Everything you need to know about the Neon Dance 2022


By: Siena Shipcott and Mia Bennett

The Neon Dance will be held on March 25 at the quad at 7:30-10:00 p.m. The theme will just be neon, Tickets will be 10$ each and they can be purchased in the quad at break,lunch, and nutrition. For students with an ASB emblem on their school ID; the dance will be free. No tickets will be sold at the door, and ticket sales will start March 21st and end on march 25th. Most sports won’t have any conflicts besides possibly baseball and softball. Freshman Vice-President Zahira Segler says “Wear whatever you feel comfortable with. Obviously this dance won’t be as formal as homecoming.”

Many seniors and juniors have had the pleasure to attend these dances. “The Neon Dance is the best dance of the year and it is always a unique experience that everyone should experience.” says Lily Doughertly. The Underclassmen have yet to go. “ I don’t know anything about it,” says freshman Victoria Palos.

The dance will be divided up into different sections. There will be a photo booth,snack station, and the dance floor. 

 As for covid precautions there won’t be much. ASB is unaware of any covid precautions at this time, it’s looking like masks will be optional and you will not need a covid test. The dance will be outdoors to be precautious of covid. So make sure you bring a jacket/sweater.

“The theme is just neon this year,” Says Lily Dougherty, an ASB member in charge of the neon dance. Most ASB members overall discuss that the dresswear will be casual like in past dances, but would recommend wearing neon to compliment the theme and so your outfit will pop under the blacklight. Wearing sequins, glitter, and overall neon or white colors especially compliments the lighting of the dance.

If you have any song requests ASB will post a form on their instagram account like they did with Homecoming, the week of the dance. Get ready for an amazing time!

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