All Sports Season Recap of 2021-2022


2021-2022 was one to watch this year with all sports showing out for Morro Bay. Pirates tackled over 20 sports and grew as a school to show upcoming students to get active.

Even though Morro Bay has fierce competition on the Central Coast, the Pirates kept it together this year and showed how much experience the young students have. Students at Morro Bay High School showed potential for next year even with a lot of sports to look forward to watching grow. A student athlete from each varsity sport below from any grade explains what was their team’s biggest win, toughest loss and any notable performances or events that took place this season. 


  • Junior Nicky Johnson states, “Our biggest win was against Taft, securing the CIF championship.” 
  • “Biggest loss was against Fall River because it was the last game of the season and a road game that was close to another state.” 
  • A notable performance was the quarterback Nicky Johnson, who delivered over 3,104 passing yards and over 34 passing touchdowns. 
  • Next season’s outlook is good with much experience already on the field and a lot of offseason work.
  • Overall 8-7 and 2-3 in League

Boys Cross Country

  • Freshman Jack Walker states, “Our greatest race was during league championships where we all ran well together and we got 4th in league.”
  • “The toughest race was in Santa Maria the day of homecoming where there was a massive dusty hill and we were all tired.”
  • “Some memorable experiences were the van rides there and back, especially to this one restaurant that has great poki.”
  • Strong outlook for next season with many returning racers from all grades and new faces from the middle school.

Girls Water Polo

  • Junior Gwen Muff states, “Biggest win was against Tulare Western because they were seeded 1st and we deseeded them with the win.”
  • “Our biggest loss was against Righetti with CIF championship on the line.” 
  • “A notable performance was by Carmen Panian (Junior #3) who hit many no-look shots with incredible precision.”
  • “Outlook is good, we are going for an undefeated record next season after our great season this year.” 
  • Overall 22-11 and 4-6 League

Girls Tennis

  • Senior Shay Nelson states, “My biggest win was against Nipomo with a advancement to up one of the other players in the division, which made me very happy.” 
  • “Biggest loss was all the times we played Clovis, which dominated the entire time and games only lasted about 40 minutes with usually calling the game early because of how down we were in the game.”
  • “Notable performances were from sophomores Karen Lun and Macy Mauch who both qualified for CIF in their first year playing tennis and went undefeated in league.”
  • Overall 4-12 

Girls Volleyball

  • Junior Reese Michel states, “Biggest win was a CIF game against Bishop, that were the lower seed and we won that advanced them to another home game.” 
  • “The biggest loss was against Garces that were seeded lower than the Pirates and was one of the best games played by the Pirates but the battle ended and the seniors were very upset on that being the last game of the season. “
  • “One notable performance was by senior Dayton Robinett, with her amazing hit and digs. Showing out for her last season as a high school player going on to play volleyball in college at Azusa Pacific University.” 
  • Overall 14-12-1 and 8-4 in League

Girls Golf

  • Junior Sydney Laughlin states, “Our biggest win was making it to CIF because it was a total shock and the last game of the year.”
  • “Toughest loss was against Mission because we all didn’t do well and it was a rough day.
  • “One highlight was when we played away at Orcutt and the wind was crazy as we were being thrown every which way.”
  • Overall 6-6 and 6-4 League

Boys Water Polo

  • Junior Ben Resnick states, “Biggest win was during the SLO High school tournament where we played against good teams and held good fights.”
  • “The toughest loss was against Bullard high school at home”
  • “The best performances we had were at the SLO tournament.”
  • Finished 5-20 overall and 0-11 league
  • Next season looks good with experienced returning varsity players including Ben R, Heath J, Emory W, Ben N and even incoming freshman and sophmores.

Boys Basketball

  • Junior Laettner Goron states, “Our biggest win was against Templeton as it was our first league game and win in the season which gave us a boost of confidence.”
  • “Toughest loss was against Pioneer Valley away because we had to watch them celebrate their league championship.”
  • “One notable performance was my amazing defensive effort to seal the dub against Orcutt.”
  • 5-15 Overall and 5-5 League
  • Outlook for next season is good, but they are losing a lot of seniors and their head coach, Tyler Fetchner. But with a lot of returning Juniors and new freshmen and sophomores, Morro Bay Basketball is looking promising.

Girls Basketball

  • Junior Bella Musolff states, “Biggest win was against Mission putting the girls in first place in league, along with a win against Porterville who was ranked 3rd overall in Central Section at the time. 
  • Biggest loss was in the first round of CIF which was a tough battle against Arroyo Grande and a key player, Sophie Graves, who plays center was not their at that game. 
  • Notable performance was Ashley who showed out right off the bench and played a key role in game results. 
  • Overall 17-8 and 11-1 in League (1st) 

Boys Wrestling

  • Senior Elijah Cordero states that his, “Biggest win was going against this one kid from Pioneer Valley because it was my first win and I got a couple nice shots on him.”
  • “Toughest loss was the match in which I got a concussion and wasn’t able to compete for the rest of the season.”
  • “A memorable moment was when I competed in a match coming after vacation where I got a tattoo and the opponents coach didn’t think it was allowed. I ended up beating him so it was pretty funny.”

Girls Wrestling

  • Freshman Rhea states, “Our biggest achievements were 3 regional placers, and 4 girls who qualified for masters.” 
  • “A tough loss was a home duel meet where we didn’t do well.”
  • “A great performance is when Ayten placed 7th in a tournament at Folkstyle, the highest placement for Morro Bay during that tournament.” 
  • Outlook for next season is great as many returning competitors such as Ayten and Rea along with new hopes with incoming freshmen.

Boys Soccer

  •  Junior AJ Alvarez states, “Our biggest win was against St. Joes, we were 5th in the league and they’re 1st, pulling off an upset was one of the best moments I’ve experienced.”
  • “A tough loss was against Atascadero where we lost 3-0 because we weren’t in the right mindset and energy level.”
  • “Some honorable mentions are to seniors Carson S., Mark H. and Noah H. along with junior Jesus R. all showed great captain- like traits and ability to be a team leader. One notable performance I had was scoring against St. Joe’s being a defender, which usually doesn’t happen.”
  • Overall 6-10-1 and 5-7 in league.

Girls Soccer

  •  Junior Sonia Martinez states, “The biggest wins were against Mission Prep and Templeton because each was very competitive.”
  • “Our toughest loss was against Santa Maria in the CIF semifinal. “
  • “Honorable mentions are Dot Nickel (goalkeeper) and Jessica Chaves (defense) who each had an outstanding season.”
  • Overall 10-11 and league 5-7

Track and Field

  • Senior Nick Gray states, “ Biggest win we got out of this season was for the boys winning league for the first time in 48 years.” 
  • “Toughest loss or overall performance was upsetting for the girls who got third in league but still killed the entire event. As a whole team losing against San Luis Obispo was tough to take but when league came around we had a lot of athletes qualify.” 
  • Honorable mentions were Jackson Reilly who showed out for shot put and qualified for CIF. 


  • Boys Varsity baseball season is still going strong for MB. They currently are in the playoffs with a first round win against El Diamante at the time of this article.
  • MB is currently 19-10 overall and finished 10-5 in league. They have also advanced into the second round of playoffs defeating El Diamante 5-1 at home.


  • Girls Varsity Softball is still happening and with continuous wins in playoffs. They are currently in the second round of playoffs after beating Bakersfield 12-2.
  • Morro Bay’s girls are 8-11-1 overall and finished 7-10-1 in league. After crushing Bakersfield in the first round they are scheduled to play Dos Palos next.

Boys Volleyball

  • Junior Charlie Fryer states, “Biggest win was against Pioneer Valley because it was their senior night and was the last of a best of five games.”
  • “Our toughest loss was our most recent game against St. Joe’s because it was the final game of CIF and the season.”
  • “One honorable mention was to Cooper Starr who had a great season and to all of the seniors for having fun last year.”
  • 11-19 overall and 2-5 in league

Girls Beach Volleyball

  • Girls Beach Volleyball have also not finished their season. With a strong indoor season for MB’s Girl’s volleyball, their season on the sand is different with an overall record of 0-4 and 0-3 in league. Their last game at the time of this article being written was against Arroyo Grande who is 9-1 with an end score of 0-3.

Boys Swimming

  • Senior Neils states, “My best race was a 200 freestyle where I dropped my time by a good amount from a 2:12 to a 2:07.”
  • “Toughest race was the 200 freestyle because I am more used to short distance sprints and there was a lot of good competition.”
  • “Notable performances were by seniors Hayden Davis who went to CIF and Carsten Lucia who swam many good races.”
  • Outlook next season looks good with many returning strong freshmen and sophomores even though they’re losing a lot of seniors.

Girls Swimming

  • Senior Kali Gammie states, “Our biggest win was against Atascadero, starting off the season strong.”
  • “The biggest loss was against San Luis Obispo in a really tough meet.”
  • “A notable performance was by Alana Sachs who showed out in all meets in her individual 50 freestyle. Another was by Pearl Wishon who qualified for CIF in the 500 freestyle.”
  • Overall 2-5 and qualified for 10 event for CIF

Boys Golf

  • Senior Carter Good states, “My best performance was at Sea Pines where I did really well even though it’s a shorter ocr and shot a 29.”
  • “My worst performance was when I shot a 51 in Fresno.”
  • One notable mention was John Riley who had a great year with many amazing games who also made it to CIF.
  • Next season outlook is good with many returning younger classmen including Jonas Smith who was on varsity as a freshman this year.

Boys Tennis

  • Freshman Everett states, “The biggest win for doubles was against Mission with Everett and Denzel, with them defeating the tiebreaker 7-5.” 
  • “Notable performances came from Jackson Hanson that showed out in the singles and had talents that the whole team noticed that ended him the MVP for the season.” 
  • Next season looks good with returning players that will develop more skills for the upcoming season. 
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