MBHS Student’s Common Issues with Reading: Tips and Solutions


As students grow to learn, they often face some type of reading problem. Not just students, but all readers in general. Everybody has faced a problem while they were reading. That being, a problem with the author’s vocabulary, getting distracted, or zoning out. Here are some tips and solutions to solving a reading problem!


  • Vocabulary

Every student has come across an unfamiliar word they’ve never heard or seen before. Most people simply search up the definition of that unfamiliar word which is a good solution but has there ever been a time when you didn’t understand what the definition meant? A tip I suggest using when you don’t understand a definition is to look at the synonyms/antonyms below to get a better understanding of what the definition of that word means. For example, with the word “zealous”, the definition for that word is “having or showing zeal.” Some people probably don’t know what showing zeal means so if you look down at the synonyms below, you can see easier words to understand such as “passionate” or “enthusiastic”. Looking at the synonyms/antonyms can help you get a better understanding of the unfamiliar word’s definition. Another tip I suggest is to jot down that word’s definition to remember it for future use. You could come across that word again and you might not remember what it means. So it’s a good idea to write down in your notes what the definition for that word is. And finally, my last tip is to read over the sentence with that unfamiliar word and make a guess on what that word means. Ask yourself, “how does this word relate to what is going on and what does it mean?” 


  • Distractions

Everybody has gotten side-tracked or distracted whilst reading. Many distractions involve getting a notification on your phone or a person is talking behind you, so how do you avoid these distractions? There has probably been a time when you have been reading and then get a notification off your phone. It is very tempting to check your phone but it stops you from reading. I recommend putting your phone in a place that is out of your sight or simply turn it off. That is pretty simple for people to do so why don’t people just put their phone away or turn it off? Some people are tempted to be on their phones and prefer to be on their phones instead of reading a book so how do you stop yourself from this temptation? What I would do is to think more about what is happening in your book and visualize what is going on. It’s fun to visualize and imagine what is going on in your head. It makes the book more interesting and understanding. Try and focus on what is going on while you are reading to distract yourself from the temptation of checking your phone. Take little breaks while you are reading to check your phone but if that temptation is too strong then I suggest just turning off your phone and getting back into your book. What if you are trying to read but it’s hard for you to read because people around you are distracting you by talking? If you can handle it and not get distracted, then put in some headphones and listen to some music or if you can’t do that, ask your teacher if you can read in a separate, quiet room, if you can.


  • Zoning Out

Have you ever read through a chapter but then forget what you just read? What I mean is, you know you read that whole chapter but you had no idea what you just read because you weren’t paying attention to what you just read about. A simple solution is to skim through the text that you just read then reread it again but put in a lot more focus into your reading. Like I said, try to focus on what is going on while you are reading to distract yourself and keep yourself busy from zoning out. Sometimes it’s not as easy to just reread that chapter again just to remember what happened in your story and most people don’t like rereading. So to avoid having to reread, block out all your thoughts and just focus on the words in your story. Visualize what is going on and think about what’s happening. It’s easy to just clear your thoughts which will help you out with not zoning out. Another solution is to think about what you just read. Ask yourself what happened and what you remembered whilst you were reading. If you connect the dots, you will surely remember what you just read. Finally, a last solution is to skim through the text and read the most important parts. Re-reading it all can be hard for some people and reading the unimportant parts can make it boring and cause people to zone out once again. Reading the unimportant parts is not necessary for you to read and help you understand what just happened in your book. That goes out to all readers, with or without this reading problem.


So the next time you are reading and having a difficult time reading, remember these steps whether you are having trouble with vocabulary, getting distracted, or zoning out. Find the right book for you, a fun, interesting book you are interested in. Don’t just grab a random book from the school library or you could end up getting in these situations.

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