Local Business Spotlight: Sportsrig: Rolling into the Future


Here in the small community of Morro Bay, there are several small businesses that deserve a spotlight along with the hardworking business owners who work many hours every day to try and keep their business afloat during a time of uncertainty due to the current pandemic. 

Sportsrig is a locally owned business that is owned and operated by local resident, John Bates. It is located in Morro Bay, 354 Quintana Rd, CA, 93442. The company provides efficient and light off-road trailers, with the possibility of many upgrades a customer can get such as sky tents for camping, bike racks, and side boxes for extra storage.

Sportsrig’s main trailer design is called The Trailstomper. “Our trailer is a very unique trailer that specialized in hauling all your toys, from kayaks, mountain bikes, and camping” says John. He also gives insight on the time span it takes to create one trailer. He says, “depending on what trailer and options it takes, approximately one week to complete a custom-built Sportsrig from start to finish.” 

This type of trailer is perfect for any person or family who is looking for a light, accessible, micro trailer to do their favorite activities with no worry. As it is “the lightest overland trailer on the market.” All further information concerning pricing and availability can be found on their website, sportsrig.com. 

On a day-to-day basis, John’s main concern is “putting out fires.” He says, “while balancing a welding shop along with production and making our own products, it is critical to know how to solve small but consistent problems.”

Looking to the future, John has many goals for Sportsrig. He wants to “grow the company as a whole through social media, our website, going to trade shows, design new features or models to then eventually sell to a bigger company so I can spend more time with family.” This insight from John shines a light on the amount of dedication and decision-making small business owners have to take into consideration in order to ensure their companies are successful. 

Connecting to the students at Morro Bay High school, there are steps to work in this type of career. For high school students who have an interest in welding and managing a business, John says “high school employment could consist of part-time work of learning how to weld and use basic hand tools and machinery” along with, “cleaning the shop and getting shop experience.” Looking into the future, if any college students are looking for an opportunity for a part-time job it can include, “marketing, website management, content creator, engineer for product development and more.” These opportunities are great for local students that are looking into the field of welding or creating their own business down the line. 

While it may seem fun to own your own business while doing something you love, there is a whole other side that some people seem to miss. A side that includes the managing part to keep a small business up and running. John has worked at Sportsrig since 2002 and has owned the company since 2014. Since then, he has had to expand his knowledge and learn to find the perfect balance between creating and managing. Before 2014, John’s father-in-law, Ken Adikson had previously owned the company, which shows the family aspect the company brings to the friendly atmosphere of Morro Bay. Ken’s experience can be described as a balance between demanding and victorious. He states, “Having a small business is always a challenge, but it can also be very satisfying. You are your own boss and the harder you work the more prosperous it can be.” 

As Morro Bay starts to slowly recover from the destructive pandemic, hopefully, citizens will start to see new and old businesses start to grow and flourish again. Therefore, it is important to shine a light on the wonderful products and services out there and support local businesses. 

To contact John Bates for more information: 

Email- info@sportsrig.com

Call- 1-800-601-7575

Instagram- SportsRig MicroTrailers 

Website- https://www.sportsrig.com/




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