doesn’t know.

Oh yeah . . . and fundraise. 

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