Top 4 Classes to Sign-up For Next Year


By Rhea Sarrouf-Levine

Class registration is due tomorrow. If you need some last minute suggestions for electives, here are Four Classes You may not know about: 

1. French

 French 1 is open to all grade levels, no prior experience needed. French 1, meets one year of UC/CSU (e) Language Other Than English requirement. This class is  an introductory course to the French language and culture. The emphasis will be given to communicative activities focusing on listening and speaking skills. The student will gain an appreciation of French culture through readings, media, speakers, and geography. Formative skills in reading and writing will also be introduced.

Why you should take this class: According to Taylor Dewey, a senior in French 4, “it is a good alternative if you already speak Spanish. it is also a prevalent language in pop culture so it’s fun when you hear a french phrase and can say that you know what it means.”

2. Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is open to all students although it is necessary that you have had prior Participation in Middle School Band or experience playing an instrument. If a student does not have any band experience, please discuss enrollment with the instructor to ensure proper placement. Symphonic band is 2 semesters long and is a part of the Performing Arts Band CTE pathway. This course explores a variety of styles and genres through the rehearsal and performance of symphonic band literature. Students gain an appreciation of music as an art form and develop the skills necessary to pursue a variety of careers in professional music. This course includes music theory and performance as well as the study of historical and contemporary music with a focus on music careers.

Why you should take this class: According to Azlyn from and interview featured in Spyglass today, this class consists of “Music theory, music reading, songwriting and composition”

Intro To Law

Intro to law is open to all students and grade levels, no prior experience required. This class is a part of  the Legal Practices CTE pathway as well as the Public Service CTE pathway. As well it Meets one year approval of UC/CSU (b) English requirement. In this course students survey the range of legal careers, including paralegals, attorneys, social justice advocates, mediators, and other occupations. The course provides students with a basis for understanding the American political and legal systems, with a focus on legal ideas and the legal process, how the law works and the sources of U.S. law. Legal research and writing are introduced.

Why you should take this class: According to Siena Shipcott, “it is a good class to take if you are interested in becoming a lawyer”

Engineering sculpture and design 1

Engineering sculpture and design 1 is open to all grades 9, 10, & 11. No prior experience is needed to be in the class. This class is a dual enrolled class meaning that students are enrolled at Morro Bay High School as well as Cuesta College. Meets one year of UC/CSU (g) Elective requirement. This class is an introductory engineering course that provides the opportunity for students to design, create, and engage in real world engineering concepts. Students will learn the engineering process through the creation of 3D puzzles and engineering challenges. They will learn computer programming through robotics and Arduinos. By the end of the course, students will be able to design and create an artistic Light Sculpture made using mills and lathes, circuits and electronics, soldering colorful LEDs, and computer programming.

Why you should take this class: Emma Masie, “the class works with alot of computer software and uses cool tools to create projects. 

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