The Falconer of MBHS: Alessandro Todero


Alessandro Todero is the falconer here at Morro Bay high. He became the falconer around 4 years ago due to Morro Bay having a large sea gull population.

Todero’s presence on campus has dramatically helped Morro Bay high’s seagull problem Todero said that when he first started as the falconer the seagull infestation was so bad you couldn’t even walk on any of the roofs. He said that the roofs were too dirty with feathers and bird poop everywhere. According to Mr. Mammarella, who has been teaching at Morro Bay High school for the past ten years, “The seagulls used to be so bad that it pretty much guaranteed you would get pooped on at least once each school year.” Todero said that when he first started it was quite hard but has gotten easier over time to be the falconer at MBHS.

Right now the Hawk that students see Todero with at Lunch is a Haris Hawk. His name is Dave. Todero also has a female and her name is Doria, she will be coming to MBHS very soon. He also has a white falcon named Romeo.

Todero and his trusty Hawk Dave have kept the seagulls just off of campus so students can have a pleasant experience at Morro Bay high. Although if Todero were to leave the seagull problem would be sure to swiftly return. This is because Todero isn’t impacting the overall seagull population of Morro Bay. Todero and his Hawk are simply chasing the seagulls off of campus. According to Orion Rea, a MBHS student and resident of Morro Bay, “There are seagulls absolutely everywhere in Morro Bay besides MBHS.” So for the foreseeable future MBHS will need the help of Todero to keep the seagulls off campus.

It isn’t common for Dave to catch another bird due to several factors, Dave usually just chases the birds off campus. Birds of prey, by nature, are carnivores and predatory birds. Which means they eat meat, and in the wild they eat other birds. However, Todero doesn’t want Dave to eat any of the birds, it is very bad if that happens. If Dave gets a bird and eats it he won’t work all day because he will be full, and birds of prey only will chase off other birds when they aren’t full. To ensure this doesn’t happen, the birds are trained through food mainly and do not simply work for people because of the fun of it. Todero said, “They aren’t like dogs, they don’t play.” So if Dave manages to catch a bird he tries to eat it, but Todero always tries to get the bird before he can, Todero then releases the bird far away. The traumatizing fact that the bird has been caught by Dave will then keep them away from MBHS.   

To become a falconer it is first required to be an apprentice for 2 years under a more experienced falconer. In California, within that 2 year period the apprentice has to attain their first bird from catching them in the wild. The only birds a falconer can catch are a young red tail hawk or a kestrel. Todero is in his eleventh year of being a falconer. He started out doing it as just a hobby, although now it has become his job to be the school’s falconer. Todero can get his birds by two methods. Either catching them from the wild, or seeing as he isn’t an apprentice he is allowed to buy birds from breeders or other falconers. Todero prefers to buy his birds because then he can raise them from when they are very young and he can choose them.

Without Todero MBHS would have a serious seagull problem. There would be bird poop and feathers everywhere. Luckily the school has the help of Todero and his birds to protect the campus.

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